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DRAFT Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a game whereby a group of people compete against each other by selecting professional sport players. The sport players’ statistical performance is then used to rank the players and whoever has the highest rank wins some money. Fantasy sport was started as fantasy golf in the 1950s. Players would choose their own team of professional golfers in a tournament and whoever had the lowest total of combined strokes would win. Since then the sport has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry. There are numerous variations of fantasy sports, players can play in daily leagues or even play the actual duration of the league. Some variations allow players to pick a team with limitations on the number of times a team can be picked.

DRAFT is a fantasy sports company that provides gaming options via its mobile apps. Participants in DRAFT can play in any of the major American sports such as the MLB, NFL, NHL, Golf tours and NBA. There are two play formats in DRAFT: Multiplayer snake drafts and head to head snake drafts. In multiplayer snake drafts players compete in a draft of three to ten players. In the head to head draft players compete one on one against a friend or randomly chosen opponent.

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Win Your MLB Fantasy League With the Waiver Wire!

Let’s just get one thing out of the way here early on, you aren’t going to make it through a fantasy baseball season starting the same MLB lineups every single week. No matter how well you draft or pick your team, you are going to run into performance problems and injury issues. That is why the Fantasy Alarm is so focused on pointing you toward the best free agent and waiver wire players available. Sift through the players on our list and you might be able to save your season yet!


Win With Pitching

Hansel Robles, RP – New York Mets

Sometimes the best waiver wire picks are born from opportunity, not talent. Take Hansel Robles of the New York Mets for an example. Robles was thrust into a position in the Met bullpen after Jeurys Familia had a blood clot in his shoulder. With only a step or two between him and a cushy closer job, Robles may be worth keeping an eye on.


Luis Perdomo, SP – San Diego Padres

San Diego typically doesn’t have the most talent to pick from, and certainly their best talent isn’t going to sit ont he waiver wire. Still, Perdomo makes an attractive pick up for teams lacking in starting pitching. He’s a young right hander with average stuff who can rack up quality starts and low K numbers. He’s not a world beater, but he beats trotting out some other 5s in the MLB.


Win With Hitting

Jed Lowrie, 2B – Oakland Athletics

Is there any position more crowded in the infield than 2B? It seems like you don’t have to go far to find a solid talent. Lowrie is an under the radar 2B option for teams starved of power and average. Lowrie has shown exceptional pop this year and he hits at the top of the Oakland order.


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George Soros has Developed an Unmatched Legacy in Politics, Business and Philanthropy

Even if you are not a keen follower of the news, chances are that you have heard the name George Soros. Arguably one of the most discussed people on the planet, Mr. Soros is a Hungarian-born businessman. He is also an accomplished author and philanthropist. The key reasons Mr. Soros often comes up in conversations is his wealth and political involvements. Today, he is worth in excess of $25 billion and is a strong supporter of liberal and progressive undertakings in America.


George Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary. Unlike many, Soros and his family were fortunate to survive through the Second World War. Following the end of the war, he moved to London where he enrolled at the London School of Economics. He went on to complete a Bachelor and Master of Science at the institution. After that, he started working at Singer and Friedlander, a bank in London. Two years later he moved to the United States after being employed as a trader at the brokerage firm F.M. Mayer. His understanding of European securities was so exemplary that soon after Wertheim and Co came calling. Four years at the organization was followed by ten years as the Vice President at Arnhold and S. Bleicheroeder. While still at Arnhold and S. Bleicheroeder, he founded Soros Fund Management, later renamed Quantum Fund. Till today, the fund has generated revenues estimated at $40 billion.

Political Views and Engagements

Having grown up under Nazi occupation, Mr. Soros is a great supporter of Democratic causes. His passion for opposing anti-democratic policies has seen him strongly support various organizations that influence political nominations, elections, and appointments (also known as 527 groups). In fact, in just the 2016 elections, Politico reported that Mr. Soros put forth an estimated $25 million to help various Democratic candidates. He also donated additional funds to go towards voter mobilization and combating voter restriction.


