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Yanni Hufnagel, the hottest young Basketball Coach

Yanni Hufnagel, the hottest young Basketball Coach

For those of you who do not know him, Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year old Vanderbilt assistant coach. He is expected to be a very popular personality in college basketball. Currently one of the most successful young coaches, Vanderbilt has a solid prospect in his career as a coach. He is in most ways a typical nice Jewish Boy. Growing up in Scarsdale, Yanni was cut from varsity basketball team in his high school. He is a Cornell alumnus now living in Boston with a career that is turning out promising for him.

There are not many Jewish coaches and players in the NBA. You, however, do not necessarily require a coach to be athletic to be successful. Hufnagel recently joined Vanderbilt where fans hope he will continue his repute for being an excellent NCAA recruiter. Sharing some of his secrets to his recruitment record, Hufnagel tells a tale of setback and hardship in his early years and how he overcame and learned from them.

Hufnagel believes in the role of building a brand and being true to it both personally and as an organization. He also is attentive to detail and well educated on matters business and sports. He, however, is not a banker or a doctor; he is a Harvard assistant coach in a stream of wild success. For the first time ever, and under the young coach, Harvard lifted the Ivy league cup last year even producing a couch-surfing phenom dabbed Jeremy Lin. This streak of success has turned the 30-year-old into one of the most demanded young coaches the nation over.

Among at least a hundred coaches surveyed by CBS Sports in 2011, Hufnagel was chosen as the coach with the best chance of success due to his recruiting ability and the most persistent college basketball recruiter was handed to Pastner.