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Destroying the Stigma of Mental Health: Neurocore

The society has created such a negative stigma towards mental health. Ideologies that negate the difficulties of mental health and have given prejudice to individuals who are experiencing mental trouble result to these individuals not getting the proper help that they should be getting. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


Mark Murrison, the Chief Executive Officer of Neurocare, has expressed his mission to erase the stigma on mental health. Mark Murrison wants to eradicate the idea that mental health issues are a baggage, or that it signifies that you are ill or you are sick. Mark Murrison and Neurocare sees it in a completely different light, they see it in a the lens of science and technology, and they are observing parts of the brain and identifying if there are parts that are not working as they should, Neurocore’s technology and programs are able to target those specific areas for treatment – just like how you treat, for example, a shoulder injury. Just like there is a physical therapist to treat shoulder injuries, Neurocore is there to strenghten and provide treatments for your mental health.


Neurocore is one of the leading companies that are frontrunners in treating mental health issues. They have extensive knowledge and experience on treating mental health and behavioral health challenges like depression, anxiety, insomnia, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to mention a few. The treatments and programs that Neurocore employs are backed by extensive research, science and technology. Treating mental health issues are mainly treated with two standard programs: psychotherapy and medication. Though these are effective to some extent, Neurocore employs another procedure to help individuals with mental health issues. Neurocore utilizes the technology of neurofeedback in order to help the brain to work as it normally should. Neurofeedback targets specific areas of the brain and makes it respond to stimuli in order for it to eradicate the mental health issue. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.