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The RealReal Attracts People Who Do Not Typically Buy Second Hand Clothing

While a growing number of people are buying second hand clothing and even encouraging others to get involved in the movement, there are some people who have still not bought second hand clothing. They still go to department stores or designer fashion clothing stores. While there is no stigma attached to people who buy second hand, these people still haven’t made the plunge into second hand shopping. The interesting thing is that there is a growing stigma towards department stores and fast fashion stores not to mention some of the designer clothing stores that have been found to be involved in something that is unethical.

One of the reasons that some people do not buy from second hand stores is that they have a certain preference for certain types of fashion designs. Perhaps they prefer clothing that has a certain design that they never find when they go to a second hand store. Fortunately, there is a second hand consignment store that sells a greater variety of clothing. This business is called The RealReal. This company is an online business that sells the most unique and elegant designs when it comes to fashion. This encourages some of the pickier fashionistas to shop with them.

One thing about The RealReal is that they put a lot of effort into choosing the items that they want to offer for sale. They want to look for something that adds to the image of authenticity. For instance, they want material that smells like the material that it is. They are not going to accept an item that is imitation leather. They will look deeply at the material they come across in order to make sure that it is authentic leather as opposed to imitation leather. The people that run the store are experts in material. This is one of the reasons that they are good at offering something that is the real deal.