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Canadian Organo Gold

Bernado Chua founded the Organo Gold brand in 2008. He had learned about the diverse Chinese culture and was keen on experimenting in the Canadian market how well coffee that incorporated Chinese culture would do in the competitive market. He, therefore, introduced the Chinese nutrient named Ganoderma.

The nutrient’s composition is a Chinese breed of mushroom that is used in China for health and wellness programs. To help him market his products in Canada, Bernado needed help from his cofounder Shane Morand. Shane helped with coming up with positioning and other marketing strategies for the brand’s sales team.

He insisted on getting a strong sales team because this was a brand that incorporated Asian compounds and some people would be indifferent with trying nutrients that they were not familiar with. Luckily enough, the sales team convinced as many people as possible at the beginning, and this helped in creating a market base as well as expanding the market through word of mouth recommendation from clients that were happy with the coffee. The team was aggressive enough that the product now sells in six different continents and roughly close to sixty countries.

Organo Gold is currently a trendy coffee brand, mostly because of the health benefits that people enjoy after using the products. The health benefits range from skin care routines to even immune boosting. The fastest selling product of the brand is the Ganoderma mushroom powder which most people look for on all the Organo Gold online retailers.

Being a coffee connoisseur company, Organo Gold gives so many opportunities to people who would wish to be part of the company’s sales team. The company pays the sales team on a salary plus commission basis which makes them quite motivated to get as many clients as possible.