Sheldon Lavin: Recap CEOCFO Interview

CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is an example of real success in the food sector. He has been a consistent leader as an impressive executive in food and a true role model for peers, his employees and stakeholders in his industry.

OSI Group is an American firm that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Lavin is responsible for 60-plus facilities, and thousands of employees who work for OSI in 16-plus countries. OSI Group is a billion-dollar company that has also made top food company lists as well. Forbes noted that in 2016, OSI Group was the 58th largest private company in the US. Sheldon Lavin is responsible for leading OSI’s growth. Lavin’s tutelage is especially important in expanding in Asia and Europe.

Lavin once worked with a meat company that was founded in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois. This company, Otto & Sons, became OSI Group after Sheldon Lavin took over the company and became CEO. OSI Group was also one of four meat companies that famous American hamburger chain, McDonald’s chose to work with during the ’70s and beyond. OSI Group grew as a company as McDonald’s did. And Lavin was a crucial part of that symbiosis between the two companies.

As CEO, Lavin has worked, along with his executive team to broker some important deals to boost the growth of OSI Group, internationally. Over the last few years, OSI has purchased companies like BAHO Foods, which is based in Europe. The company also bought a subsidiary company, Flagship Europe, which is an arm of Flagship Foods, which is headquartered in Colorado. And because of the increasing demand for poultry-based products, OSI boosted their chicken processing facilities that are located in Toledo, Spain. Due to this ntoable demand of late by consumers for chicken, Lavin decided to add energy efficiency solutions to handle the market changes.

Regarding his education, Lavin earned a bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University, which was located in Chicago. He also received degrees in finance and accounting. He went to Northwestern University as well as the University of Illinois.

When it comes to philanthropy, Sheldon Lavin is a trustee and chairman for Ronald McDonald House’s capital campaign.

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