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Making Fashion and Fitness Acceptable to All: Don Ressler Goes To The Top

Evolving from an Oscar-nominated actress to an international superstar, Kate Hudson has gained thousands of credits worldwide. The New York Times author of ‘Health ways to love your body’ has now added Kate, another credit of global fashion entrepreneur. Hudson’s activewear brand fabletics have gained popularity in the last three years. Hudson told Entrepreneur ‘I will live in active wear my entire life.’ She did not believe there existed high-quality yoga pants that cost very much. See:

Fabletics are fashionable and very comfortable for fitness.
The parent company of fabletics, Techstyle, experienced a triple digit growth in its second year. The growth was after the fabric gained popularity in 2014 and gained unicorn status together with a billion dollar valuation on The company has opened 18 stores and had plans to add more locations as the enterprise continues to grow. Additionally, the company has experienced global growth on in Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, and the UK.

The approach Kate took for fitness and health has changed the perception of women about active wear. Three years ago, Kate teamed up with Techstyle CEOs to found Fabletics. The CEOs know how merged with Kate’s expertise in fashion has become a winning combination. The partnership is going against known giants such as Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour. The two groups have realized that the key to a successful partnership is four factors. The factors are; vertical integration, creating meaningful relationships with members, giving customers a reason to come back and improving as you grow.

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler, Justfab’s Co-Ceo has always been passionate about fitness. Throughout the years, together with his wife, Ressler have maintained staying fit. Don Ressler lived in athletic wear which made him realize there was a gap in the market. As much as yoga pants and shirts for men were available, they were not fashionable, and they were too expensive. Together with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler mapped the market and found an enormous business potential. The two entrepreneurs came up with a portfolio of brands of which Fabletics was one of them. They then met up with Kate Hudson on her vision of fashion and realize that it was an excellent idea.

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Why Securus Technologies Has Become a Great Option of Communications Via Means of Video Conferencing

Visiting an inmate may not be as easy as some may perceive it to be. Oftentimes, jails are so busy that are are required to schedule visitation appointment times themselves, as opposed to letting inmates and family/friends choose the times. This can cause issues as visitors may not be able to visit during the scheduled appointment times that they are given by the correctional facilities. Due to such circumstances that exist in pertinence to visitation, Securus Technologies has created an innovative and state-of-the-art program that allows inmates and friends/families to take advantage of an opportunity of communication with one another via means of video conferencing. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of the program is that friends/family can essentially “visit” the inmate without having to leave their home as all they have to do is set up the Securus Technologies video conferencing at their home.


Securus Technologies has been accredited by the BBB and is a program that many have found to be quite useful. They have received several positive reviews from prior users and has been noted as being one of the optimal choices of visitation regardless of visitors having a choice of visitation times at the correctional facilities. It is quick, efficient, and convenient, which works well for both parties.


If you are concerned about any aspects of the Securus Technologies program, you will be able to find pertinent details on its website. It includes pricing information, features, contacts, and much more. It is innovation to its greatest degree as keeping in touch with one’s loved ones has never been easier. Set up an account at a time of your greatest convenience, or prior to the time and day the inmate would like you to begin your video conferencing session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service representatives.

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Evolution of Smooth Equals Best Organic Lip Balm on the Planet

It doesn’t matter if you have full lips or thin ones, all lips need nourishment because of their skin composition, lack of substantial melanin and zero protective oil glands. Lip balm is one of the smartest beauty products to always have on hand, because our lips need a shield, especially when we’re out in the sun.

As any good dermatologist would tell you, the proper lip balm matters, and those are preferably organic ones formulated with essentials like jojoba oil, shea butter and lots of Vitamin E. Also key is a lip balm that offers decent broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balms are the perfect solution, featuring all the right organic formulas for a healthy, supple set of kissable lips. The texture feels like butter, smells amazing and delivers sweet flavors that are long lasting. Plus, EOS lip balm offers excellent anti-oxidant protection, so lips stay youthful and healthy.

