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Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Creating Her Dream Life

Lime Crime creator Doe Deere created an article about her life and story on Entrepreneur, and she dived right in on her own struggles being an immigrant and working beyond her limits to accomplish her biggest dreams. Born in Russia, she was a little Jewish girl who wanted to move to the United States. At the ripe age of just 17, she jumped in with her mother and younger brother right in to New York City. It was sink or swim for them going to such a fast paced city in America.

After having gone from homeless to decently on their feet, they got back up and took their life to a new level. By the late 2000’s, she took the moniker, Doe Deere and discovered her love of being an entrepreneur. In 2008, she dived right in to becoming a businesswoman and created Lime Crime. Having employed 35 talented individuals after a little while, it’s no doubt that Deere has spent countless years working so hard to achieve the “American Dream.” She goes on to say that the fact someone could go from homeless to being a CEO is pretty incredible, and a perfect example of why countless immigrants want to move to the United States. There is no need to become a businessman and have that as a goal, but simply having that genuine idea of making it and building a family and a life in a place outside of your own.

Lime Crime would be nothing without the hard years of being at rock bottom for Deere and her family. She has worked countless years doing incredible work learning all about her own life and using her experiences to fuel her passion and push forth her biggest goals. It is amazing what Doe Deere has done with her brand for Lime Crime, and she is now about to launch in the fall of 2018 Poppy Angeloff. This new fashion brand will focus solely on jewelry, and it’s ultimately going to be one of the best jewelry brands out there because of how much work Doe and her sister has delivered.


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OSI Industries- Good Leadership Leads To Growth

OSI Industries is a top producer of superior food products in the world. It is a global company that is based in Illinois. It has operations in 17 countries and continues to take the business operations to as many countries as possible. The goal is to make sure that every person in the world has access to the products they offer.

OSI Industries is a company that is based on service delivery to the customers. They prioritize the needs of the customers hence the success that can be seen in the company for the past one century that they have been in business.

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OSI Industries is one of the companies that have made a difference in the food production business. It is no longer about the production of foods but the production of foods that consumers enjoy. The opinion of the customers is one of the things that this company carries with the weight it deserves. OSI Industries under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin has never been the same; it is a company on the rise. Despite being the leading food company, more is still being done to facilitate the development of the company further. A lot of things have been done to make this company the best we have in the industry. Sheldon Lavin is a brilliant business leader who will not give up on an idea until he sees the required results.

OSI Industries is a top company that is ready to meet the needs of the customers always. Before they develop any new product, they must consult the customers. Product development managers are supposed to take care of the products portfolio. The company also has lefty decision making to managers who are constantly in touch with the customers. There is no need to have decision makers at the headquarters while there are managers who oversee the daily operations.

Sheldon Lavin has been working closely with the chief operating officer of the company, David McDonald. The two have served in this company for a very long time and are ready to use the experience they have to make a major difference in the industry.

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