DRAFT Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a game whereby a group of people compete against each other by selecting professional sport players. The sport players’ statistical performance is then used to rank the players and whoever has the highest rank wins some money. Fantasy sport was started as fantasy golf in the 1950s. Players would choose their own team of professional golfers in a tournament and whoever had the lowest total of combined strokes would win. Since then the sport has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry. There are numerous variations of fantasy sports, players can play in daily leagues or even play the actual duration of the league. Some variations allow players to pick a team with limitations on the number of times a team can be picked.

DRAFT is a fantasy sports company that provides gaming options via its mobile apps. Participants in DRAFT can play in any of the major American sports such as the MLB, NFL, NHL, Golf tours and NBA. There are two play formats in DRAFT: Multiplayer snake drafts and head to head snake drafts. In multiplayer snake drafts players compete in a draft of three to ten players. In the head to head draft players compete one on one against a friend or randomly chosen opponent.