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Successful Growth of JSHF under José AuriemoNeto

  1. About JHSF

JHSF is a leading Brazilian- real estate, construction company founded in 1972. This company is based in Sau Paulo, with some of its regional operations based in Manaus and Salvador. It was established by two brothers Jose Auriemo Neto and Fabio Auriemo, and two other partners. Initially, it was referred to JHS but there was a split that led to JHSF. JHSF has expanded to Uruguay and US.

  1. JHSF’S Operations

JHSF mainly prioritizes on the development of high-end residential and commercial properties. These high-end properties are in four main units, namely; malls, hotels, airports, and incorporation. These units made it the first company to tackle real estate projects in the country.

  1. JHSF Drive

JHSF is known for its ability to identify new opportunities in the market. This has enabled it to provide quality work and great innovation. In addition, its projects are known to be the cutting edge that attracts the big wigs in the real estate market.

  1. JHSF Projects

Among the mega investment projects done by JHSF include a shopping mall situated in Sao Paul built in 2011.In 2006, it started the construction of the CidadeJardin Complex- one of the largest markets in Brazil.This complex has a park, residential and commercial towers. The other project is the 815 that is along the 5th Avenue in New York, and the residential condominium in Uruguay called the Las Piedras.

  1. The President of JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto popularly referred to as Zeco-his nickname is the Chief Executive Officer, and also the President of JHSF. Neto is a graduate of FAAP University. At the age of 17, he developed this family-owned company’s parking lot-Park Ben, and at the age of 27, he became the CEO.

  1. Jose Neto’s Role in JHSF and Achievements

As the CEO, Neto oversees the company’s operations, interests, and partnerships. For instance, in 2009; he signed its first venture into the retail market by partnering with Hermes and Pucci. This saw the company expand its portfolio to the retail outlets leading to the launch of big stores in Brazil like the RED Valentino. Jose Auriemo Neto is recognized for intensifying the company’s potential to where it is at the moment. In addition, he opened the CidadeJardim, which is the first retail outlet for the company.

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Dallas-based bank: major target for institutional clients

Jon Holt is the corporate executive of NexBank. He participated in the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans. In this conference, Holt led a panel about community banking reform. The purpose of the conference was to allow bank leaders to exchange viewpoints on opportunities created by mergers and acquisitions,expansion,and branching. Issues affecting leaders of community banks are also discussed in the panel.

In terms of size, Nexbank has a rank of 200 among U.S. banks. Nexbank is Texas’s 13th biggest bank. Furthermore, it is the fourth largest bank in Dallas. Business banking, mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking are NexBank’s four major business lines. There are 86 employees across its four branches. Three of the branches are in Texas and one is New Jersey. Dallas is the current headquarters of NexBank. The previous headquarters were in Terrell, TX.

NexBank has been serving its customers since November of 1934.It was originally known as Terrell Federal Savings and Loan Association. In 1999,the name was changed to Heritage Savings Bank. As of 2002, the bank was renamed to Heritage Bank. Nexbank was classified as a mutual savings bank until it was reclassified as a stock savings bank in 2002. The Nexbank name was given in 2005. Previously, NexBank was controlled by the Office of Thrift Supervision. Right now, it is regulated by the FDIC.

In the first quarter of 2017, the capitalization of NexBank was average. Texas ratio and deposit growth were excellent. The Texas ratio was 1%. As of March 2017, the bank had approximately $5.3 billion in assets. Net income was about $30.59 million. There was about $4.76 billion of total deposits for NexBank. Return on equity was 33%. Return on assets was 2%. Money market rates for NexBank are double the average in the U.S.

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Tammy Mazzocco Stands Out As Exceptional In The Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Ohio has become a standout in the United States. The value of condos and homes has continued to increase and are not expected to decline anytime in the foreseeable future. The last year has shown virtually no dips in the value of homes in the state. The plans of a national homebuilder include 240 new homes in New Albany, Ohio. The expected outcome is a rise in commercial businesses and a continuation of the rising price for homes in Ohio.

Ohio has become a desirable state in which to live due to the relatively low cost of living, the excess of middle class jobs, the national recognition of the schools and the increasing value of the homes. The technical sector is constantly expanding and has become an excellent source of new jobs. Ohio is quickly becoming the place where families want to raise their children. For families looking to sell their homes the market is right. Selling prices are a peak performance and there is a surge in demand coming from residents currently out of state who want to relocate to Ohio.