Your lips can get sunburned if not protected with a constant layer of lip balm. Reddening and swelling are the most common symptoms of sunburned lips, but blisters and peeling are also uncomfortable indicators. In addition, lip cancer can occur from sun damage, even though most people are unaware that the lips are an easy target for those searing sun rays. Because of its prominence, the lower lip is most vulnerable to skin cancer.

Applying a soothing, moisturizing lip balm like Evolution of Smooth works wonders, and its all natural ingredients also provide healing for dry, cracked and burnt lips. The neat, round ball-like EOS balm allows for easy gliding on to the lips and has instantly become a favorite balm of loyal fans. Loyal fans love Evolution of Smooth lip balms for many reasons and have shared their reviews on shopping sites like Customers have given EOS lip balms 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is a nearly perfect rating. EOS also sells a few stick lip balms on Target for those who like the traditional shape.

EOS makes organically perfect lip balms.

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Makari is as Distinct as the Women Who Use Their Products

Women of the African diaspora have a distinct form of beauty that can not be denied. Their skin care needs are no less distinct, and have to be approached in a way that is just as unique as they are. This is why Makari de Suisse is one of the top luxury skin care lines for multicultural women. Their clinically proven formula has been used for ten years and counting to help these women fade dark spots and discolorations in a restorative and natural way. Their products have undergone strict observation and testing in Switzerland, a country known for the high standards that they hold the health and beauty industry to. Every product from Makari is manufactured in Switzerland so you know that you’re getting the best every single time. Top selling products such as the Caviar Face Cream, Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, and Caviar Enriched Soap all use natural lightening ingredients to help women all over the world have more beautiful, flawless looking skin. Check out for more info.


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Rediscover The Keys To Rebuilding Your Finances

Do you wrestle with your finances and need a sustainable outlet to transform your debt? The VTA Publications course is a superior online distance learning course that will allow you to learn while you earn. No other course on the market will give you the financial strategies offered by VTA. The founder and CEO, Jim Hunt, is a well know successful financial analyst and advisor. He gives away the big secrets the stock market and the banks don’t want you to know. Hunt, is adamant about giving away techniques that will pioneer a Fortune 500 lifestyle with his clients.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications teaches you how to double your wealth to a hundred fold through the secrets of biblical wealth. You can get these secrets and more from his first course called the Wealth Wave. This is a very popular course that pioneered his success and gives his customers complete transparency. His YouTube channel is readily available with complete details on how to build from the stock market. Jim Hunt takes his own money and invests in the stock market and reports the actual results. He is committed to helping his clients transform their finances and eliminate debt. You can learn while you earn in as little as, 90 days.

He introduces you how to become a tax free millionaire in under ten trades on his YouTube channel. He gives his mum a chance to become a tax free millionaire with the same technique on Huffington Post. You don’t have to worry about having a secure online course that will give you the benefits of becoming a millionaire and living an extravagant lifestyle. Your life will be completely revolutionize the way you handle your finances on YouTube. You will love the way you can manage your money with proven techniques that have been used by thousands of people around the world.

Jim Hunt invites you to visit their official website at VTA Publications on They will give you assistance when and where you need with a friendly and knowledgeable IT associate standing by to take your call. You can take your finances in your own hands and create a real cash flow. Source:

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Medical innovator Avi Weisfogel – man of many talents

You probably know Avi Weisfogel as the father of sleep dentistry. This renowned man of medicine made a name for himself as the precocious addition to the New Jersey dental scene, building his Old Bridge Dentistry into a periodontal empire and the preeminent practice throughout the state. Thereafter, he rocked the world of dentistry by combining the treatment of teeth with the alleviation of sleep disorders. Founding Dental Sleep Masters in 2011, he shifted the paradigm of both dentistry and sleep medicine, changing how both professions are practiced forever.

But Avi Weisfogel is also a true renaissance man. As someone who cuts such a polished jibe and an aura of WASPy, old-money refinement, it comes as a shock for those who know him to learn that Dr. Weisfogel wasn’t always so privileged.

