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Alex Hern: Working and Achieving Success

Alex hernAlex Hern has been many things when it comes to working in the technology industry. He has been involved with IPO tech companies that have racked in millions of dollars. Hern has sat on various boards and even helped firsthand startup businesses understand the minefield of the journey one must take when showcasing their products. In recent interviews, he has offered his advice and expressed his opinion on how one can succeed in such a competitive world of technology. Hern currently runs his own company called Tsunami XR as the CEO and co-founder. He doesn’t shy away from telling it like is and what beginners can expect. As for some of his advice, Hern has commented on the importance of family and why you must have a balance. Entrepreneurs are notorious about working and some times forget a good balance between family and friends is necessary.

Alex Hern keeps up with the tech world by utilizing popular blogs to give him insight on what is happening within the industry and how his company fits in. Some common blogs can include CB Insight and Pitchbook. Hern does share that artificial intelligence is going to be one of the most exciting trends out there we will see in the coming years. It’s also necessary to note that Hern says there are many myths surrounding the success in the tech world as well. No one can bank on the fact that they will walk away with millions once getting started. Hern suggests that we need to remain patient and extremely focused. This can go a long way, as far as he is concerned, especially as one determines what their long or short term goals are. Hern’s predictions for the future entail augmented and virtual reality. These new platforms, as he states, are bound to blow people’s minds in the next few years.

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Dr. Saad Saad Talks About His Stance On Vaccinations

Dr. Saad Saad is a respected retired pediatric surgeon, having had a 40-year-career performing complex pediatric surgeries on patients. He served as Surgeon-in-Chief as well as the Co-Medical Director at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey at the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System. In addition, he served as the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal family back in the 1980s, and holds the patent for two of his medical inventions – the suction endoscope and the newly designed catheter.


Dr. Saad Saad recently shared his opinions about the topic of vaccination, touching on a few aspects of the subject where he thinks people are misinformed. Dr. Saad supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Schedule, and encourages parents to get their kids vaccinated. He bases his advice on the scientific evidence about vaccination, and also he respects the position of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the American Academy of Family Physicians.


He recognizes that there is confusion surrounding vaccines, and aims to clear up the misunderstanding. When talking about the power of the vaccine and its development, he provides historical insight, focusing on the smallpox vaccine – which is the first vaccine ever developed. Smallpox was a deadly illness which ended up killing many people until the late 19th century when the vaccine was developed. By the 1980s, the disease has been eradicated worldwide, and is the only disease to be destroyed completely. Dr. Saad notes that vaccines are preventing the spread of dangerous and contagious disease, such as mumps, measles, polio, chicken pox, HPV, diphtheria, and whooping cough.


When talking about his stance on vaccines, Dr. Saad Saad also outlined the mechanism of immunity, noting that when children get vaccinated, the body builds up defenses in order to fight specific germs. The body needs to get exposed to a specific germ in order to build up the immune system. The first time that it gets exposed to the germ, the body produces antibodies designed to fight it. Building a natural immunity to a specific germ takes time, which exposes the body to the risk of getting sick again, but due to the fact that the antibodies stay in the body, they will then attack the germ next time, which prevents people from getting sick.


Dr. Saad Saad also acknowledge that there are many myths about vaccines, and shared the facts published by the organization entitled American Academy of Family Physicians in order to reassure the parents that the vaccines will not harm their children and that vaccines are safe: Vaccines do not cause autism, they can be handled by the immune system of the infant, they do not contain toxins which will harm the child, and are not causing the disease that they are meant to prevent.


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Richard Liu Qiangdon, the president of the largest online conglomerate in China

Richard Liu Qiangdon recently spoke at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. He also spoke about his journey in the business world. Of interest was his online business, He told the attendees that he named his business from abbreviating his name and his wife’s name. He also spoke about how he ventured into online business after the SARS epidemic that hit China.

Richard Liu talks about

During the meeting, Richard Liu told the press that his business stood out from the other online stores because they prioritized on improving customer service as well as selling genuine goods. Since was launched, the company has grown and is currently worth more than US$60 billion. The company has a workforce of about 167,000 employees and they keep hiring on a weekly basis.

Richard Liu also said that he looks forward to growing his business into the biggest online market in China. Aside from having clients in his home country, Richard Liu also revealed that they deliver to other customers across the globe. Among the most selling products at are fashion and consumable products. He also spoke about how the company has improved their delivery systems. According to this professional, his business has succeeded because they treat all customers differently.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of He also serves as the chief executive officer of this multi-million dollar establishment. He is a graduate of China Europe International Business School and the Renmin University of China. Richard Liu is currently worth $12.7 billion. He is married to businesswoman Zhang Zetian and together they have two children.

