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Glenn Beck’s false accusations on George Soros

George Soros has made a name for himself as a speculator in the financial markets. He is also a philanthropist, an investor and a speculator of the financial markets. He first made news in the media for breaking the Bank of England the early 90s, this was after betting against the pound. From that time forth Soros has made news in the media due to his predictions in financial markets, philanthropic endeavors and publications. However, not everyone supports and likes the work of George Soros. People such as Glenn Beck have disliked Mr. Soros’ work and made false accusations against him. Beck accused Soros of conspiring with the Nazis and being an anti-Semite. Information on George Soros life however reveals something totally different.

According to the New Yorker reporter in an article titled Puppetry, it is proved that Glenn Beck has always made a career by launching unfounded accusations against prominent political figures. He never does any proper background research on to ascertain whether the statements are true or not. George Soros was the target of ridicule for his role in the Nazi occupation at Hungary during the World War II. The accusations are false since history records that George Soros had to flee the war himself to safe regions in England. Beck has been highly ridiculed for his false comments and accusations. He has however had no intention of retracting any of his false comments. He today still retains his style of making headlines using information filled with gross error.

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At the center of Beck’s multiple accusations is the accusations that Mr. Soros went out of his way and helped the Nazis in rounding up Jewish families living in Hungary during World War II. These claims are particularly ridiculous. Given that George Soros was only 14 years of age at this time, he could not play any part in the war. Beck put forth a picture of George Soros to prove his claims on The picture carelessly shows that Soros is directly helping the Nazis in identifying Jews that live in Hungary so that they may be sent to the Nazi death camps. Soros was however played a role as a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council. He hoped that by doing so, he was going to reduce the amount of violence that the Nazis had inflicted on the Jewish community. He wanted to appease the Nazis so that they would go their way. Soros personally states that instead of telling his countrymen to submit to the Nazi terror, he told them defy Nazi orders.

Beck’s accusation of Soros being Anti-Semite is also unfounded. His intention in the program was to portray Soros as someone that wants to destroy the present government and wage an Anti-Semite war. These are similar charges against Soros by people that profited from the communist rule in Hungary. They were angered when the communist regime went down. There is no proof that shows Soros or his family have ever worked to harm Jews in any part of the world.

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Doom and Gloom Swallow Companies That Do Not Fix Their Reputations

Managing an online reputation takes a lot of hard work and effort. There are expenses involved with effective online reputation management. No one would seriously suggest putting a proper amount of time and effort into maintaining a solid reputation comes without costs. Yet, costs are what lead some to avoid putting resources towards managing a reputation.

Companies running on a tight budget are not going to be quick to invest in anything they do not deem mandatory spending. The concern that arises here focuses on the solvency of any company opting not to invest in reputation management. Experts may even wonder if a company sidestepping reputation management duties could very well end up “doomed”.

The short answer is yes. Some may question whether or not such a blanket statement is accurate. A better question to ask is “Why wouldn’t the avoidance of taking action to maintain a good reputation not render a business doomed?”

Very bad Online Reputation Reviews can devastate a company’s bottom line. Public revelations about government fines and other sanctions do not exactly lead to amassing new customers. Lawsuits are tried in the proverbial court of public opinion. Revenues suffer as a result. A few short years of declining revenues can end up being disastrous. A company that runs on a limited budget likely does so because revenues are limited to begin with. A loss of customers and their accompanying revenue is not going to be good.

And lost customers rarely have a tendency to return. Once a customer gets out of the habit of patronizing a business, the customer likely won’t return to the old habit of procuring products or services from the establishment. That is just how the mind of a consumer works.

“Doom” might not arrive overnight, but it can very well arrive. Depending upon how bad a hit to a reputation is, overnight doom just might occur. Neither end results are preferable. Both can be avoided. Calling on a reputation management firm to assist in the navigation of a crisis scenario would be very helpful when disaster strikes.

Businesses must look into hiring the best reputation management service available. Otherwise, doom may be unavoidable.


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Equities First Holdings: The Global Leader in Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided customers with alternative financing solutions by supplying capital against publicly traded stocks to help clients achieve their professional and personal goals. The financial firm has been in operation since 2012 and continues to support customers across the globe. EFH has completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4 billion to date.

