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Adam Goldenberg Has Big Plans Ahead Of Him

The VIP membership fashion company Fabletics is one of the reasons why Adam Goldenberg is so much in the news today. His career spans across a few really big things. In 1999 Adam Goldenberg sold his gaming network Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. In 2006, he became the founder of Internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. Then he started up JustFab in 2008.

JustFab has raised $55 million in funding in 2013. It has acquired the shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle too. It has a celebrity stylist membership program. This is being currently used in the US as well as five countries outside the US. Next, its offerings are being constantly expanded with new launches. The latest is the athletic brand Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg has ensured that his business is always metrics-driven. This allows for fast learning and adaptations. He looks at his numbers constantly to be on his toes always. In case anything is not working, they make the necessary amendments right away. There is full transparency within the organization. This is because sharing of actual numbers helps the whole team to understand the tactical changes to be made. This keeps everyone invested in the success and sustenance of their business.

Customer feedback is an integral part of their business. There is a team dedicated to understanding their members. The feedback is used as a guide for their merchandising decisions.

While hiring, they look for a candidate having a passion for what they do. This is required in order to thrive in their firm. Their culture plays a big part in their success.

The team is always kept engaged and focused. Hence attention is paid to mentoring as well as working with the top performers Managers spend a lot of time in trying to grow their team members.

Fashion is a fast-moving space. Hence JustFab has to stay relevant. This is managed by focusing on the customer. Typically brands are focusing on selling their product only. They try to make a great website, catchy commercials and create a lot of fun on the social media channels on But Adam Goldenberg knows that if customers do not like their product, they will not be shopping with them again. Hence great quality has to be maintained. Thus the business of Adam Goldenberg is all about giving quality to the end consumers so that they keep on coming back for more. This is the secret of his success.

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Proof That Wen By Chaz: Really Works!

WEN televised infomercials touch on many germane points about hair care. The complete line, including its phenomenal cleansing conditioner, have women everywhere yearning for a meaningful hair transformation. A frequent contributor on Bustle and beauty fanatic provided her commentary last year after sampling Wen products. The 7-day experiment revealed that this particular hair product nourishes the strands profusely. It distributes moisture, shine and gives the tresses a bouncy appeal as promised. The brand offers an elaborate collection of all-in-one styling treatment, cleansing conditioner, and shampoo formula. They’re absolute in taming unruly, frizzy and greasy hair strands.

When washing the hair, one needs a reasonable amount of WEN cleansing conditioner. As per the brand’s directions, shorter hair requires as much as (10-16), medium length (16-24) and longer (24-32) pumps. Interestingly, hair shedding was minimal. It looked and felt absolutely clean after the first wash. A comparison to normal shampoos and conditioning formulas revealed that WEN-branded products deliver overall outstanding performance. Conclusively, one can reach for this brand to elevate sheen and strengthen the tresses. Its relationship with finer hair types is quite satisfying. In addition, it requires a consistent morning routine to maximize satisfaction.

Serial beauty industry guru, Chaz Dean ( ) began as a stylist in Los Angeles. He was into photography before studying cosmetology and developing a fantastic hair care line. Soon, Chaz ventured into salon management and later opened his own establishment. With an impressive celebrity clientele and upscale salon, his spot became the talk of Hollywood. He wanted to add extra zest to the consumer experience. So, Mr. Dean decided to introduce his own brand, thus, releasing WEN haircare products. The collection includes natural ingredients that feed the hair essential nutrients. He’s constantly revolutionizing the formula and expanding the collection. A celebrated professional, he’s received multiple accolades and global recognition. For more info, visit Also, check out the Wen Facebook page today.


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Safe, Secure, And Responsible Online Dating Begins With The Bumble App

Dating apps are efficient and quite easy to use. The application makes use of algorithms to match you with a person who has similar interests and preferences. Bumble by Whitney Wolfe, is unique in that, it is the women who get to initialize and control the interaction. That is as opposed to the other popular platforms, like Tinder, when men are generally assumed to play the dominant role.


One of the merits of using the apps is that you get connected to mutual friends. That helps to foster a sense of trust, and it inspires lots of confidence. There’s nothing as terrifying as going out, in another city, to meet a complete stranger.

Niche Dating

For instance, if you are a programmer or any other professional, you could customize your settings to only show you the profiles of people you share the same line of work in. The filters make for an easier to control dating experience as opposed to the case when using the generalized dating sites.


The inspiration to set up Bumble for Whitney Wolfe, came from the horrible experiences she, and other women, received online. The 25-year-old Whitney Wolfe was quoted in an interview with the LA Business Journal saying that she was mostly interested in creating a platform whereby the participants would be held accountable for their actions and utterances towards women.

24 Hour Wait Feature

A unique aspect of Bumble is that it has a 24-hour wait feature. The feature works on the premise that if a woman doesn’t reply to your message in the first 24 hours, then that automatically signals that the lady is not interested and the chat automatically disappears.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University to study International Studies. Whitney was named as one of the Forbes 30 under 30. She’s regarded as one of the most influential women in tech by several other prestigious organizations. Her app, Bumble, now has over 11 million registered users.

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Leader Of The Twenty First Century: Tony Petrello Takes One Very Prominent Oil And Gas Company Into Its Prosperous Future And Beyond:

One great link: Tony Petrello shares with the company he leads as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., is: Excellence. Tony Petrello is a continual visionary. He provides enduring leadership and strength, beyond recognition, to an internationally recognized oil and gas company.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., remains and is one of the largest oil and gas well-drilling, equipment manufacturers, and servicers of off-shore and onshore well-drilling, within the world. It has a hefty, state-of-the art lineup of equipment under its belt. Wise investment decisions, and having the equipment, to meet even the greatest challenges, such as well-drilling in arctic regions, is what makes Nabors Industries, Ltd., one of the greatest of all companies; within the industry and the world.

