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James Dondero Joins the Board of Executives at the Cox Southern Methodist University Business School

James Dondero was selected to join the executive committee at the Cox Southern Methodist University this month. Dondero is co-founder and president of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. Highland Capital Management, L.P is one of the America’s top investment consultants.

Highland Capital controls value property. It is among the most experienced global and alternative loan managers. Highland Capital was developed in 1993 by James Dondero. It specializes in special-occasion and upset private justice, collateralized loan obligations, split accounts, and long-only funds. The Company also offers ordinary resources and alternative starting capital for future businesses to conquer the emerging markets.

The company has numerous international customers including private Corporations, governmental financial institutions, and other wealthy personalities. Highland Capital has its main agency in Dallas, Texas. Other subsidiary bureaus are located all over the world including Singapore, Sao Paolo, New York, and Seoul. Dondero is also the leader of other Companies such as the Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, CCS Medical, Jernigan Capital, and the MGM Studios. Learn more about James Dandero:

This new position solidifies the already established ties between the Southern Methodist University and the Highland Capital Management Company. Highland Capital has been a long time sponsor of the Southern Methodist University. It supports the University’s Tower Scholar. This Highland Capital Management Tower Scholar is an educational program that supports professional, entrepreneurial ambitions in the University’s business school.

Highland Tower Scholar also aids the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Dondero expressed the privilege to being selected as an advisor to the multiple growth and quality initiatives in progress at the Cox Southern Methodist University Business School in a press release. The committee will now comprise of one hundred members with meetings held at the University’s main campus three times in a year.

The Cox Business School was inaugurated in 1920. It is located on the Dallas Southern Methodist University campus. It was established as a tribute Sir Edwin L. Cox. The University offers an extensive variety of high-quality business undergraduate and graduate education curriculum. The University also has an active alumni network that supports this academic center of excellence.

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Wen by Chaz: Focusing on Health as Beauty

Chaz Dean is one of the most prominent names in hair care, and for good reason. He’s risen to popularity thanks to his wildly successful Los Angeles studio and his line of products, Wen by Chaz, a four-step process for creating gorgeous hair. What sets Wen by Chaz apart from other hair care products, however, is its focus on health, natural ingredients, and the concept of health as beauty.

Natural Ingredients

As often as possible, Wen by Chaz includes natural ingredients. In fact, where a natural ingredient can be found in place of a chemical or synthetic ingredient, Chaz will use the natural ingredient. From almonds to wild cherry bark, there are a plethora of botanical ingredients that help reach hair on a cellular level. It’s not just about making your hair look shiny, it’s about working on hair from the inside out so that it’s healthy enough to shine naturally.

A Focus on Strength

If strength is beauty, then Wen by Chaz encapsulates beauty. Every Sephora sold product in the line is aimed at creating strong hair that is free of damage, protected against the elements and styling, and truly strong. Whether it’s the penetrating cleanser or the hair treatment in step four, every product in the line is aimed at strengthening hair with the understanding that strong hair is naturally beautiful hair.

Preventative and Protective

It’s not just about fixing the damage your hair already has. Instead, it’s about going one step further to protect your hair from any further damage. From the use of rosemary extract, which soothes hair, to shea butter and sweet almond oil, both of which smooth and soften the hair to make it more resistant to breakage, every ingredient Chaz uses in the Wen by Chaz line is dedicated to preventing further damage and protecting the hair.

Need Wen?


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Gather Information And Win At College Football Betting

College football season makes a lot of people very excited, perhaps overly excited in some cases. They start to want to bet on the college football games, but they also do so without any thought as to how they should actually approach those games. They could bet on a team for something as simple as that the team is from their hometown, or that the team wears a certain color they like. These are the types of gamblers who are going to lose money in the long run. However, there is another type of gambler who can do a lot better.

The second type of gambler, the winning type, is the kind of person who would use a website like to gather information. This is an all-in-one information gathering source for virtually everything to do with sports. Sports junkies love it because it provides so much information in the form of injury updates, player facts, and other game day information that gamblers need to place educated bets. It is certainly a lot more information than what the average person has.

Just knowing a few simple facts about NCAAF odds can actually prove to be highly important. After all, the more that a person knows, the more likely they are to see just how those facts weigh in to the overall picture of how a game will play out. It is amazing in fact to see how much even something that seems so small can weigh so heavily on the outcome of a game.

NCAAF betting is a way to take advantage of the information that is out there and the laziness of the average fan to bother to gather that information. If they are just going to hand over their money to you for a little bit of research, then there is no reason not to take it.

Obviously, there is a bit of a learning curve to becoming a highly profitable NCAAF gambler. It is not as though it happens overnight. It may not happen at all in fact for some people depending upon their level of discipline. That being said, those who study it hard, have a large enough bankroll, and can handle the up and down swings of betting on college sports can expect to do well in most cases. Just always remember to keep a level head and certainly never wager more than what you can afford to lose.

