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Your Go-To Source For Gold And Precious Metal Investments: U.S. Money Reserve

No matter when it is, what season, what country, what currency, gold is a perennially solid investment for any investor, at any given time. The price of gold will forever fluctuate, but it is always a solid investment, and a way to have your money conservatively appreciate over time. Gold has been, and will likely always be, a good investment.
When looking to invest in gold coins, or other precious metals, one needs to contact a dealer. One of the most trusted dealers  according to cbs19 of said commodities is U.S. Money Reserve. They have a comprehensive website ( where customers can find a wealth of information about investing, as well as a lot of support and educational materials, like their link that explains their IRA program. It might not even occur to most investors to put gold in an IRA, but that option is fully-explained on their site. and they also have a comprehensive link explaining why gold is a good investment. These value-added services might not be found on other gold dealer’s sites.

When it comes to solidly locking down values in an IRA, it is always a good idea to put something in an IRA that can weather most economic storms, while also providing investor with a sense of safety and security with their all-important retirement funds. For this reason, having an IRA where you are physically holding gold, and other precious metals, will insure that your family will be financially secure upon your retirement. U.S. Money Reserve can help investors to make prudent choices, helping them create a balanced IRA full of physical investments in commodities that will serve them well in the fullness-of-time.

U.S. Money Reserve was featured on PR Newswire for their offers on free gold information kit to interested investors. It is as simple as scrolling down on their landing page and filling in some basic information. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive gold information kit as well as a bonus DVD. It is on this area of their website where they will list gold news that has made recent headlines.

With full social medial presence, you can follow them on Twitter @MoneyReserveInc, on US Money Reserve’s Facebook or on Vimeo and US Money Reserve can also be found on LinkedIn.

Gold buyers can rest assured that U.S. Money Reserve is a venerated dealer of gold coins and other precious metals, and they should be an investors first stop when considering investing in these time-honored, physical holdings.

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Understanding Wikipedia from a Feminist Perspective

More people are recognizing the importance of gender equality in the modern world. Supporters of the feminist movement argue that women have been given a raw deal in all aspects of life. They are calling for the empowerment of womenfolk so that their status can be at par with that of men. Several organizations have taken up this call and are restructuring to accommodate ladies.

One of the groups that have heeded this call is Interference Archive. This is an organization based in Brooklyn and managed by volunteers. Recently, a number of them participated in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon whose theme was art and feminism. Their main agenda was to react to Wikipedia’s gender breach by refining the reportage that women have been given in the arts. 

Despite the fact that the search engine is accessible for editing by anyone, only 10 percent of the Wikipedia editors are women. This is according to a 2011 study conducted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Most visitors to the website are also men. The Interference Archive feels that the website has also failed to properly manuscript issues that are of great concern to women. It is therefore out to correct faux pas made by Wikipedia by editing the website to bring about gender parity. 

Benefits of having a Wikipedia page

The website has been recognized as one of the best online marketing tools. When one makes a search on the internet, the applicable Wikipedia link often shows up amongst the first five results. It gives businesses a reputation because they appear more trustworthy when they have a page on the website. The online visibility of a business is also optimized.

The downside of having an account on the website is that the reputation of a firm can be ruined. This is because it is accessible to everyone and can therefore be edited by anyone. Those with malicious intent can use this as an opening to mudsling others.

Sourcing for Experts: Hiring Wikipedia writers

Those who would like open an account might find it hard to find the right content to put in it. In addition, monitoring the page can be quite hectic. To be relieved of this hassle, one can contact Get Your Wiki. These are professional Wiki editors for hire who can assist in writing content for Wikipedia pages, edit and remove any undesirable content, update a Wiki page regularly and also keep track of the page. These are old hands when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This Wikipedia editing service also converts content into different languages so that the page can receive wider readership.