Tony Petrello, too, does not take his challenges lightly. Tony Petrello is always willing to step up to the plate: and take on unique challenges that other leaders may refuse. He is decisive and he is smart. And that is not just a “bunch of hooey.”

Tony Petrello has one of the most impressive academic records the world over. Consider this: Tony Petrello earned two mathematics degrees from the widely eminent, higher-learning, institution of Yale University.

Tony Petrello holds a B.S. Degree in Mathematics, and an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. He can easily master subjects–that would have even the greatest of mathematician’s head, “swimming,” in search of an answer. Being blessed with an ability to handle complicated mathematical problems is not all of Tony Petrello’s fortuitous strengths: Another adventitious fact is Tony Petrello, after attaining his two Mathematical degrees went on to complete a J.D. at Harvard Law School. As everyone, fully, knows: Harvard Law School, develops students in order to handle leadership roles–from all over the world, and has a most impressive Alumni.

Tony Petrello, launched his successful career at Baker & McKenzie, a highly prestigious international law firm. Not surprisingly, Tony Petrello, with his innovative mind and firm educational footing, became Baker McKenzie’s Managing Partner. He transitioned, from this role, to that of a leadership role within Nabors Industries, Ltd., eventually holding the posts of the company’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

With every undertaking, that Tony Petrello takes on: his ideology is to supply the greatest value, in way of making a profit for the company–value that is in the best interest of the stakeholders of the highly influential organization of Nabors Industries, Ltd.

His masterful role, as the company’s leader, assures strategies that will keep the company thriving, greatly, now and in years to come. This type of unique leadership assures everyone at Nabors Industries, Ltd., that its personnel and labor staff, work to their fullest capacities: Success at Nabors is very much a “Yes” word–thanks to the enduring leadership style of Tony Petrello.

Focus is paramount in such a competitive industry: and Tony Petrello never “fails forward;” he moves forward with logical decisiveness.

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Wengie’s Edible School Supplies should be Sold in Stores

Wengie is a famous Australian YouTube star that is very smart and creative. She is also very pretty, which helps people to appreciate her brains and creative spirit. Wengie entertains her audiences by giving them advice on specific issues and by providing them with useful DIY information.


Over the years Wengie has provided her fans with useful hacks, practical guidance about relationships and now she is helping young kids and teens to learn about edible school supplies. That’s right, Wengie teaches people how to make edible school supplies that look like the real thing.


However, her creations taste like candied treats. By the way, all of the specific instructions for making these edible treats is available on Wengie’s YouTube Video titled DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School.


Edible Crayons


Children like to eat crayons when they are younger. This is why many manufacturers do not include toxic materials in their crayon sets. Anyway, Wengie’s edible crayons are made out of clear plastic straws, duct tape, Jell-O and flavored jellies. Once a person follows Wengie’s advice for making this school product they can enjoy a great candy treat after school.


Brazil Nuts Pencil Shavings


Wengie is so creative that she even knows how make Brazil Nuts to look like pencil shavings. This is a great treat for young kids who can tolerate nuts.


Musk Sticks for Eraser Pens


Wengie’s genius goes deep. This lovely young Asian bombshell knows how transform colorful pen erasers into comestible products for people to eat. By the way Wengie might live in Australia but she is originally from China. So, her heritage is Asian. Also, in case you didn’t know; musk sticks are Australian confections that resemble gum stick but have the perfume smell of musk. They are sometimes sold in various fruit flavors which make them useful for flavored pen erasers.


Wengie also teaches people how make tasty gum erasers, edible markers and even candied glue that they can consume. Her edible school supply creations are tasty and fantastic treats that should be sold in stores. There would definitely be a market for these goods; especially since they were produced by Wengie.

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The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known for her accomplishments within the makeup industry due to the fact that she has not only created a unique product for her customers, but also due to the fact that she is an individual who demonstrates true passion for the makeup industry and makes sure that everyone of her customers knows her passion for makeup. Doe Deere is the proud founder as well as the developer of Lime Crime, a makeup company that was created in order to fit itself within this competitive industry and to change the way that both men as well as women wear makeup in the morning.

As the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is dedicated to her employees and is dedicated to making sure that they pay for the best product. Doe Deere specializes in creating bright and bold colored makeup that she believes will bring out the beautiful features in the faces of all of her customers. Doe Deere is slowing changing the way that her customers put on makeup in the morning. Rather than just putting on makeup in order to coverup blemishes or imperfections, Doe Deere is now encouraging her customers to put on makeup because it is a way for them to express themselves that emboldens them.

Doe Deere wants to customers to feel confident as well as special. Doe Deere has always had that feeling about makeup and often reflects on how lucky she feels that she has known exactly what she has wanted to do ever since a young age. As a young woman, Doe Deere feels as though her inspiration came from New York City, a fast-paced as well as vibrant city that is never sleeping. Doe Deere has felt inspired by this city due to the fact that it matches closely to her personality. Doe Deere often reflects that her job does not feel like a job because she is having too much fun in the process.

Doe Deere has created an internet brand on purpose in order to make sure that her customers have a say with what she makes. Doe Deere wants to make sure that her products are customer designed and not what she wants to put out on the market. This business idea has enabled Doe Deere to not only stay humble, but to also continue growing her business in both quantity as well as in quantity for the future.

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