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Fashion and Technology | Why They Grow Together

Technology and fashion industries have undergone a lot of transition through the years. The common thing between them is that they grow together. A glance at the two industries’ past and present advances shines a light on what lies ahead in the future.


Fashion and Music Tech


The 70s boombox enabled users to travel with their favorite tunes and listen to radio stations. It had two cassette decks that made it possible for users to play music on one side and record on the other. In the 80s, due to its continued use, the boombox was added to movie story lines thus adding to the popularity of the carrying one. The Walkman was later invented in the 90s, and ten years later the iPod was released. The popularity in which such technology grows is considered fashionable.


Synthesis of Fashion


The synthesis of fashion and technology is happening presently. Creating stylish and functional apparel is every fashion designers delight, and technology makes this possible. Technology brings a higher standard of functionality and novelty. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch designer, technology is like a playground where one experiments and gets rewarded with endless possibilities. Anouk is renowned for her experimental designs. She has created the self-painting dress called pseudomorphs and a Dare Droid (a drink-making dress).


Creating Functional Fashion Using Tech


Though it may not be fashionable to wear bike protection, Terese Alstin and Haupt created an airbag for cyclists, which pops out of a specially-designed neckwear to protect one’s head in a crash. The neckwear has good visibility of the surroundings when not opened which is advantageous over wearing a helmet. Frontline gloves, designed by Kevin Cannon and Rajan Ashwin, could offer excellent protection to firefighters. The gloves allow them to communicate through simple hand gestures.


Recycling materials are also being used by designers to come up with fabulous fashions. Inner tubes of bicycles were recycled by SegraSegra to create jackets and t-shirts. Recycled radiator coppers were employed by Emma Whiteside to come up with a beautiful gown.


Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the proprietor of Burch Creative Capital. He has been an active investor and entrepreneur across a wide range of industries for nearly forty years. His investments have played a huge role in increasing technologies and luxury brands in the United States.


Burch began his entrepreneurial career while still an undergraduate student at Ithica College. He started Eagles Eye Apparel with his brother and had grown it into a $165 million brand before they sold it. The entrepreneur believes in diversifying his investment portfolios. He has real estate investments in New York, Florida (Palm Beach), Argentina, and Indonesia (Nihiwatu). He is also philanthropic in nature with donations to numerous causes like The Sumba Foundation and NYU Langone.

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MB2 Dental: The Best Dental Service Provider

According to Whitepages, When it comes to dental services offered by the best in a stylized fashion and with the best equipment and personnel you can find, MB2 Dental is the best. In this article, we will look very briefly at what they are about and what you can get from this service.

What They Are About

This is an outfit that gets together the best dentists to offer dental services that are customized and adjusted to fit patients’ specifications. This allows them to provide the best services because they can all be assigned fields in which they specialize ensuring that service is top notch.

The Skill Set

When it comes to service provision, they have the best personnel that you can find anywhere. They ensure that when a patient comes in, they always leave with a good testimony about their outfit. This makes it really easy for them because they gain the trust of the customers and benefit them at the same time.

The Knowledge Dispenser

When they are doing their work which is to make the dental care industry a better place to be in, they also offer their main services which include:

  • IT support
  • Operations support
  • Human resources
  • Dentist licensing and credentialing
  • Finance and account support
  • Training and gradual development of dentists
  • Marketing
  • Business operations

These services, when combined, make a powerful concoction that allows the dentists to make a real difference in their fields.

Dentists and Potential

MB2 Dental believes in making sure that the dentists reach their maximum potential. I mean, when you look at what they offer and how specialized they are, it shows just how much they can get done with the kind of support that they have.

How Far Have They Spread?

So far, they have spread over six states in the United States of America and are found in 70 locations. This makes their reach a wide one, and they can see themselves going even further than they have already to make sure that patients and dentists get what they need.


When you look at the medical fields, progress in research and new methods and ideas is very welcome and needed. That is why they strive here at MB2 to make sure that they too move in tandem with the world and spread their reach.

In conclusion- When it comes to the matters that are critical in the world of dentists, this organization has made a stride in a provision of information and outreach to provide the best dentists and services.