Tammy Mazzocco has been an Ohio real estate agent in excess of twenty years. He professional life has been spent in the industry of real estate and her knowledge of the local trends and history of Ohio is exemplary. She has been responsible for numerous individuals and families finding their dream homes. She specializes in the New Albany area but has located homes all over the state for her clients. Mazzocco attributes her success to her strong drive and goal oriented characteristics.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy Mazzocco is the ideal choice for clients who want to sell their homes quickly. She is responsive to the requests of her clients and is delighted to go the extra mile to ensure she finds her clients the perfect home for their individual needs. Tammy Mazzocco stands apart from other realtors because she treats her clients as though they were family.

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Matthew Autterson And His Investment Prowess

Matthew Autterson is one of the finest investment managers in the country, and he is based out of Denver where he does his work. There are many different people who are searching for help with investment management, and someone who wishes to contract him for services will have an easy time making money as an investor. There are quite a few people who will benefit from what Matthew does, and they will find that the work he does ensures they have the proper amount of money for the future.

#1: What Is Investment Management?

Investment management is quite important because it helps someone control their investments without wearing them down. Someone who is trying to use investment management services will find that the manager helps them choose the investments that work for them. There are many different people who do not know if they should use the stock market or commodities, and they may ask their investment manager to make the choices for them.

#2: How Does Matthew Operate?

Matthew operates in a manner that is consistent with best practices in the industry. He knows that there are a number of people who need an education in investment, and he will help them learn many things about investment that will show them how to earn more money. He wants to allow his clients to learn how to be autonomous, and he will send them reports every day that offer information about their portfolio.

Matthew Autterson is one of the finest names in the investment field, and he knows that there are a number of people who will use the services he provides to earn an income or save for retirement. Each client on his books will make choices that are consistent with their goals, and they will come to Matthew for advice

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From Soup To Nuts – OSI Group Knows Innovative Food

Innovation in food service operations can be hard to recognize at times as industry professionals often feel that there is nothing new under the sun. They’ve seen it all before. However, there are also times when a true leader forges ahead, making innovation the watchword for the way they do business.

In the food industry, no one innovates better than OSI Group. As according to one of the top 100 food companies in America, OSI Group is dedicated to providing the best in food processing and service to their wide-reaching client base. One of the ways to hit that mark is constantly pushing the bar – being inventive, creative, and cutting edge. In other words, innovative.

With over 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide which employ 20,000 individuals, OSI Group continues to increase their state-of-the-art product development in providing creative food solutions. The recent purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI Group is just one example of their ability to move ahead in the food service industry with that acquisition being awarded “Best Global Diversified Food Supplier–UK” during the Trade Monthly Food & Drink 2017 Awards held earlier this year.

Knowing how to acquire and position capable companies and divisions is an excellent indication of an innovator in the marketplace. Their divisions which include research and development, supply chains, food safety, processing, menu and food product creation, and process engineering to name a few, are consistently striving to solve the complex challenges of today’s food industry around the globe.

Taking the soup-to-nuts approach and making sure to rise above the rest in customizing food products and processing which exceeds customer expectations is the goal for OSI Group. Reaching and surpassing this goal keeps OSI Group innovating, creating, and leading the way in food service throughout the world.

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Jason Hope career

A lot has been taking place in the industry. The segment has been coming up with better facilities which make live better. Jason has been in the sector for quite a time. When many firms come up with newer products, Jason Hope is the person to go to. He will not only promote your good by reviewing it, but he will also tell the public why the property was produced at the first place. Using the feedbacks he gets he has been guiding entities one how best they can meet the needs of many people. By creating this platform, he has ended up making a name for himself.

A good number of people at the moment always go through his reviews before making any purchase. By so doing they will get to know more about the commodity they are dealing it thus putting them in a better state of coming up with the suitable property to deal with. a good portion of goods being reviewed by Jason always end up recording high sales compared to other goods of the same nature. His influence in the market has played a major role in determining the rates being realized by a significant number of firms.

Just like many other experts in the market, Jason has been talking more about the essence of linking all the facilities we use. Synchronizing the properties will be helpful to many users in the long run. The facilities will share information and thus being in a better state of understanding the needs of users. By so doing one will end up getting optimum utility from the properties.

In the near future, significant sum of facilities we use at home will be using some data to achieve optimum service. One will be able to atomize many activities basing on how he works every day. This will be of great help mainly to those people who always have a busy. Being able to control your facilities in a remote place will also be a game changer. The availability of this technology will also facilitate safety among a wide range of person across the globe.

