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Customers Money and Time Saved by Securus ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application

Known to be a top provider of criminal and civil justice technology, the Securus Technologies which provides solutions for corrections and monitoring, investigation, and public safety has announced it has been saving money and time of their customers by ensuring it implements the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on the ConnectUs.

According to Russel Roberts, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Securus, the Securus Technology is devoted to providing modern technology and features to their customers. The Grievance application and the Inmate Forms on ConnectUs are just but an excellent example of how our clients are being modernized using the latest and efficient technology.

Most of the correctional facilities are known to use various forms of papers to make inmate requests such as sign up forms, grievances, handbook acceptance forms, medical, etc. Most of the correctional officers are known to spend most of their time collecting, logging, responding, claims, and archiving, routing, storing forms, copying and filing forms.

By using the ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application, you can easily create custom forms of any type and make them available to inmates. In case you are interested in changing a form, you will just need a few minutes and no printing will be involved. Currently, ConnectUs is considered to be the most robust and vibrant inmate platform in the market.
About Securus Technologies
Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 corrections agencies, public safety and law enforcement and more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America. Securus Technologies is devoted to helping and connecting by providing public information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, incident management, emergency response, investigation, communication and monitoring of products and services to ensure our surrounding is safe. The Securus Technologies puts emphasis on connecting what matters.

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Why Shared Office Space Boosts Productivity Among Workers


Three researchers studying shared office spaces and their impact on worker productivity found a positive correlation. The results showed that the workers benefited from being in a coworking space. In fact on a productivity scale, workers in coworking spaces ranked a point higher on a 1-7 scale than employees working in an office setting. The team of researchers broke down the factors responsible for the increase in productivity as the following.

People who work in a coworking space are much more likely to view their tasks as meaningful and with a purpose. This can stem from the fact, that there is very few people or nobody at all who is doing a similar task or job. Being singled out or unique in this case, may create a much stronger sense of oneself. This consequently creates a view that the work I am doing is important, has purpose and has meaning.

Shared office space environments also have a rich pool of people with different skills and professions. This combined with an environment that promotes interactions makes it more likely that a worker will help or will get helped by others. This allows workers in shared office space settings to use unique skills to help others. Again, this creates a strong sense of self and meaning because a person uses his or her skills or talents to help those around him. This creates purpose, meaning and reinforces identity.

Job control, flexibility and community are the other factors that explain why coworking spaces increase productivity. The typical shared office space environment operates around the clock. This gives people the choice of whether they want to work in the morning, afternoon, evening, night or even the entire day. In shared office spaces, you set your own work hours and schedule. There are no office hours to follow. This is a big draw and motivating factor to many people. The community setting where interaction is encouraged and fostered is another positive factor in shared office space environments. Helping each other out boosts productivity and can build self esteem for employees.

Workville coworking space NYC is a new addition to the shared office space market in New York City. This new coworking space is found in a premium location in Manhattan. It is located at 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor New York City, New York. You can easily get to Workville NYC via bus, metro or even a bicycle ride. Here are just some of the amenities that you can find at Workville NYC. Super fast internet, printers, fresh cups of java, mail service and scenic terraces are all included with a membership in Workville NYC. Mail delivery and 24 hour operation are other highlights of this coworking location in Manhattan.

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From Xenia to Doe, Music to Makeup, Fairy Tale Rock to Fashion: A Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a name that is often heard in households containing an avid beauty fan, but few know a good portion of knowledge about this little Russian spitfire. The majority of Deere’s traits have fueled her success in some way, so it is undoubtedly important to know what makes Doe Deere not only a great female entrepreneur, but worthy enough to be deemed the Queen of Unicorns. From her childhood makeup stories to her appreciation for being recognized for her victories, this is one interesting little lady.

A Russian Upbringing

Born in Russia as Xenia, the girl seemingly came into the world colorful. Her interest in fashion could be depicted at an early age, while her CEO skills were put to the test as she ran a temporary tattoo business at the age of thirteen. Her biggest passion was always music, though, and Deere conveyed that throughout the majority of her daily activities.