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George Soros Doubts The Economic Recovery Will Last

The economy hit a dismal low point during the 2008 crash. Many millions of people were unemployed in numerous countries throughout the world. There were many others that lost large quantities of money. Banks were failing around the world. Then, the economy appeared to be turning around. Things still seem like they are getting better. However, George Soros asks the question on Bloomberg, “Are they really getting better?” The answer to this question is complex on all levels. However, it appears that the answer to that question could very well be no. Things are changing in the world economic situation. These changes could mean that the economy will be headed on another nosedive. This would fully erase the progress of recent times, and it could set us right back to the place the economy was in during the recession.

China would be the source of this shift, according to George Soros. China seems to be moving away from it’s industrially oriented economy. It is not moving into something stronger and more productive. Instead, it seems to be turning into a slower, more consumer oriented economy. This slowing down of the Chinese economy has been reflected in how strong their money is. The yuan has become devalued these days. The devaluation of the yuan is a strong indicator of a weaker Chinese economy.

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If China’s economy continues to be slow or even slows down further, other countries will be affected. It will even affect countries in entirely different parts of the world, according to George Soros. This shift has the potential to affect the stability of the economies in europe and north america.

There is evidence that the economy is more unstable now than in the past. Economists have created measurements that detect unstable conditions in the economy. The VIX is one very well known measurement of economic instability. It is so well known amongst investors that it is referred to as the “fear gauge”. The “fear gauge” seems to be headed upwards, by 13 percent to be specific. Also, Merrill Lynch’s measurement of economic instability is higher than it was previously. In asia, there is an economic instability scale that has shot right off the charts. The Nikkei Index in Japan spiked 43 percent. A 43 percent rise in this measurement is not something to take lightly. Investors should take these spiking instability measurements into account when they are investing, George Soros says.

Although George Soros is extremely concerned about the stability of the economy, we cannot say for certain that there will be another crash. In the past, George Soros was concerned that the Greek crisis could trigger another worldwide crash. This did not happen. Hopefully, this crash will not occur. If it did, it would set the recovery process back a long period of time.

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George Soros Supports Super PACs Campaigns

Born in the 1930sm in Budapest George Soros has a history behind him. His experience in investments has made many investors follow him in decision making and following his warnings in case he sees the economy is about to collapse. Soros think that young investors today are lucky because back then it was not easy to obtain information about market conditions but today it is easy to conduct research in the market and know where to put your money in or how to avoid taking risks. He holds one trick in successful trading that doesn’t go in your direction alone, follow the herd.
Soros has been a very influential figure in liberal politics since the year 2004 when he donated $18.5 million to outside groups supporting democrats against George W. Bush, who won the presidency, unfortunately. Failure to his success led of him withdrawing a little bit from funding political groups. But Soros is back with a bang he contributed $1 million in 2012 to super PAC that was supporting President Obamas reelection and contributed $6 million which is now a pro-Hillary Clinton group in the year 2015. The total amount as disclosed on Sunday by federal election on Sunday adds up to $8 million for all the cycles combined. The Clinton campaign is doing well from George Soros contribution since he is a wealthy political influence and has made other wealthy groups come in to support the Hillary campaigns through many contributions that they have given out.

From the data is closed on Sunday Clintons campaigns have made the highest raised contributions totaling to 111 dollars. All because of Soros support since his contribution has been marked the highest so far. Lobbyists have also supported Clinton’s campaigns with raising many contributions something they have never done for any politician. Clinton should be glad that Soros has his support as there has been a lot of positive progress since he made his move. The ability of Soros to detect crises in the market early enough; like the current market situation that he warned of it having some similarity with 2008, many investors follow his moves as they have done in the Clinton campaign.

Soros regrets for having not supported Clinton back in the year 2008 and Clinton has been falling for that comment requesting for a meeting with George Soros something that many leaders have not been in a position to do. Soros being independently wealthy makes him a liberal person and one with and independent mind both in speaking and writing. This has been fulfilling to him and his open society foundations in respect of all the principles of democracy. In all his political interests there has never been a point that he never supported Democrats from his principles of democracy. Many of his followers have their game up to support pro- Hillary campaign groups during this year campaigns.