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NewsWatch TV Wins Fans and Awards with Entertaining and Insightful Review

Award-winning television program NewsWatch took the lion’s share of prizes at the Television Awards for Excellence. Winning both the Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards for broadcasting excellence.

Content on the 30 minute program features entertaining and educational movie reviews, consumer news, technology and product reviews. The viewer appeal and level of quality packed inside NewsWatch TV shows put NewsWatch TV on track to place highly during the event. Before the night ended, NewsWatch TV added the highly prized Excellent Level for this year’s Videographer Award to their cache of prizes.

 Quality Content is King

Browsing through archived footage of previously aired episodes makes it easy to understand how the show, hosted by NewsWatch hosts, Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison, is so popular. A recently aired episode, Cooking Fused with Technology, blends reviewing some of the latest kitchen technology with the hosts preparing a tasty steak dinner using the gadgets discussed.

 Armed with Knowledge

Viewers enjoy the lively interaction between Andrew and Michelle as they gain valuable consumer product information. Watching the useful and entertaining content, aired at 7 AM each morning on AMC network, arms viewers with information before purchasing consumer technology or products.


Learn more about this entertaining morning show and find the latest reviews and tech news by visiting NewsWatch TV online. It’s the place to be for anyone interested in the latest apps, gadgets, information on trade shows and more. Take a look tomorrow with your morning cup of inspiration or go online at newswatchtv.com.