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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Given Position Of Chairman Of Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was asked to take over the position of President of Bradesco, the company did not expect that it would witness this incredible amount of development. Trabuco was without a doubt one of the most significant contributors to the changes that Bradesco saw over the past few years.

When Trabuco was asked to take over the position as President of Bradesco in 2009, the company stood at the number two spot among the top private banks in the country. The bank had just dropped from its number one position, which is why everything that was being done was with the intention of helping the company once again regain its position. Trabuco devised a strategy through which Bradesco was able to increase the number of banks that Bradesco had to its name all over the country. This made Bradesco more accessible, even to those who were living in the remote parts of the country. Because of this, the company started to see an increase in the number of people opting to go in for the services provided by Bradesco.

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Without a doubt, Bradesco has benefited immensely from the developments that Trabuco has brought along while being the president of the company. This dedication and commitment to Bradesco are one of the reasons why when it came to choosing a new person to take over the position of chairman at the company, he was seen as the best choice. The need to elect a new member to the position of chairman came when the person who previously served in the position of chairman of the company decided to retire. This meant that the company would have to elect a new person to this position, which was then announced to be Trabuco. Seeing the contribution that he had already made to the company, it was evident that he would be able to perform well at this position of chairman of the company.

Bradesco has always been a company that believes in upholding their strong values and traditions. This is seen in all of the work that they do, and also in the values that they enforce. One of these values that the company always works around is selecting people to important positions who have already been working with Bradesco, and who know the workings of the company well. Trabuco had been working for Bradesco for several decades, which is why the board had an incredible amount of faith in him for the work that he was doing.

Because no executive within the company can hold two positions at the same time, Trabuco was asked to give up his position of president of Bradesco with the hope of taking over as the chairman of the company. Because of this, another executive within the company would have to be selected to take over the position of president of Bradesco. As of March 2018, Octavio de Lazari Jr. was made the President of Bradesco. Just like Trabuco, he too had been working with the company for an incredibly long time and knew Bradesco inside and out.

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