Over the years, Mr. Soros has engaged in numerous philanthropic projects to match his considerable wealth. Given his strong political involvement in the United States, it is no surprise that many of philanthropic funding efforts Mr. Soros has supported over the years have had a democratization and freedom motive. He first rose to prominence as a philanthropist during the early 1970s when he started supporting oppressed black students in South Africa attend the University of Cape Town – a move that had been complicated by the apartheid regime in power at the time. Depending on the country, Mr. Soros’s philanthropic contributions are carried out by national Soros Foundations or the Open Society Foundation. In 2016, Forbes reported that his lifetime giving stand at an outstanding $12 billion, representing about a half of his current net worth.

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The Story of Adam Milstein

A good way to get people to show off their artistic skills along with wittiness and knowledge of current events is holding a competition. Adam Milstein is already way ahead of others on this.

Adam Milstein and his wife, both of whom created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, have started their own competition for the best pro-Israel memes, and now they have begun accepting submissions. The Milstein Meme Competition gives people a chance to be creative and the prizes for the competition can total up to $2,000.

For those who may not know, memes are mainly images but also videos, websites or hashtags that are meant to be spread, sometimes virally across social media and the internet at large. Memes have become a big cultural centerpiece for younger people, specifically Generation Z and millennials alike. A “meme stash” will be made during the contest, ranging from classic memes like “Bad Luck Brian” to newer ones like the hotdog filter for Snapchat. All of which will be made for the purpose of drawing in pro-Israel activists.

When asked about the contest, Adam Milstein himself stated that it would be a fun way for people to express their love and support for Israel with a bit of wit added to it. He added that there would be a panel full of high school and college students, all of whom would be considered experts in the field of meme creation, calling them “authorities” on the subject.

Once the memes have been submitted, Adam Milstein has said that there will be a voting period where the participants can submit up to a total of five memes. Public voting will begin there and after the voting, the final winners will be chosen by a panel of six activists.

Speaking of the man himself, Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that aims to provide charitable and philanthropic services to different organizations across the world that strengthen Jewish people and show their support for Israel. He is also a co-founder for the Israeli-American Council.

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Cassio Audi Career in Music

Cassio Audi is a household name in Brazil. For more than twenty-three years, the businessman has been in the investment management world. While working at the finance world, Cassio had the opportunity to work in both multinational and national companies. As an investment advisor, the businessman is famed for his great skills in project management, financial planning, the management of equities and leadership. The businessman has held several positions too in the same department.

Before making a great career in the finance world, Cassio Audi was in the music industry. The businessman has accomplished so much in the music world, and he has left a legacy that is remembered up to date. Several years ago, the young Cassio Audi was a member of a music band that was known as Snake. The band was very popular among the youth in the 90’s. The popular band was famed for its shake and pop tunes that it composed and recorded as a team.

While growing up, Cassio realized that he was passionate about music. After completing his education, he felt that it was time to venture into the entertainment industry where he could do what he loved most. Together with several individuals, Cassio formed the band, and they did quite well. Cassio was the drummer, and his excellent skills enabled the team to reach great heights. The band recorded several music albums that were accepted in the music industry very well.

As the drummer of the band, Cassio was in charge of several activities in the band. The businessman had to work hard to make the team perform well in its activities. The success of the strong team is attributed to the businessman. However, after several years, Cassio felt that it was time to quit music so that he can specialize in investment management. This was the best decision he made because he has been very successful.


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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Favorites

Blog Planner for 2018

Each year, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has vowed himself to be more organized as a New Year’s resolution. And there is no better place to begin than right here with his own blog! He holds a full-time job with prestigious Grupo Televisa, so pre-scheduling every one of his posts is extremely important. He has searched the Internet “through high and low” for that perfect blog planning printable solution last year and did not find anything that fit the needs perfectly, so he thus created his own. When the new year comes upon us once more, he hopes to re-release it. You will have two options: to purchase the planner in its 220 pages of paperback bound goodness or to simply click on the title on his site and download in it PDF format.


Blog Planner Graphic

There’s four options, and you can chose to have each centered for clipboards or simply within a tick right to allow room for binding:

  1. Blog Post Planner: This sheet alone holds the final say either before or after Porfirio sends a post live. As brands usually reach out to collaborate, he’ll organize their promo codes or URLS on this, on top of their specific social channels. He often remembers to tag all images/posts or forget to credit his photographer. With this checklist, he won’t make those silly mistakes anymore and can simply get the most from his posts.
  1. Weekly Post Planner: Each Sunday, he’ll take a minute to plan the week’s posts ahead of time on this sheet. What he loves the most about it involves recording his stats. He may flip back and forth to see what has worked for one week and what has not worked for another. He also enjoys the option of scheduling each week’s social posts.

