Medical innovator Avi Weisfogel – man of many talents

You probably know Avi Weisfogel as the father of sleep dentistry. This renowned man of medicine made a name for himself as the precocious addition to the New Jersey dental scene, building his Old Bridge Dentistry into a periodontal empire and the preeminent practice throughout the state. Thereafter, he rocked the world of dentistry by combining the treatment of teeth with the alleviation of sleep disorders. Founding Dental Sleep Masters in 2011, he shifted the paradigm of both dentistry and sleep medicine, changing how both professions are practiced forever.

But Avi Weisfogel is also a true renaissance man. As someone who cuts such a polished jibe and an aura of WASPy, old-money refinement, it comes as a shock for those who know him to learn that Dr. Weisfogel wasn’t always so privileged.

Growing up on the hard streets of Newark, Weisfogel, more than once, had to step over dead bodies on the sidewalk on the way to get his ailing grandmother her groceries. Nightly, Weisfogel would cover his ears while attempting to sleep amid the roar of high caliber gunfire, each shot a momento mori of the most jarring kind. In high school, Weisfogel was one of the few white students. At first he was harassed brutally, with racial epithets being hurled hourly. Eventually he realized he needed to take a stand if he wanted to get respect. He began working out and developing his freestyle rap skills. After a physical altercation in which a would-be assailant was sent to the hospital, Weisfogel slowly started getting the respect of his classmates. He began rap battling in the cafeteria and hanging out at the local Chicken Coop restaurant on the weekends, where rap battles frequently ensued.

But after one of his best friends was murdered in a robbery gone wrong, Weisfogel knew a change had to be made once and for all. He applied to and was accepted at New York University and became engulfed in his studies. But he never lost his passion for lyricism and music production. Today, he has made a comeback, producing his own rap album and dropping buku ryhmes like atomic weaponry.