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Swiss Banker Mike Baur Is Changing How Entrepreneurs Become Successful Business People

The name of Mike Baur’s company, the Swiss Startup Factory, says it all. Baur, the former Swiss banker, and financial expert, has developed a method of taking young entrepreneurs through the rigors of starting a business from scratch. That’s quite an accomplishment by anyone’s standards. The Swiss Startup factory has been churning out startup companies since 2014, and the momentum behind these companies is nothing short of amazing.

One of the companies is Struckd. Struckd allows customers to create their own games using a mobile app. Blinkers is another startup that provides safety equipment for road bikes. Blinkers gives people who like to cycle a turn signal mechanism that actually works. Carhelper gives people a choice when their cars need repairs. Carhelper gets quotes from three reputable car service companies and gives it clients a detailed breakdown of the work needed and the cost of that work so they can make a knowledgeable decision.

It seems Mike Baur has been preparing for the Swiss Startup Factory all his life. Baur graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in computer science. Mike decided to continue his studies at Harvard where he earned his MBA. Baur returned to Switzerland and got his executive MBA from the University of Bern. Baur was a sought after commodity in the banking industry because of his educational background. He decided to go to work for Clariden Leu and after a few years of private banking under his belt, he moved to Sallfort and became a private equity investment advisor. Baur had an impressive international client list, and most of those clients became friends during the 20 years Mike spent in the banking industry.

Mike Baur always had the urge to start a business, so he formulated the concept for the Swiss Startup Factory and approached two friends and business partners. The partners fell in love with Baur’s concept. No other company in Switzerland was focused on giving young entrepreneurs a platform that would launch their ideas and turn them into money-making businesses. The beauty of the Swiss Startup Factory is entrepreneurs can learn finance, business, digital technology and networking under one roof. The Swiss Startup Factory supplies office space, coaching, mentoring, networking and financial investors to its students in a 3-month accelerated program or longer programs. Once entrepreneurs enter the Swiss Startup Factory program, they stay because they taste the success of the entrepreneurs that went through the program before them.

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