Growing up on the hard streets of Newark, Weisfogel, more than once, had to step over dead bodies on the sidewalk on the way to get his ailing grandmother her groceries. Nightly, Weisfogel would cover his ears while attempting to sleep amid the roar of high caliber gunfire, each shot a momento mori of the most jarring kind. In high school, Weisfogel was one of the few white students. At first he was harassed brutally, with racial epithets being hurled hourly. Eventually he realized he needed to take a stand if he wanted to get respect. He began working out and developing his freestyle rap skills. After a physical altercation in which a would-be assailant was sent to the hospital, Weisfogel slowly started getting the respect of his classmates. He began rap battling in the cafeteria and hanging out at the local Chicken Coop restaurant on the weekends, where rap battles frequently ensued.

But after one of his best friends was murdered in a robbery gone wrong, Weisfogel knew a change had to be made once and for all. He applied to and was accepted at New York University and became engulfed in his studies. But he never lost his passion for lyricism and music production. Today, he has made a comeback, producing his own rap album and dropping buku ryhmes like atomic weaponry.



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The Golden Asset of Capital Group

Timothy Armour was the leading candidate to take over as the Capital Group Chairman. This was after the passing away of the then Capital Group Chairman Jim Rothenberg. The Board of Directors of the Capital Group of American Funds confirmed the election of Tim Armour as the Chairman of the Capital Group. At the time of his promotion to the position of the Chairman of the Capital Group, he was serving as the Chairman Group’s management committee and Research and Management Company. As a Chairman of the Capital Group, his responsibility is to work with other committees’ members, communicate and implement Capital’s comprehensive strategies as well as have oversight on the Capital Group operations.

Currently the Capital Group’s Chairman and CEO, the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company whose parent company is Capital Group, Timothy Armour also serves as the Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Committee and portfolio manager as well. Armour has an extensive experience in investment that spans over 33 years, the duration he has worked for the Capital Group. When he was starting at Capital Group he was an equity investment analyst, his responsibility was to serve U.S. service companies as well as global telecommunications. Timothy Armour holds a Bachelor’s degree from a Vermont-based college, Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour’s advice to Investors is to find active managers who can them their keep. He says that investor does not need to settles for averaged return earnings. He gives an example of investment instance where active managers can play a critical role in earning their investor their keep. The example, in this case, is the value of the Blockbuster and Netflix in early 2000, while Blockbuster had higher market value, Netflix was a fledging company. Currently, Netflix is worth over $45 million while Blockbuster is bankrupt notes Armour. In this instance, Armour says the long-term manager work is to look for value in enough spaces to assist the investors to perform better than the market average over a long period of time.

Under the leadership of Timothy Armour, Capital Group established a joint strategic partnership with the South Korean firm known as Samsung Asset Management (SAM) to come up with assets management products and enhance market operation in Korea. Through this partnerships, both firms will come up with the product of the Korean market that is co-branded. During the signing, the agreement Armour said that the Capital Group and Korean firm partnership will assist individuals and institutions in Korea achieve long-term investment objectives similar to what it has done in the U.S. by managing assets throughout all market cycles.

Learn More about Timothy Armour:


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Bruce Levenson is Not Backing Down

Bruce Levenson and his ownership group that previously owned a majority stake in the Atlanta Hawks is making ESPN news in court. The group, led by Levenson, contends that the insurance giant AIG breached a contract by not paying for a loss that the group took when former general manager successful sued for wrongful termination. Ferry mad some remarks via email several years ago that were construed as racist and was terminated but later successful won a lawsuit against team for wrongful termination. The former ownership group contends that claims won by Ferry should have been covered by insurance. See,

Bruce Levenson was the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks franchise from 2004 until 2014 but got his start in business by founding the United Group with fellow business partner Ed Peskowitz in the late 1970s. The company was started in Bruce Levenson’s apartment and has grown into a multi-billion dollar privately held corporation still in business today.

Levenson, who is Jewish, is an active philanthropist (read more on with his hand in many charitable organizations, particularly those that support his faith and heritage. He is also active in charity work that is associated with his alma mater, the University of Maryland. He also has a law degree from American University and began his professional career as a journalist at the Washington Star while attending law school.