Equity First Holdings is a global entity with offices in nine countries, including Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Equity First Holdings See Increased Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is experiencing more traction in stock-based loans and margin loans when other financial institutions and banks are tightening lending criteria. For borrowers who look to raise capital quickly or those who may not meet the requirements of conventional credit-based loans, the equities lending is rapidly becoming a popular alternative.

Al Christy, Jr. the Founder, and CEO of EFH sees this form of lending as an innovative financial solution with higher loan-to-value ratio than the margin loans in addition to offering fixed interest rates throughout the duration of the transaction.

Difference between Margin Loans and Stock-Based Loans

With a margin loan, the borrower has to be pre-qualified, just like the conventional bank loan. The provider may need the details of where the money will be used. The interest rates are always variable, and you can expect loan-to-value ratios of between 10% and 50%. Furthermore, the lending institution may liquidate the borrower’s collateral in the event of a margin call without warning to the borrower.

On the other hand, stock-based loans offer the borrowers a fixed interest rate of between 3% and 4% and loan-to-value ratios of 50% to 75%. There is no restriction on the purpose of the loan, and you can use it for whatever purpose. The stock-based loans are also non-recourse, which means that the borrower can walk away with no obligation, even when the collateral stock values have depreciated.

Christy, however, notes that no financial transaction is without risk. Historically, some unscrupulous lenders have dumped borrowers stocks unceremoniously into the open market or failed to return stock upon maturity of the transaction. Equity First Holding has established itself in this venture with integrity and transparency, winning the trust of many investors across the globe.


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Look To Marc Sparks For World Class Presentation Techniques

When it comes to business presentations, Marc Sparks believes they must match a baseline of knowledge transfer. Presentations must be a brief collection of overall meaning. When the purpose is to appeal to investors, such as Venture Capitalists (VC), the right presentation can make or break your proposal, leading to easy success or hard failure, depending on your skills.
Marc Sparks knows how to build presentations for VC groups that provide maximum appeal for the business in question. He professionally advises entrepreneurs seeking funding and offers this advice to anyone. Sparks insists that all visual displays must not waste the VC’s time. They must not have extraneous graphs. The view of each slide should pop with purpose with no gilding added to the lilies. Each slide should tell a successful business story, based on real world data.

Another core principle that Sparks uses and teaches: KISS, which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The whole presentation should be simple enough for any VC to understand. But, at the same time, it needs to grab their attention. The core concepts must be easily seen at the outset. Sparks says the presentation must not be conducted by one person, alone. VCs are usually more impressed by a group of key members that are experienced professionals, passionate about the business they are starting and act very eager for their success.

Mark Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, which has become a major investment house with consistent, smart investments. He relies on the venerable To Do list. He has developed greatly effective techniques for analyzing the whole worth of a target business.

As a leading business and finance person with more than 60 startup companies to his name, Sparks is the epitome of the veteran serial entrepreneur. He had also owned and operated an auto insurance agency, owned various restaurants, and always advise his clients in ways to grow and sustain their own businesses.

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FreedomPop Now Provides A Great 3-In-1 Sim Card For GSM Service

A review of FreedomPop introduces a brilliant sim card that’s a 3-in-1 sim card, which is an excellent idea and is a lot more convenient for new customers that have their sim card shipped out to them. Not everyone has access to a FreedomPop retail provider, which means that they likely have to have their sim card shipped to them. The sim card will be shipped out to the person who signs up for the FreedomPop service with their email address. Read more:

Since there are three different size sim cards used, regular, micro, and nano size, the FreedomPop sim card has all the sizes in one. Pop out the full sized sim card to insert into a phone that takes regular sim cards. Pop out the micro sim card to insert it into a phone that needs the micro sim. The nano sim is the smallest size, which also can be popped out to be inserted into iPhones as well as other phones that take nano sims. Instead of having to guess what type of sim card is needed, all three of them come in one, so there is no guessing necessary.

The fact that the sim cards are all-in-one means that anyone who doesn’t know the size sim card they need for their phone can still use the sim card they purchase, even if they happen to pop out the wrong one. If the nano sim is popped out by mistake but the micro sim is needed, then the edges that go around the nano sim, which is considered the micro sim, can still be put around the nano sim in order to allow it to be used in a phone that requires a micro sim.

