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Richard Liu`s life as an entrepreneur

Richard Liu was born in the early 1970s in China, and he graduated with a bachelor degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China where during leisure time spent sharpening his computers skills through freelance coding experiences. He also has an EMBA which he attained from the China Europe International Business school. After graduating Richard Liu served as a director of computers and business in a health product selling company in Japan. He later decided to start his own business that dealt with magneto-optical products. The optical business was then affected by an outbreak of SARS epidemic in 2003. The outbreak of this epidemic led to customers and staff members to remain in their homes leading to less labor and fewer sales. Due to the SARS outbreak, Richard Liu decided to start an e-commerce business after closing down all his dealing optical stores.

During a recent interview Richard Liu explains his roots are from a humble background where his family operated in the coal transport business. He decided to venture into the e-commerce business and founded JD.com after his optical industry faced various challenges. The idea was brought up by one of his managers, and he implemented the plan. JD.com name was from his previous girlfriend and also from his nickname Dingdong. He believes that hard work and being optimistic are the critical factors to the success of any business. Richard Liu started from scratch while establishing JD.com through risk-taking and overcoming any encountered problem.

JD.com platform

JD.com is among the leading e-commerce platforms in China and the world dealing with consumer goods and electronics. JD.com invested millions of money in Farfetch project to capitalize on the partnership with Walmart Company, respective reach across China and lead in the luxury fashion field. WeChart a social network platform has at least 12% shares in Richard Liu`s company and hence focuses on making JD.com popular. Despite the competition from other platforms including Amazon, JD.com has flourished, and currently, it’s worth more than $10 billion capitals. JD.com platform vision is to serve more users each day through brand- building.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/richard-liu-45113b47