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Igor Cornelsen Worked For A Number Of Banks Before Starting His Own Firm

Investment expert Igor Cornelsen knows what he’s talking about when it comes to banking. This comes from decades of experience, research, education, and experimentation in the industry. He says that knowledge should be the upmost priority when it comes to knowing the market and how to invest. Learning the basics of investing is crucial before just jumping out into the field. Mr. Cornelsen did not start his education studying the financial sector, but went in to become an engineer. He studied at Federal University of Parana. Being the only engineer school in the States of Parana, Brazil it was a very competitive. Igor struggled with this and finally decided after two rigorous years that he would change his educational path. Fortunately for him studying economics would become his whole career in life. It was a good choice to say the least.

Countries where the economy is improving when it comes to investing assets is where Mr. Cornelsen focuses his energy. On the flip side he sell assets in countries that are doing the opposite. Igor uses his instincts and knowledge to wisely invest. He does not listen to biased information that can give him less than truthful investing advice. That is why he depends on Reuters news, which is unbiased. This is how the successful investor starts each work day, but checking this news source first and only. One trend that excites Igor is being able to find trends in the market that no one sees, but him at first. This is why he has become so successful, by anticipating new markets, jumping on it, and using his own instincts to make things happen.

Igor Cornelsen has worked for a number of banks before he branched out and started his own business. At Multibanco his last position there was Chief Executive Officer before leaving for new opportunities in 1978. Then he worked at Unibanco until the inflation rate exploded. From there he worked at Libra Bank PLC where he was paid in US dollars. This was a game changer for Mr. Cornelsen. The last banking company he worked for before starting his own firm is called Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He was a representative in Brazil and a member on the board of directors.