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Clay Siegall and A Recap of The Interview He Had With Inspirery About Seattle Genetics

There are many articles today written about biotechnology and new therapies that help address the troubling mortality rates across the globe. Sure, most of these articles are written in the most biased manner, and so it’s even more necessary for you to read an article that’s short, concise and efficiently pellucid. One of these articles could be the one we’re about to write below about Dr. Clay Siegall, which is the Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics.

The Interview with Dr.Clay Siegall

One of the most engaging and educational interviews about Dr.Clay Siegall would be the one from Inspirery, which answered some of the questions people have about Dr. Siegall. Most of these questions would be about how he was motivated to start his biotech business, how he is able to generate money with his projects and how the people are responding to his offers.

For the first question, it was revealed exclusively in the interview that Dr.Siegall’s passion and drive for the use of medicine to overcome impossible diseases is one of the major reasons why Dr. Siegall is motivated in what he’s doing. His interest in cancer treatment is also what drives him to find more therapies to offer those people who have resigned their conditions to fate and death.

For the second question, Dr. Siegall makes money by licensing rights and by the drugs they sell from their labs. With their FDA-approved drugs, they’re able to compensate for their programs and research that would’ve been impossible to justify if it weren’t for their commercial market value.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Siegall has a B.S. degree in zoology, which he got from the University of Maryland, and had his Ph.D in genetics at the George Washington University. His desire for new therapies for diseases has gotten him to found Seattle Genetics in 1998, and since then, Dr. Siegall has been a leader in making the firm as an apex to the targeted therapy industry where it wants to soar.

Dr. Siegall is also responsible for the FDA-approved antibody drugs today that have multiple approved indications. He has also built connections with various drug manufacturers, including Genentech, Pfizer and Bayer.