The Golden Asset of Capital Group

Timothy Armour was the leading candidate to take over as the Capital Group Chairman. This was after the passing away of the then Capital Group Chairman Jim Rothenberg. The Board of Directors of the Capital Group of American Funds confirmed the election of Tim Armour as the Chairman of the Capital Group. At the time of his promotion to the position of the Chairman of the Capital Group, he was serving as the Chairman Group’s management committee and Research and Management Company. As a Chairman of the Capital Group, his responsibility is to work with other committees’ members, communicate and implement Capital’s comprehensive strategies as well as have oversight on the Capital Group operations.

Currently the Capital Group’s Chairman and CEO, the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company whose parent company is Capital Group, Timothy Armour also serves as the Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Committee and portfolio manager as well. Armour has an extensive experience in investment that spans over 33 years, the duration he has worked for the Capital Group. When he was starting at Capital Group he was an equity investment analyst, his responsibility was to serve U.S. service companies as well as global telecommunications. Timothy Armour holds a Bachelor’s degree from a Vermont-based college, Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour’s advice to Investors is to find active managers who can them their keep. He says that investor does not need to settles for averaged return earnings. He gives an example of investment instance where active managers can play a critical role in earning their investor their keep. The example, in this case, is the value of the Blockbuster and Netflix in early 2000, while Blockbuster had higher market value, Netflix was a fledging company. Currently, Netflix is worth over $45 million while Blockbuster is bankrupt notes Armour. In this instance, Armour says the long-term manager work is to look for value in enough spaces to assist the investors to perform better than the market average over a long period of time.

Under the leadership of Timothy Armour, Capital Group established a joint strategic partnership with the South Korean firm known as Samsung Asset Management (SAM) to come up with assets management products and enhance market operation in Korea. Through this partnerships, both firms will come up with the product of the Korean market that is co-branded. During the signing, the agreement Armour said that the Capital Group and Korean firm partnership will assist individuals and institutions in Korea achieve long-term investment objectives similar to what it has done in the U.S. by managing assets throughout all market cycles.

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