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Mark Holyoake Steps Down from ISI

British real estate investor and seafood investor, Mark Holyoake was recently featured in the Undercurrent News article by Tom Seaman titled, “Holyoake, Sveinsson step down from ISI board, former Icelandic Group CEO set to join.” The article reveals the recent changes in ISI after it completed the merger with Icelandic Iberica. Mark Holyoake has been a majority shareholder of ISI since 2010 when he bought more than 42% of the company. The company recently completed a merger deal with Icelandic Iberica that would add three processing companies, including a shrimp processing company in Argentina to the already large seafood processing company.

Icelandic Seafood International inherited much of its connections from three different companies in Iceland called The Herring Board, Samband of Iceland, and the Union of Icelandic Fish Producers. They are a main processor of seafood and are respected leaders in the North Atlantic seafood market. They focus on providing high-quality products to the U.K. and European markets. They have more than 580 people working for the company who share their expertise and experience while growing the company. It has recently had a shift in leadership due to the merger, though Holyoake believes they will see sustained growth in the future.

Holyoake sold 42 million shares so now he owns around 11% of the company. The CEO of Icelandic Iberica will have more than 4% of the shares in ISI after the merger. The new company will be listed on Nasdaq First North, a group of growing companies. They will continue to acquire companies that grow their seafood processing market. They currently have a product range that includes cuttlefish, Argentinian shrimp, cod, and hake. They have six different processing plants that use a variety of different processing strategies including dryland freezing. The shift in leadership happened when Holyoake saw the company grow significantly over the past year and a half. Holyoake will be stepping down from the board of the company.

ISI prides itself on responsible sourcing. They provide a number of fresh products as well as ground or farmed fish, frozen at sea products, flatfish, shellfish and cephalopods, wet salted fish, and dried products.

About Mark Holyoake: www.crunchbase.com/person/mark-holyoake