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Making Fashion and Fitness Acceptable to All: Don Ressler Goes To The Top

Evolving from an Oscar-nominated actress to an international superstar, Kate Hudson has gained thousands of credits worldwide. The New York Times author of ‘Health ways to love your body’ has now added Kate, another credit of global fashion entrepreneur. Hudson’s activewear brand fabletics have gained popularity in the last three years. Hudson told Entrepreneur ‘I will live in active wear my entire life.’ She did not believe there existed high-quality yoga pants that cost very much. See:

Fabletics are fashionable and very comfortable for fitness.
The parent company of fabletics, Techstyle, experienced a triple digit growth in its second year. The growth was after the fabric gained popularity in 2014 and gained unicorn status together with a billion dollar valuation on The company has opened 18 stores and had plans to add more locations as the enterprise continues to grow. Additionally, the company has experienced global growth on in Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, and the UK.

The approach Kate took for fitness and health has changed the perception of women about active wear. Three years ago, Kate teamed up with Techstyle CEOs to found Fabletics. The CEOs know how merged with Kate’s expertise in fashion has become a winning combination. The partnership is going against known giants such as Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour. The two groups have realized that the key to a successful partnership is four factors. The factors are; vertical integration, creating meaningful relationships with members, giving customers a reason to come back and improving as you grow.

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler, Justfab’s Co-Ceo has always been passionate about fitness. Throughout the years, together with his wife, Ressler have maintained staying fit. Don Ressler lived in athletic wear which made him realize there was a gap in the market. As much as yoga pants and shirts for men were available, they were not fashionable, and they were too expensive. Together with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler mapped the market and found an enormous business potential. The two entrepreneurs came up with a portfolio of brands of which Fabletics was one of them. They then met up with Kate Hudson on her vision of fashion and realize that it was an excellent idea.

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Why Securus Technologies Has Become a Great Option of Communications Via Means of Video Conferencing

Visiting an inmate may not be as easy as some may perceive it to be. Oftentimes, jails are so busy that are are required to schedule visitation appointment times themselves, as opposed to letting inmates and family/friends choose the times. This can cause issues as visitors may not be able to visit during the scheduled appointment times that they are given by the correctional facilities. Due to such circumstances that exist in pertinence to visitation, Securus Technologies has created an innovative and state-of-the-art program that allows inmates and friends/families to take advantage of an opportunity of communication with one another via means of video conferencing. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of the program is that friends/family can essentially “visit” the inmate without having to leave their home as all they have to do is set up the Securus Technologies video conferencing at their home.


Securus Technologies has been accredited by the BBB and is a program that many have found to be quite useful. They have received several positive reviews from prior users and has been noted as being one of the optimal choices of visitation regardless of visitors having a choice of visitation times at the correctional facilities. It is quick, efficient, and convenient, which works well for both parties.


If you are concerned about any aspects of the Securus Technologies program, you will be able to find pertinent details on its website. It includes pricing information, features, contacts, and much more. It is innovation to its greatest degree as keeping in touch with one’s loved ones has never been easier. Set up an account at a time of your greatest convenience, or prior to the time and day the inmate would like you to begin your video conferencing session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service representatives.

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Evolution of Smooth Equals Best Organic Lip Balm on the Planet

It doesn’t matter if you have full lips or thin ones, all lips need nourishment because of their skin composition, lack of substantial melanin and zero protective oil glands. Lip balm is one of the smartest beauty products to always have on hand, because our lips need a shield, especially when we’re out in the sun.

As any good dermatologist would tell you, the proper lip balm matters, and those are preferably organic ones formulated with essentials like jojoba oil, shea butter and lots of Vitamin E. Also key is a lip balm that offers decent broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balms are the perfect solution, featuring all the right organic formulas for a healthy, supple set of kissable lips. The texture feels like butter, smells amazing and delivers sweet flavors that are long lasting. Plus, EOS lip balm offers excellent anti-oxidant protection, so lips stay youthful and healthy.

Your lips can get sunburned if not protected with a constant layer of lip balm. Reddening and swelling are the most common symptoms of sunburned lips, but blisters and peeling are also uncomfortable indicators. In addition, lip cancer can occur from sun damage, even though most people are unaware that the lips are an easy target for those searing sun rays. Because of its prominence, the lower lip is most vulnerable to skin cancer.

Applying a soothing, moisturizing lip balm like Evolution of Smooth works wonders, and its all natural ingredients also provide healing for dry, cracked and burnt lips. The neat, round ball-like EOS balm allows for easy gliding on to the lips and has instantly become a favorite balm of loyal fans. Loyal fans love Evolution of Smooth lip balms for many reasons and have shared their reviews on shopping sites like Customers have given EOS lip balms 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is a nearly perfect rating. EOS also sells a few stick lip balms on Target for those who like the traditional shape.

EOS makes organically perfect lip balms.