When the service is started, it’s wise for the user to keep up with their FreedomPop account to turn on and off certain features that they may or may not need. One feature in particular that one would want to pay attention to is the automatic top up feature, which charges a $15 fee for data once the data is within 100 MB of being depleted. Those that don’t want this automatic feature on can turn it off or a $5 fee but will not have their data automatically topped up whenever they need it. Anyone using the FreedomPop sim card can choose any service that FreedomPop offers, including the unlimited plans. Research a FreedomPop review for more information on their services.

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Evolution of Smooth Has Lip Balm That May Change Your Whole Paradigm

Lip balm has been around for a while, but Evolution of Smooth (or EOS as they’re sometimes called) has a game-changing applicator and formula that you might want to check out.

Spherical applicators in multiple colors bring this new balm to the table. There are four primary kinds. There are Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Spheres.

Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres make your lips appear delectable, vulnerable, delicate, and desirable. This is an elegant emphasis of feminine beauty, and that is the goal.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres also provide your lips healthy smoothness, but with the addition of a slight “moist” appearance which is too sexy to ignore. This line of lip balm is perfect for a night on the town with your girlfriends, or a night dancing at the club. Attracting a man is a lot easier when your lips cannot be ignored; and Shimmer Smooth lips are very hard to ignore.

Next there’s Active Protection Smooth Spheres. These protect the wearer on more than one level. Firstly, if your skin is dry by default, Active Protection can continuously provide you the requisite moisture. Secondly, if you live in an exceptionally dry environment, you can again be provided with a moisture option transcending the elements.

Last but certainly not least there are Organic Smooth Spheres. These help your lips to look beautiful and smooth without having the appearance of cosmetic assistance. The idea is: beautiful, smooth lips that look as though they’ve always been that way.

Between these four different families of lip balm, you’re sure to find something which fits your tastes. The cavalcade of available flavors is also very enticing–you’ll want to try each and every one; from blueberry acai to raspberry pomegranate. EOS knows smooth, and their products are designed to help you know smooth too. Eos lip balm products are available on your local Walmart outlet or via online.

Check out the following links:


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The Champion Of Women In Southeast Asia, Malini Saba

Malini Saba has a big heart and a passion to help women in Southern Asia who may not have access to various social and healthcare services they need. Saba is a businesswomen with a high acumen in finance and entrepreneurship, and the two biggest companies she’s started are Saban and Stree. Malini has been a part of several successful US startups that have now become online powerhouses, and in her tireless work, she raised $10 million in 2004 to help the surviving victims of the major tsunami, and raised $1 million to help start a major South Asian heart disease research center for an El Camino, CA hospital.


Saba’s story has been one of endurance and perseverance. She was born to a relatively poor family that moved from Malaysia to Australia, and had very little to survive on. She was married at a young age and afforded the opportunity to travel to America with her husband, but times were still tough with little money and only being able to afford a small cramped apartment. But she determined to try something that few people of her status would have ever thought to do. She decided to become an investor, starting with just a little money.


 Malini Saba got advice and insights both from college professors and local financial experts, and was gradually able to build her savings up to start the major businesses she would become known for. She first founded Stree in 2001, in an effort to build a company that would afford impoverished Asian women the chance to get healthcare, legal help, and other benefits they would not be able to afford. In fact, former President Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan even attended and inaugurated the opening of this company.


Most of Saba’s main investments and startup companies have been in the oil and natural gas industries, but she also has invested in other well-known companies such as PayPal and Sycamore Networks. Saba is continuing to work today to bring more awareness and new startups to benefit the impoverished regions of Asia. She hopes her story of perseverance through hardship will be an inspiration to future generations of Asian women.


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IAP Worldwide Services: Supporting Our Troops At Home And Abroad

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. supplies an array of support services, including professional and technical services, logistics and facility management, to corporations with overseas operations, the United States and foreign governments. From humanitarian aid to national security missions, IAP Worldwide Services can support their customers needs with procurement, construction, transportation and staff augmentation services in 20 countries around the world.

