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Paul Mampilly Inspirey Interview Recap

Paul Mampilly is a well-educated, successful entrepreneur who has utilized his years of experience in the finance industry to positively contribute to society. His education background is quite impressive having completed his Masters in Business Administration at Fordham University.

His career advancement has been admirable since he was first an assistant who became sought out by big companies in Wall Street due to his growth and experience in the financial market. He values family and assisting the common citizens in the creation of wealth which led him to be the founder of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and a writer of Profits Unlimited.

In his interview with Inspirey, his personality stands out since he is knowledgeable in the finance industry. He attributes his success to being a disciplined investor who spends most of his time analyzing markets and reading on uncertainties which might affect the stock exchange market. This has made him an expert and hence readers of his newsletter have often found value in the information he provides.

Paul Mampilly is quick to note that there has been a rapid change in the stock exchange market due to technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is now being used against investors and hence make it hard for the do it yourself investors to compete effectively. This, in his opinion, has both positive and negative effects on the market.

He advises that investors, especially first time buyers, should diversify their share portfolio so as to manage risk. Paul Mampilly states that he admires market leaders such as Amazon and Spotify whose business model is outstanding. In his opinion, IPOs should learn from these companies to save on costs that are otherwise associated with the listing process.

Paul Mampilly discusses his admiration towards Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, whose charisma has made it possible to venture into an untapped market. He states that he finds it fascinating how the entrepreneur is able to sell his vision to people and invest his own money into the business. The interview showcases the willingness of Paul Mampilly to learn from other entrepreneurs which makes him quite relatable to his readers. He further has a website which lists articles and services which he offers.