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DonataMeirelles Gives Tips to use

Tips on Using Scented Candles

DonataMeirelles, editor of Vogue Brazil, offers tips on making the home sweet-smelling, warm and inviting to guests. Donata asks whether it is common among people to enter a reputable business and always sense the same sweet smell, a smell that makes you feel comfortable and invited as a guest? She comments that this is the way a home should also feel to your guests who enter. The first entrance into a home should also send an unspoken communication ot your guests that you are welcomed by the homeowner. One way to communicate that message without loudspeakers and a recording of your voice is to send it sensually by colors, textures, and sweet aromas filling the air. Visit Donata Meirelles on Instagram

Industry Standard

Many industries have a registered aroma for their brand. Whether it is alpine, woody, or floral scent, when the customer enters the store they have the repeated experience of the scent they are familiar with. Repeated experiences make the customer more familiar and welcomes with their environment, they become relaxed and welcome. These same values can be communicated thru your home by placing freshly scented candles in strategic places throughout your home. Places, where there is more traffic throughout your home, is essential to providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and family.

DonataMeirelles and Fragrances at Daslu

Donata reflected upon her days at Daslu when she was the import director, of the fresh aromas that filled Daslu and that made the environment a fantastic place and created a sense of warm welcome to its many celebrated customers. Aromas and scents of different kinds can have a different effect upon a person. There are entire sciences now called Aromatherapy that scientically measure the effects that aromas have on people.

Entrance of Home

Donata Meirelles offers several tips to produce the maximum effect upon your guests with scented candles. Donata suggest the strategic places, time, as well as the best manufacturers of scented candles.

Beginning the Day

The best location to have a scented candle is the entrance and main room of your home since it is the place where you welcome others to your home and the setting for the rest of your home. Whenever your guests leave your home they will remember the aroma and combined with your personal greeting will make your guests identify a sweet warm presence to you and your home. If time must be chosen for scented candles is to place them at dusk, so that after returning home in the evening your family will be warmly greeted back home. Donata suggests scented candles by Tania Bulhoes, Diptyque, and Ralph Lauren, as well as Jo Malone.

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