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Securus Technologies Corrects Inaccurate Allegations by GTL

Recently, Securus Technologies, one of the leading service providers of inmate communications services released a statement with an aim to correct some of the misleading and inaccurate information issued by GTL, one of the market providers of inmate telephone services, communication and payment methods, earlier this year on its press release. Securus Technologies took a step to dispute the inaccurate claims by Global Tel Link (GTL) about patent misuse and infringement. There were several allegations raised by GTL but none of them were well founded. According to Securus spokesman, these allegations were uncharacteristic and out of context. Herein are some of the claims made by Global Tel Link;



Misleading Claims by GTL



According to Securus Technologies, one of the reasons that led to GTL making such allegations is its inability to efficiently compete with the kind of services and products Securus provides to its clients. On its press release, GTL stated that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board approved all its innovations and were patentable thus allowing GTL to settle all claims the court had against its technologies. According to Oliver, Global Tel Link will soon move back to the court to officially and finally show the jury how Securus Technologies infringes the 816 patent. These allegations by GTL are inaccurate and Securus is certain that back in the court the jury will disprove them.




About Securus Technologies



With a humble beginning in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown to be one of the successful inmate communications firms in North America. This company has its headquarters situated in Texas. Being a firm with a strong reputation, Securus serves over 3450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies and more than 1200000 inmates all over North America. This company is dedicated and committed to connect and serve by offering emergency responses, public information ,incident management, biometric analysis, inmate self-service as well as monitoring services and products with an aim of making the world the best and safer place to live.


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Glenn Beck’s false accusations on George Soros

George Soros has made a name for himself as a speculator in the financial markets. He is also a philanthropist, an investor and a speculator of the financial markets. He first made news in the media for breaking the Bank of England the early 90s, this was after betting against the pound. From that time forth Soros has made news in the media due to his predictions in financial markets, philanthropic endeavors and publications. However, not everyone supports and likes the work of George Soros. People such as Glenn Beck have disliked Mr. Soros’ work and made false accusations against him. Beck accused Soros of conspiring with the Nazis and being an anti-Semite. Information on George Soros life however reveals something totally different.

According to the New Yorker reporter in an article titled Puppetry, it is proved that Glenn Beck has always made a career by launching unfounded accusations against prominent political figures. He never does any proper background research on to ascertain whether the statements are true or not. George Soros was the target of ridicule for his role in the Nazi occupation at Hungary during the World War II. The accusations are false since history records that George Soros had to flee the war himself to safe regions in England. Beck has been highly ridiculed for his false comments and accusations. He has however had no intention of retracting any of his false comments. He today still retains his style of making headlines using information filled with gross error.

Read more: Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

At the center of Beck’s multiple accusations is the accusations that Mr. Soros went out of his way and helped the Nazis in rounding up Jewish families living in Hungary during World War II. These claims are particularly ridiculous. Given that George Soros was only 14 years of age at this time, he could not play any part in the war. Beck put forth a picture of George Soros to prove his claims on The picture carelessly shows that Soros is directly helping the Nazis in identifying Jews that live in Hungary so that they may be sent to the Nazi death camps. Soros was however played a role as a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council. He hoped that by doing so, he was going to reduce the amount of violence that the Nazis had inflicted on the Jewish community. He wanted to appease the Nazis so that they would go their way. Soros personally states that instead of telling his countrymen to submit to the Nazi terror, he told them defy Nazi orders.

Beck’s accusation of Soros being Anti-Semite is also unfounded. His intention in the program was to portray Soros as someone that wants to destroy the present government and wage an Anti-Semite war. These are similar charges against Soros by people that profited from the communist rule in Hungary. They were angered when the communist regime went down. There is no proof that shows Soros or his family have ever worked to harm Jews in any part of the world.

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Doom and Gloom Swallow Companies That Do Not Fix Their Reputations

Managing an online reputation takes a lot of hard work and effort. There are expenses involved with effective online reputation management. No one would seriously suggest putting a proper amount of time and effort into maintaining a solid reputation comes without costs. Yet, costs are what lead some to avoid putting resources towards managing a reputation.

Companies running on a tight budget are not going to be quick to invest in anything they do not deem mandatory spending. The concern that arises here focuses on the solvency of any company opting not to invest in reputation management. Experts may even wonder if a company sidestepping reputation management duties could very well end up “doomed”.

The short answer is yes. Some may question whether or not such a blanket statement is accurate. A better question to ask is “Why wouldn’t the avoidance of taking action to maintain a good reputation not render a business doomed?”

Very bad Online Reputation Reviews can devastate a company’s bottom line. Public revelations about government fines and other sanctions do not exactly lead to amassing new customers. Lawsuits are tried in the proverbial court of public opinion. Revenues suffer as a result. A few short years of declining revenues can end up being disastrous. A company that runs on a limited budget likely does so because revenues are limited to begin with. A loss of customers and their accompanying revenue is not going to be good.

And lost customers rarely have a tendency to return. Once a customer gets out of the habit of patronizing a business, the customer likely won’t return to the old habit of procuring products or services from the establishment. That is just how the mind of a consumer works.

“Doom” might not arrive overnight, but it can very well arrive. Depending upon how bad a hit to a reputation is, overnight doom just might occur. Neither end results are preferable. Both can be avoided. Calling on a reputation management firm to assist in the navigation of a crisis scenario would be very helpful when disaster strikes.

Businesses must look into hiring the best reputation management service available. Otherwise, doom may be unavoidable.