Richard Liu initiated career as a programmer while in college. After his graduation, he secured a job with Japan Life where he worked for two years and left to start his business. In 1998, he launched a magneto-optical distribution business. Six years later, he has succeeded in establishing more than 12 stores. Following the SARS outbreak that affected thousands of people and killed hundreds, Richard Liu was compelled to abandon business as there were no people to work for him. He later ventured into e-commerce business by establishing This business has since grown into one of the largest online business in China and the US.

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Papa Johns Is Making The Necessary Changes With Steve Ritchie

Many customers out there are aware of the recent circumstances that have been surrounding Papa Johns which were unfortunately caused by former management. As per Wikipedia, the good news is that a new man has taken up leadership at Papa Johns and he is working his hardest to make Papa Johns one of the very best restaurants in the pizza industry like it has been for so many years prior. As the new CEO for Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie is tasked with overseeing daily operations but more importantly, he will guide Papa Johns towards a brighter future and regain the trust of customers worldwide.

Papa Johns is a well-known restaurant name that sells pizza all around the globe today and despite the recent negative mark in the press, they still have many loyal customers that are supporting them. There are many reasons for this, including the truth in a statement that Steve Ritchie released in his apology letter. In Steve Ritchie’s apology letter, which he drafted himself, he stated that the actions of a single Papa Johns employee are not representative of the entire organization and the rest of its employees, of which there are more than 100,000. The apology written by Steve was one of his first actions after becoming the new CEO for Papa Johns.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns decided to make a personal heartfelt apology rather than just trying to say sorry for making a mistake because he truly wants Papa Johns to succeed. In an article from Biz Journals, it says that the Steve has worked at Papa Johns for the majority of his career and he knows the right moves to get the ball moving in the right direction. In his apology, Steve also addressed the very areas that Papa Johns needed to make improvements and how they are going to do it in the following months and possibly years. One of the first steps for Papa Johns is to bring in outside experts to bring every part of the business up to the highest standards, from pizza making to management. Follow Steve Ritchie on Twitter.

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Just Who is Dr. Jennifer Walden

Cosmetic surgery is full of brilliant-minded individuals. These individuals are similar to artists in many ways. Dr. Jennifer Walden just so happens to be a top-tier cosmetic surgeon. This woman has definitely put in long hours to acquire an extensive education in the medical aesthetics field of work. Walden is the daughter of a surgical nurse and is the daughter of a dentist. Her parents has played a key role in shaping her future as a professional. After graduating Anderson High School, Walden went on to attend the University of Texas. She would attain an undergraduate degree in Biology before moving on to the University of Texas Medical Branch.

While studying at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Walden was offered an externship at the exclusive Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Walden went on to become her class’ salutatorian. She also graduated with honors while securing her medical doctorate. The Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital was her next stop, and here is where she attained her fellowship in aesthetic surgery. For the next seven years, she would work exclusively on New York City’s Upper East Side. The reintroduction of silicone-breast implants has partially come from Walden because she has participated in a number of clinical trials that have shined new light on the subject.

As of 2018, Dr. Walden is the founder of the prominent Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. She was also recognized by Castle Connolly as a “Top Doctor” for 2018. The sky is the limit for Dr. Jennifer Walden, but who knows what she has instore for the coming years.

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Learn from the entrepreneurial traits of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur with years of experience in the sector. The professional is based in Madison, Wisconsin and he has been doing the best to help revolutionize the healthcare IT industry. He is experienced in Electronic Medical Records which aims at advancing how patients receive care and treatment. Drew is an entrepreneur with many skills which he has earned from the many years he has worked for top companies. He has one of the best technological backgrounds and uses this to help solve the challenges experienced in the healthcare sector.

The unique thing about Drew Madden is that he loves working with others as a team. That makes him an outstanding professional and entrepreneur because he believes working with others makes it possible to achieve your goals. He is one of the main founders of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. It is a consulting firm that has been helping in the healthcare sector. The primary goal of Evergreen Healthcare Partners is to help in solving complicated issues revolving IT adoption and change management. The entrepreneur has achieved great success because he is passionate about his work. He has also spent many years working and collaborating with the best in the industry. They have been working on various projects with the aim of troubleshooting, implementing and dealing with complicated challenges.

Drew Madden attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering where he obtained his Industrial Engineering degree in 2002. After completion of his education, he started working at Cerner Corporation and while here he came up with inpatient clinical solutions which were helpful after implementation. He worked at the company for about four years and went to work at Healthia Consulting where he also worked for four years. The entrepreneur has many years of experience when it comes to the implementation, optimization and management of electronic medical record (EMR). He has acquired the best leadership skills for the many years he has been in the industry. He uses his wide experience in technical EMR and leadership to bring the best ideas in the healthcare IT industry. Drew Madden believes innovative ideas will change the healthcare industry for the better.