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George Street Photo and Video Offers Some of The Best Services In NYC

George Street Photo and Video is a photography and videography business that operates in many locations across the United States. Their main goal is to capture wedding photos that every couple will fall in love with. George Street has a very popular location located in New York City. Packages start at $1,795 and they never dissapoint. First, you begin by taking an online quiz that will match you with one of George Streets’ professional photographer, and then you take engagement photos. Photographers can help find beautiful locations for these pictures and can even help the bride and groom find a wedding venue. Some popular locations include New York State park, Chelsea Pier and New York Harbor. Not only do you get beautiful photographs of you special day, you even get professional quality video. It’s definitely a deal worth taking.

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The Achievements of Dr. Cameron Clokie

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, scientist and an entrepreneur. Dr. Clokie is also the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., an organization that concentrates on innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has also contributed to academic dentistry and clinical practice.

Recently, Cameron was named as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He was also the professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Bizcommunity

Dr. Clokie has also participated in the boards or scientific advisory and boards of many other organizations. He has been an author of many papers and made multiple presentations that are used locally and internationally on bone restoration and regenerative medicine. He also holds 25 U.S patents relating to bone healing. It has enabled him to create alliances with enterprise and transfer his know-how into commercially practical business. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Dr. Cokie obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1985. He finished his specialty education in 1990 before obtaining a doctorate (Ph.D.) in bone regeneration associated with interface development of dental implants from McGill University in 1992. Cameron Clokie considers himself a pioneer in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

He has unique, innovative techniques on the surgical management of jaws, which explains why his services are highly demanded. Dr. Clokie has held several lectures internationally concerning different subjects associated with oral health care, like the future of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Other topics that he has lectured on include bone regeneration and university related technology transfer.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie developed a method that is used to reset the jaw’s skeletal clock that entices bones the same way they grow in a newborn baby. He said that this technique is back to the embryonic condition of bone generation. Dr. Cokie also stated that this method would regrow the jawbone that is identical to the lost one. The processes were conducted at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, and they will assist the researcher in tackling tissue regeneration.

Dr. Cokie has been committed to test BMP as a method of reconstructive jaw surgery since the 1990s and found out that he required the entire bone to drive this stuff. He repaired the first jawbone with BMP in the world in 1999. Cameron is currently planning to generate BMP by putting the human gene that produces it into goat embryos.

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Awesome Used BMWs at Beverly Hills Auto Group

A super way to own a BMW is to find an awesome pre-owned (used) BMW. You already know a BMW is a luxury car. Just think how much the previous owner cherished and cared for it.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is a well known BMW dealer in Woodside, New York. It is easy to find near US 219 in Queens. Most BMWs have a built-in GPS navigation system to help you find your way.


Yes, used BMWs are a great value. The staff at Beverly Hills Auto Group is friendly and knows their vehicles inside and out. They look for the best financing available to meet your needs.


Check out the inventory at Beverly Hills Auto Group online. Click on the photo of the BMW you like best and see what it has to offer. The photo gallery includes specs and descriptions of the vehicle.


Ask for a test drive at Beverly Hills Auto Group today.

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Securus Technologies Changing the Face of Safety in Incarceration

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that was founded in 1986. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with four regional offices spread between Texas and Georgia. Securus Technologies is a for-profit company and serves 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada.


Securus has a system that is aimed at eliminating one of the biggest challenges in prisons, which is contraband cell phones by preventing them from connecting to mobile networks in the general public. It achieves this through its “Managed Access Solutions” program. By the start of 2016, the program had already received approval in at least five Department of Corrections facilities. In the same year, there was a partnership between Securus and Harris Corporation to develop a Cell Defender technology. In 2017, Securus Technologies rolled out the Wireless Containment Solution which has been designed to prevent mobile phones sneaked into inmates from getting connected to the mobile networks outside.


Securus Technologies has cemented its reputation for not only providing prison technology but also provides criminal justice and civil technology solutions. The products are aimed at enhancing security functions which involve investigations, public safety, and corrections & monitoring. The techniques also help to reduce the incidences of an inmate on inmate crimes. Other technology solutions offered by Securus include:


– providing emergency response

– incident management

– monitoring products and services

– biometric analysis

– public information

– information management

– communication

– inmate self-service


Securus impressively churns out a new product or service once every week on average. These products are always designed towards helping correctional facilities to solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies usually gets customer feedback from both correctional officers and the jail officials concerning their products which they use for crime prevention. Though the comments are hugely positive, the company takes all suggestions whenever they arise, to improve their products.