He printed each of the sheets and then spiral-bound them individually at Staples for only about $5, toting the book around with him as inspiration can strike him at any time; hopefully, this will help others as it’s helped him.

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Marc Sparks Engages Entrepreneurs in Better Business Practices

Marc Sparks is definitely a business leader that other people can take notes from. He has created a plethora of businesses that are profitable, and he still seems to find time to invest in more businesses. This is all part of me great level of diversity that Marc Sparks has when it comes to business challenges. He knows about a lot of different angles for businesses, and he knows how to implement various strategies that are going to make more companies profitable. This has allowed him to become an expert entrepreneur that is able to change the course of business for many people that are looking for opportunities to build their business structure.


Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur that knows how to change the way that people look at a business. This is especially true for the entrepreneurs that are taking part in the Spark Tank Challenge. There are many business owners that may believe that they’re doing all the right things when it comes to their business. They may have never thought about certain concepts like engaging venture capitalist or redirecting their marketing campaign towards a more centralized theme, but Marc Sparks has considered all of these things. He knows about the things that make consumers ticket.

He is aware of the way that any business can be improved by a marketing strategy alone. These are all things that he has learned over time as a business investor. He has been on both sides of the table as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. This has allowed him to gain a tremendous amount of insight on what it actually takes to build a better business. That may be one of the reasons that so many people are trusting him to help them gain more insight.


Entrepreneurs that compete with the Spark Tank Challenge have the ability to gain some of the same insight as they compete with other competitors. The only thing that is really going to make an entrepreneur stronger in his business tactics is the experience that he receives in competing with the competition. If a business leader never takes the time to go up against the adversaries that he has in the business world he will never know what it takes to improve the business. He will never know the things that it takes two make steps in the right direction. That is why the Spark Tank Challenge is so important. It gives people a chance to build a better company. It allows people to engage in better business strategy for the consumers they are trying to obtain. All of this is an intricate part of improving a business model and increasing the exposure of a brand. Learn more:

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Why Jason Hope believes in the Tech Industry

Jason Hope is an investor and an internet entrepreneur from Scottsdale. Having the passion in his career, Jason has grown the in the profession and set an impressive record in technology community since his childhood. In an interview, he explains that his interest in mobile technology prompted him to start his first company, Jawa. Jawa expanded to become the parent company to many of his subsidiary tech industries. Jason has been able to shine in the tech industry due to his ability to provide innovative thinkers with ideas and programs which can change the World through writing. In his recent writing, Jason has put more emphasis on the Internet of Things which is a new trend in the market.

Jason Hope believes that Internet of Things is the next big wave in the technology industry which will change how activities operate in the society. He believes that the new trend will change how people work and increase efficiency. Internet of Things will ensure connectivity in the electronic devices we use and thus revolutionize the way we live. The changes will also bring a lot of effects to the medical field which will create more sustainable World. Despite being connected to the tech industry, Jason has a hand in the charitable works in the society.

Jason is a devoted philanthropist with a lot of interests in supporting education, scientific research, and biotechnologydiseases cure. He supported SENS Foundation by donating $500,000. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. It has its offices in California and concentrates in the promotion of biotechnology and addressing age related diseases. According to Jason, the SENS Foundation will bring a lot of changes, reshape the healthcare and the biotech industries in the United States. Jason Hope is therefore an icon to be emulated by many.

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Beneful options at Walmart

Walmart is one of the best places to buy Beneful dog food because do the wide range of varieties for sale there. Walmart carries many different types of Benefu commercial lost food including:

– Healthy Puppy for young growing dogs. This variety has added DHA for brain development

– mature dog food blends for older dogs that don’t need as many calories as they are less active

– chopped blends which are enticing option for dogs with real chunks of meat vegetables and grains

grain free blends for dogs who have problems processing grain in their diets

Along with this Walmart carries lot of different flavors so that your dogs preferences can be met. Stop by Walmart today and try to find the deal that best meets your dogs needs. Stop by their coupon center here to see if there is a Beneful coupon that helps you to save money.