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Every company bounces back from controversy in its own way. For Papa John’s, launching a new campaign and introducing the public to new faces appears to be the solution. As Papa John’s tries to recover, CEO Steve Ritchie took the reins and never looked back. His sights are set on a united and bright future.

Under Ritchie guidance, Papa John’s launched a campaign to win back its customers. To announce the campaign, the brand released a video showing customers voicing their opinions about the brand. Not denying what happened, Ritchie wanted to address the issue and get people thinking about solutions.

In an open letter, he explained how Papa John’s is trying to correct its image and overcome the last few troubling months. The business side of the brand’s troubles is apparent in the large drops in sales. One part of their sales showed a 6.1 percent drop, and that didn’t even reflect the whole picture.

After their second quarter review, the company realized the severity of their problems. When Ritchie stepped up and took charge, his first act was to undertake “unconscious bias training.” Other members of the brand’s leadership team completed the same training, and they plan to launch that in all their stores and offices across the country.

Where Papa John’s differs from others is their openness about changing the way they do business. Every step of the way, Ritchie explains the company’s progress. Recently, the brand launched an independent cultural audit as well as opened a second investigation of its diversity and inclusion practices. They hope to have actionable recommendations by the end.

In a show of his commitment, Ritchie and fellow Papa John’s leaders took part in a listening tour across America. They visited Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago where they heard the feedback from team members and franchisees.

Furthermore, Papa John’s assembled a special group of advisors to guide them through these months. The advisory group, made up of respected experts, will help Papa John’s improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.