Cape Canaveral-based IAP Worldwide Services maintains offices in the United States, the United Kingdom; and the Middle East. The company started out as Pan Am World Services, Inc. in Cape Canaveral, building the facility for the nation’s first space launch. When Johnson Controls purchased Pan Am Services, the company began focusing on managing military bases. Johnson Controls then sold a business unit to IAP, which got its start supplying the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia. Today, IAP Worldwide Services is a respected government contractor known for their ability to get emergency power and supplies to locations under demanding conditions.

IAP Worldwide Services proudly supports U.S. troops far from home in Iraq at Camp Taji and the Al Udeid Air Base and close to home at Fort Meade and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. IAP Worldwide Services currently is the managing partner of the Department of Defense’s Global Threat Response Group and they are aiding the U.S. Air Force’s Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Operations. CEO Doug Kitani says “IAP is ready to support this important mission throughout the U.S. and around the world.” IAP is also working in Honduras, providing maintenance and operations services at the Joint Task Force Bravo Base’s power plant.

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Acquiring companies is one of the ways that IAP Worldwide Services is able to maintain it’s commitment to offer innovate, cost-effective solutions to their government clients. Recently, IAP secured DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics business and their Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. IAP is integrating these the business units distinctive capabilities and technologies into a new division at IAP called Aviation & Engineering Solutions.

“Success through Service” is IAP’s mission, which drives the company’s growth. Being considered a trustworthy, ethical service provider that always gets the job done, even in challenging locations and emergency situations, is how IAP Services defines success. 

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Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Mobile Application

The Davos Real Estate Group has launched a new mobile application, which is meant to estimate the return on real estate investments that the client may be interested in. They have named this new application tool the “Davos Cap Calculator”.

For the past six months, Gerard González, the Executive Director of Davos REG, has been working with a company called Tecknolution on the development of this tool. They have developed this application on the newest technology platforms and is now available to the public on both the iPhone and Android devices. This is also, the beginning of a series of complementary apps, that will give the client the ability to identify properties and forward real estate reports to their agent at Davos by using an interactive chat.

Davos has noticed the need for this app in order to guide the client financially when they plan on investing in real estate in the United States.

This new and innovative tool will give their investors a clear understanding of what to expect when they are purchasing a property.

This new app will also allow customers to have an estimate of the rent on the property that will meet their projected income, the rate of interest and the funding period the bank will allow.

In the recent months, Davos has been developing new partnerships with internationally based real estate companies and expanding their horizons with Europe, starting in Spain.

During the first half of 2016 Davos has increased its sales by 75% and 60% in new agents. They are working hard on different projects, in order to fulfill their commitment, of giving excellent service to their clients.

David Osio started his career in 1981 as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprises in coffee export programs. He was an executive for Letcvo Commercial Companies and was responsible for the structure of marketing programs for different industrial products in the United States.

Mr. Osio graduated from Andres Bello University, which is a private Chilean university that was created in 1988. Andres Bello specializes in Advanced Management Programs in International Banking Law. In 1993 he Joined the law firm of MGO in Caracas, Venezuela, to gain experience in Banking law.

Since that time he has created companies in major cities around the world which include Geneva, New York, Miami, and Panama.

Follow Osio @david_j_osio and on LinkedIn

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David Osio Wants To Give More Than Ever Before

David Osio is the CEO at Davos Financial Group, and he has been supporting good causes for a long time. He knows that there are many ways for people to receive the support that they need, and the only way to take care of that is to be sure that he continues to expand the work that he has done. He wants to keep giving to as many organizations as he can, and that is why he is trying to go global with his giving.

Davos Financial Group is a really good company to work with, and he wants to be sure that there are many clients of his who are willing to give to the same causes. He wants to have partners that are willing to give, and he wants to be sure that his partners are giving to new places that are much farther out than they have been. He has been giving to things like the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and he wants to show that there are all manner of causes that will benefit from what he has done.

The Davos Financial Group team works with clients on real estate investments that are powerful in their own right. David Osio understands what it takes to make money for every client, and he has collected wealth that he wants to give away in places where it is most needed. He is choosing new places to care for the world with the money he offers, and he knows that there are many ways to change the world.

Davos Financial Group has made a lot of money for its clients, and the company has become the best destination for those who are committed to investing. Every investment is plotted to help the client, and money is given to people who need it. The giving that is completed by David Osio comes from his heart and his desire to change lives. Every life that is changed with his money will be one life that could make the world better, and David Osio will continue to give as long as he has the means.

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