How the Sussex Healthcare Used a Competent Management to Handle Its Employees

Recently, Sussex healthcare appointed Amanda Taylor as its CEO. Before her appointment, she familiarized with her duties and the institution. Thus, it was easy for her to develop her agenda and make a difference. Through her cooperation with the senior management, she enabled an improvement in the delivery of service to the individuals. For thirty years, Ms. Morgan handled the sovereign areas in the society and health. After she was appointed a Mental Health Nurse in 1984, she became essential to her community.

As a result, she assumed various roles like Service Manager, Managing Director, and Quality Development Director. After her previous experience, she became aware of the work that the councils needed to do. For example, she helped various organizations to manage their operational challenges, boost their confidence, and restore faith with the investors.

In the future, she plans to work with the management of Sussex healthcare during her first time in office. Her appointment was valuable thus proving that the institution provided quality care to the individuals. Ms. Morgan’s fundamental duties involve visiting the homes that acquainted to the company to meet specific individuals.

Types of Services

Sussex health care operates about twenty centers that handle the elderly’s upkeep. Besides, it helps individuals with neurological disorders, severe disabilities both learning and physical, and dementia. The treatment centers are usually around the center to monitor the progress of the individuals.

Thus, recreational activities and social events collaborate to the good health of a person. Sussex Healthcare comprises of nurses that listen to the needs of the patients. For instance, the individuals that wish to an all-time care can get it at Sussex healthcare facility.

New Gym

The new gym enables individuals to get quality services throughout the year. Before its set up, the staff was trained and prepared extensively to help the clients in various sections. Furthermore, it is obligatory for the residents to be ambulatory.

The team is always present even if the team needs to work by themselves. Thereby, the patients at Sussex health care can maintain their posture through appropriate exercises. Before they do any program, they need to warm their bodies through various activities.

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