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Meet Gareth Henry: the Esteemed Investment Manager

Gareth is many things. He is a businessman, an investor, and an actuarial mathematics expert. Presently, Gareth Henry holds the position of Managing Director at one of the prominent alternative investment Company in the United States. Gareth Henry went to one of the leading world’s business universities, the University of Edinburgh where he acquired a degree in actuarial mathematics.

After he graduated in 2000, he entered the global investment firm Schroders. He worked here for a few years and moved to the United States in 2007 where he joined Fortress Investment Group. Gareth is currently the managing director of this firm. He controls the marketing for this firm in the United States, the Middle East as well as in Europe. His other responsibilities in the firm include managing the pension funds, wealth funds as well as handling the insurance relations the firm has with other countries.

Being the head of several prominent alternative investment firms in the USA, as well as the former principal of IR for Angelo Gordon and Fortress Investments, Gareth Henry acquired vast experience in the ever-developing private credit sector. His education background as an actuarial mathematics expert enabled him to comprehend the periodically complicated mathematics in the background of these investments.

For the past decade, Henry has climbed the ladder of his career to the peak of the finance sector. Considering his education training in maths, and extensive customer service expertise, Gareth Henry has acquired a combination of skills making him a manager of investment accounts that is in most demand. What made Gareth outstanding and unique was that he had the confidence to approach his clients, colleagues, and strangers as well and engage them about their investments in a special manner that was different from other mathematics students. He therefore moved and thrived towards investor relations.

Gareth is also a philanthropist. He helped to establish and fund the Gareth Henry Access Bursary an award that offers a bursary for students. He also personally mentors and coaches’ students who are awarded the bursary on a regular basis to enhance their long-term career growth.

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Sandy Chin: Tidal Bore Capital Founder Who Inspires the Young Entrepreneurs

Sandy Chin is an American businesswoman who founded the Tidal Bore Capital in 2016, with the help from William Leach, her mentor. She has been working in the financial sector for more than two decades, and developed her own methods on how to become successful and shared it to her business partners. Prior to her career at the Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin worked with other financial institutions, including the Visium Asset Management where she worked as one of their portfolio managers. She also worked with SAC Capital Management as their senior analyst, serving the company for three years. Back in the year 2008, she joined Moore Capital Management, and this is where she learned a lot about how hedge funds worked and gave her an idea to establish her own firm in the future.

Her interest in the financial sector was partly influenced by her mentor. When she was in college, she took up a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Sandy Chin would later enroll in an MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business because she wanted to establish a career in the financial sector. All of her sacrifices are worth it, as William Leach stayed by her side and taught her critical information that she needs to learn to adapt to this new career path that she has chosen.

Today, managing her business requires hard work and determination to succeed. Every day, Sandy Chin has to check her emails and attend meetings with her clients. She wanted to make sure that her business partners would always hear from her, especially regarding the updates about the performance of their assets. She also believed that her ability to see through patterns in the stock market helped her convince many people to join her firm. She likes to sort out all of the information presented to her and arrange it in a presentable manner, understood by her business partners. Sandy Chin stated that she is looking for other ventures in the future, and the cannabis industry is very promising. She is hoping that more companies would launch their shares to the stock market, and she believes that it will boost trading.

Sandy Chin is also known for the advice that she provides to the young entrepreneurs, telling them not to feel afraid when asking for more. She said that it is important for the younger generation to understand that asking for more is not really bad, and it opens new opportunities that could transform their career. She is also telling the younger entrepreneurs to meet new people, and create a vast network of connections that could help them in the future. There are lots of ways on how business people could create contact, and she said that one should always grab that opportunity.