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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a worthy competitor of Amazon

Succeeding in the e-commerce fashion is not as easy as it sounds. There are companies in online fashion that have been in the industry for many years. Take for instance Amazon that controls twenty percent of the fashion e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has proved to be a worthy competitor of Amazon. The thing she is doing is not an easy thing. She has grown Fabletics to become a business that is worth $250 million in a short period of three years. Part of the growth of the company is in the activewear business.


Fabletics has succeeded because it focuses on a different business approach. Fabletics makes use of subscription to sell clothing items to customers. The company’s business approach is simple and straightforward. Customers prefer brands that treat them personally and inspire them. The simple mix is enough to convince members to join its membership club and subscribe.


Brands that have succeeded in the past focuses on quality and price of their products and services. However, the coming of the internet changed everything. The internet changed economics by changing purchasing trends. Customers stick to companies that excel in customer experience, product design, and brand recognition. A company that adheres to this business model will always be a success. Fabletics has maintained this strategy and has experienced incredible success. Fabletics focuses on a subscription business model. However, Fabletics personalizes its subscription because you can skip months that you may not want to purchase anything. This marketing strategy is unique as company’s can skip a month without throwing money away.


Fabletics’ unique business module took the fashion industry by surprise. The firm started in 2013 by its founders; Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The three saw a gap in the activewear fashion space. Initially, people had a difficult in purchasing activewear that had a good quality and style. The company filled this market gap by producing activewear that was fashionable, comfortable and had a high quality.


In the first year of operation, Fabletics managed to open brands in other countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company has expanded its stores in the United States by opening brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has managed to reach millions of buyers and become a million dollar business. Fabletics made a massive business leap not seen in any other product in the industry.


Membership to Fabletics is free. However, VIP members have to subscribe to the company to receive special offers. One receives an email at the beginning of every month informing them of their subscription. One has until the fifth of every month to cancel their subscription. Members that decide to skip will not be charged the $49.95 monthly fee. Members that register with the company pay the monthly subscription fee. The signing up process allows members to give information about the fashion preference, body size, and lifestyle. Fabletics then offers outfits for members based on these preferences. Members that subscribe receive these personalized outfits at the start of every month.

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OSI Group is America’s Top Food Company

OSI Group is a privately owned meat processing company in the United States. The company serves the food service industry and retail outlets. The international headquarter of OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company’s plants in the United States operate under the name of OSI Industries, LLC. They are located in Chicago, Riverside, West Chicago, Fort Atkinson, West Jordan and Oakland. Many retail customers and food service buy brand foods from OSI Group. The company is now operating globally with over sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries in Asia Pacific region, Europe, and North America.

On 25 November 2016, British Safety Council awarded OSI Group the prestigious award for Globe of Honor 2016 for exceptionally managing environmental risks. The ceremony was held in London’s Drapers’ Hall. Recently, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from the Colorado-based Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe is a major food supplier to the United Kingdom’s food service market. In the mid of 2016, OSI Group bought a storage warehouse and foot processing facility in Chicago. Tyson Foods formerly operated this food facility which has an area of the two-hundred-thousand square foot. It is located near the existing facility of OSI Group. The purchase of this infrastructure will provide support to meet the demands of companies growing the business.

OSI Group operates with an entrepreneurial spirit and avoids becoming a corporate behemoth. The company is always looking for people who believe they can make a difference. OSI Group believes their success depends on the ability to have the best people. The company offers their employees an atmosphere of encouragement and support that will help them develop and grow. The products OSI Group offers are breakfast sausages, cooked beef and pork products, pizza and dough products, kettle and smoked products, bacon, hot dogs, raw and processed chicken products, sandwich assemblies, frozen and cooked beef patties, and specialty sausages.

On December 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food which is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks for retail segments and food service. It will increase company’s presence in Europe and OSI’s business in Europe will further grow. The place of OSI Group on Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List is fifty-eight with a revenue of over six billion dollars for Fiscal Year 2015. Under the leadership of current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has transformed from a local food company into an international food processor that for the first time entered the list of Top 100 food companies.