Of her most favorite memories from Russia to share include moments spent with friends experimenting with makeup. In fact, Deere clued Galore Magazine into a pretty outstanding secret: She was once horrible at makeup application! So horrible that it became a popular inside joke with her friends.

Packing Up and Moving Abroad

Deere moved to the United States in 1999 to pursue music. Getting her feet wet in New York City not only allowed her to perform with her rock band, Sky Salt, but also allowed her to meet her beloved husband of many years, Mark. As a way to make money, the girl with the cherubic face designed and sold dresses on eBay. This fashionable talent allowed her to begin crafting her makeup, which she began selling under her domain name, Lime Crime, once fans became apparent.

The launch of Lime Crime in 2008 forced Deere and Mark along with their three cats to move to Los Angeles where they currently happily reside.

Lime Crime’s Success

Of the soundest reason that Lime Crime is so successful as a makeup company is not necessarily because of the zany colors that you do not often come across, but because of the marketing skills demonstrated by their CEO. The company is mostly internet-based and, despite the challenges of that reality, it allows it to maintain its fan base more personally and in a way that grows their business by sustaining constant exposure.

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George Soros Continues to Contribute Greatly to the Democratic Party

George Soros is an individual that can be remembered greatly for his efforts to help the democratic party in their race against George W. Bush. In 2004, George Soros donated 27 million dollars to help fight against the republican party. Soros has recently found himself in the spotlight again with his contribution to the democratic party in this presidential race. Soros has donated an estimated 25 million dollars to support the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. With Soros worth nearly 25 billion dollars on WSJ, many estimate that he will give more donations the closer election day comes.

A large part of the significance of Soros investing is the power that he has to be a catalyst for other high-powered individuals to donate to the democratic party as well. This group of individuals who has been following the lead of George Soros has given the democratic party a great lead over Trump’s campaign.

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Soros has had a very full life that has allowed him to become who he is today. Soros survived Nazi-occupied Europe during his childhood. He fled to England with his family in 1947. It was here that he graduated from the London School of Economics. This gave him the knowledge he needed to become the success that he is today. After graduating college, Soros amassed his first fortune by running the international investment firm he founded at

Since 1979, Soros has been a very active philanthropist. He has helped individuals all over the world get the education that they needed. George Soros created the Open Society Foundation that now operates in over 100 different countries all over the world. Annual expenditures also reach over 800 million dollars annually. Soros will be greatly remembered for the amazing contributions that he has made in the world in both a philanthropic and business manner.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

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How Wen by Chaz Works For You

Your hair is in a mess and you’ve tried all the expensive products that claim to work and have a high paid celebrity in the ad. However, you discovered that it doesn’t give you the results that you are after so you decide that you are going to use one of the products that you’ve seen on a recent infomercial. In fact, you’ve decided to use WEN by Chaz. You’ll find from actual testimonials on Bustle magazine that it works and will give you the hair care results that you’re after. Give your hair the nourishment that it needs to thrive.

Bustle magazine did an article on one young lady that decided to use the strengthening conditioner. They were happy to report her testimonial because she is not a paid actor, but an actual first time user of their product. She noticed changes in her hair in a few days of using their product. Her hair had far less breakage than it use to in the shower. She was impressed with her locks after one week of using Wen by Chaz and vowed to never go back to any of the other hair care lines that promise results, but don’t deliver.

Wen by Chaz is a all natural hair care line that offers shampoos, conditioners, and all-in-one treatments right in a bottle. It is available on Amazon and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora. Each bottle has the proper usage listed on the bottle so you’ll never use to much or to little. Get the recommended amount for your hair type. Most women want an easy to use product that is cost effective and Wen by Chaz has proven results. Get your hair back to a natural state with proven results that have been tested by actual users says Bustle. Wen by Chaz is revolutionizing the way women see their hair care. Read more: