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Every company bounces back from controversy in its own way. For Papa John’s, launching a new campaign and introducing the public to new faces appears to be the solution. As Papa John’s tries to recover, CEO Steve Ritchie took the reins and never looked back. His sights are set on a united and bright future.

Under Ritchie guidance, Papa John’s launched a campaign to win back its customers. To announce the campaign, the brand released a video showing customers voicing their opinions about the brand. Not denying what happened, Ritchie wanted to address the issue and get people thinking about solutions.

In an open letter, he explained how Papa John’s is trying to correct its image and overcome the last few troubling months. The business side of the brand’s troubles is apparent in the large drops in sales. One part of their sales showed a 6.1 percent drop, and that didn’t even reflect the whole picture.

After their second quarter review, the company realized the severity of their problems. When Ritchie stepped up and took charge, his first act was to undertake “unconscious bias training.” Other members of the brand’s leadership team completed the same training, and they plan to launch that in all their stores and offices across the country.

Where Papa John’s differs from others is their openness about changing the way they do business. Every step of the way, Ritchie explains the company’s progress. Recently, the brand launched an independent cultural audit as well as opened a second investigation of its diversity and inclusion practices. They hope to have actionable recommendations by the end.

In a show of his commitment, Ritchie and fellow Papa John’s leaders took part in a listening tour across America. They visited Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago where they heard the feedback from team members and franchisees.

Furthermore, Papa John’s assembled a special group of advisors to guide them through these months. The advisory group, made up of respected experts, will help Papa John’s improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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How the Sussex Healthcare Used a Competent Management to Handle Its Employees

Recently, Sussex healthcare appointed Amanda Taylor as its CEO. Before her appointment, she familiarized with her duties and the institution. Thus, it was easy for her to develop her agenda and make a difference. Through her cooperation with the senior management, she enabled an improvement in the delivery of service to the individuals. For thirty years, Ms. Morgan handled the sovereign areas in the society and health. After she was appointed a Mental Health Nurse in 1984, she became essential to her community.

As a result, she assumed various roles like Service Manager, Managing Director, and Quality Development Director. After her previous experience, she became aware of the work that the councils needed to do. For example, she helped various organizations to manage their operational challenges, boost their confidence, and restore faith with the investors.

In the future, she plans to work with the management of Sussex healthcare during her first time in office. Her appointment was valuable thus proving that the institution provided quality care to the individuals. Ms. Morgan’s fundamental duties involve visiting the homes that acquainted to the company to meet specific individuals.

Types of Services

Sussex health care operates about twenty centers that handle the elderly’s upkeep. Besides, it helps individuals with neurological disorders, severe disabilities both learning and physical, and dementia. The treatment centers are usually around the center to monitor the progress of the individuals.

Thus, recreational activities and social events collaborate to the good health of a person. Sussex Healthcare comprises of nurses that listen to the needs of the patients. For instance, the individuals that wish to an all-time care can get it at Sussex healthcare facility.

New Gym

The new gym enables individuals to get quality services throughout the year. Before its set up, the staff was trained and prepared extensively to help the clients in various sections. Furthermore, it is obligatory for the residents to be ambulatory.

The team is always present even if the team needs to work by themselves. Thereby, the patients at Sussex health care can maintain their posture through appropriate exercises. Before they do any program, they need to warm their bodies through various activities.

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Paul Mampilly Inspirey Interview Recap

Paul Mampilly is a well-educated, successful entrepreneur who has utilized his years of experience in the finance industry to positively contribute to society. His education background is quite impressive having completed his Masters in Business Administration at Fordham University.

His career advancement has been admirable since he was first an assistant who became sought out by big companies in Wall Street due to his growth and experience in the financial market. He values family and assisting the common citizens in the creation of wealth which led him to be the founder of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and a writer of Profits Unlimited.

In his interview with Inspirey, his personality stands out since he is knowledgeable in the finance industry. He attributes his success to being a disciplined investor who spends most of his time analyzing markets and reading on uncertainties which might affect the stock exchange market. This has made him an expert and hence readers of his newsletter have often found value in the information he provides.

Paul Mampilly is quick to note that there has been a rapid change in the stock exchange market due to technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is now being used against investors and hence make it hard for the do it yourself investors to compete effectively. This, in his opinion, has both positive and negative effects on the market.

He advises that investors, especially first time buyers, should diversify their share portfolio so as to manage risk. Paul Mampilly states that he admires market leaders such as Amazon and Spotify whose business model is outstanding. In his opinion, IPOs should learn from these companies to save on costs that are otherwise associated with the listing process.

Paul Mampilly discusses his admiration towards Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, whose charisma has made it possible to venture into an untapped market. He states that he finds it fascinating how the entrepreneur is able to sell his vision to people and invest his own money into the business. The interview showcases the willingness of Paul Mampilly to learn from other entrepreneurs which makes him quite relatable to his readers. He further has a website which lists articles and services which he offers.

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OSI Group President David McDonald: The Key to Progression

President of OSI Group David McDonald is said to have been a key component in the progression of OSI overseas. His leadership and direct experience working on farms have provided David McDonald with a very unique outlook on the food industry. Mr.McDonald holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the Iowa State University along with recognition in the form of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Today, David McDonald holds the position of president and COO of one of the largest food providers in the world. In a recent sit-down interview with Mr.McDonald, we were able to delve deeper into his management techniques and the future of OSI Group.

How does OSI Group encourage innovation within the company?

Mr.McDonald states that the motivation or push for innovation rarely comes from management, in fact, most of the times the innovation is seen as a result of a customer request. If a customer wants a certain add-on or tweaks to his menu, the team at OSI Group is ready to fire up to grill and work until they find the perfect solution.

How did you accomplish the success seen in the Chinese market?

Having patience in order to understand the culture is the most important thing we could have done, says David Mcdonald. Being a privately owned company is what has allowed the team to slowly develop strong relationships and trust.

What do you see in the future for OSI Group?

David McDonald comments that the company will seek to follow the same goals and techniques that have made it the largest food provider company today, and that is seeking new ways to bring the best quality products to our customers and the public in general.

After three decades with the company, how do you stay motivated?

At OSI, there is never a dull moment, things are always changing and clients always need something, says Mr.McDonald.

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Betsy Devos – Helping Children

Betsy DeVos entered the national spotlight when she was appointed to be a part of President Donald Trump’s cabinet. However, before she was picked to lead the Department of Education, she spent many years advocating for education reform in the state of Michigan. She says that her quest for such reform started when she and her husband visited the Potter’s House Christian School.


She Saw Parents Trying to Help Their Children


One of the main takeaways from the visit for DeVos was that parents who didn’t necessarily have the resources that she did were opting to send their kids to a private school. In her opinion, it was an attempt to help them obtain a safe place to learn and grow. Eventually, she decided to start helping those parents with tuition and other costs associated with attending a private school. From there, she decided that she would lead the effort to make sure that every parent had a chance to choose where his or her child went to school.


Her Husband Took Action as Well


Dick DeVos started a 527 committee called All Children Matter that was designed to help every child get a quality education regardless of cost. That would later become the American Federation for Children (AFC). The group sought to meet its goals by identifying individuals who agreed with their vision and then working to get those people elected. While there has been some resistance to their efforts in Michigan, the AFC has had success in Florida and other states.


Over a Million Students Have Been Helped


According to Betsy DeVos, over one million students have taken part in school choice programs in Louisiana and Indiana. This is in addition to the 50,000 students she says have taken part in the Florida program that is funded through various tax credits.


More Information About Betsy DeVos


Betsy DeVos has donated about $139 million to various causes in conjunction with her husband Dick. Overall, she and her family have given over $1 billion to charities, which is roughly 25 percent of the DeVos family fortune. In 2015, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated $11.6 million.


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The Growth of OSI Under Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned philanthropist and a business individual. The individual studied accounting at the University of Illinois and majored his studies at the Northwest University. Later, Lavin graduated from Roosevelt University with the Bachelor of science in business. After completing his studies, Lavin opened a consultant agency in downtown Chicago where he worked for over 15 years assisting many production firms in increasing their production capacity. Today, Lavin is chairman and chief operating officer of OSI Group born in 1932. OSI Group is an umbrella of OSI Industries and OSI International Foods.

Initially, Sheldon Lavin offered consultancy services to Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group as a part-time job. In 1970, the company approached Lavin to become a partner where he took over 50 percent controlling stake. For the past more than 20 years when all other partners left, Lavin took over the 100 percent controlling stake of the firm. Lavin helped to change OSI Group from being a local firm to an international company through a successful economic transformation. OSI became a multi-billion-dollar global meat processing venture. Today, OSI is the primary distributor of a variety of products, such as meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. The company takes good care of customers’ needs in restaurants, retail, private-label, and industrial and food-service-distributor field.

OSI Group grew to serve in more than 17 nations with over 69 facilities. Also, the firm offers more than 20,000 job opportunities and creating new opportunities each year. Sheldon Lavin treats workers with dignity and integrity working in a culture where all employees get regarded as a global family. Therefore, the workers offer their services for many years. As a philanthropist, Lavin is the principal supporter of the McDonald House Charities and a trustee and chairman of its campaign. The individual spends much of his time and resources in charitable missions, and he is the president and director of The Sheba Foundation, a family charitable movement. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group received various awards due to successful environmental safety management. Some of the honors include the 2016 Global of Honor Award by the British Safety Council that occurred on February 2016.

About Sheldon Lavin:

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Ryan Seacrest: Hosting New Year’s Eve With A Bang!

Ryan Seacrest has been a staple name in the TV industry, especially in the United States of America. Ryan Seacrest has made his name very well known in the neighborhood of Hollywood, and he has made his name very famous for his stints and his gigs in Hollywood. Ryan Seacrest was first known as a radio DJ and he was most loved for his take on the Top 40. Ryan Seacrest’s name has been so prominent that an artist would be very flattered and honored if they were part of Ryan Seacrest’s top 40 every week on his radio show. His hosting prowess didn’t stop on the radio – Ryan Seacrest is most known for hosting one of America’s biggest TV singing competitions – American Idol. Ryan Seacrest hosted the show for years and years, and he has stood alongside the show’s biggest superstars and most popular products. Ryan Seacrest didn’t just work with hosting, but he also produced hit TV shows that also produced superstars. Ryan Seacrest produced shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians – and up until now this show rakes in high-ratings and its cast also has built a massive following on their own, thanks to Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has recently hosted Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, in Times Square, New York City. Ryan Seacrest is not a stranger to the streets of New York, nor to its very dynamic weather conditions. Ryan Seacrest co-hosted with the popular comedian, Jenny McCarthy, and their pair-up was nothing short of amazing and they were well received by the audience of New York. Ryan Seacrest introduced artists in and out of the program, artists like: Christina Aguilera, Dan and Shay and Colton Underwood were all emceed by Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest, unfortunately, had to work in the rain of New York. But being drenched in water did not stop him from working and doing his best for the audience. Though there was a point that Ryan Seacrest had to retreat to the heaters because the combination of the rain and the cold winds became too much and the safety of the staff were put into jeopardy.