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Robert Ivy’s Thoughts On The Value Of Professional Associations

The training that people receive in school is rarely sufficient to help them deliver the best results when they eventually get hired. On-the-job training goes a long a way to bridge the gap between school and the work environment but in some cases this is still not enough. For a long time now professional societies have been resourceful in cementing the skills that employees need to offer efficient services in their places of work. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Workers looking to advance their career become a part of these societies to achieve their goals. The benefits are numerous. One is guaranteed to build helpful networks while they engage in the educational programs they offer. They also provide leadership positions that one can use to increase their credibility.

Robert Ivy, AIA’s CEO, recently mentioned the bargaining power that architects have been able to develop thanks to their association. He also stated that the association has helped the members maintain high levels of integrity. This has in turn ensured that members are held in high regard by potential clients.

Industry players get a chance to meet from time to time thanks to the conferences that the societies hold. Many people have landed better offers as they make connections during these meetings. Given that industry leaders grace such occasions, the amount of knowledge available is amazing. A number of organizations have gone the extra mile and set up private social networks that have made the difference in the lives of many.


Education resources are also available in the associations’ websites. Most of this material is highly researched thanks to the efficient personnel that they bring on board to carry out the research. Recently employed employees usually find these resources very helpful. Robert Ivy has contributed numerous articles in his field that have gone a long way to help his fellow architects.

His work has largely been appreciated by the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy has served as their CEO since 2011. He also doubles up as the Executive Vice President. Prior to this, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. He helped the publishing firm scale up their services. Robert Ivy has also received numerous awards including the MIAL’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his incredible work in architecture. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

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Robert Ivy’s Achievements and Valuable Contributions to AIA

Robert Ivy who is the current chairman and deputy president at The American Institute of Architects, AIA recently received an accolade by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, MIAL. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award made the ceremony an historical event in the whole of Mississippi for the very first time. It brought together various artists and architects who celebrated their hard work.

The President of MIAL, Nancy LaForge congratulated Robert Ivy due to his exemplary participation in his architectural constructions. The pieces he writes have found their way to many of his writers around the world. For Nancy LaForge, she was confident that Robert Ivy was worthy and deserving of the appreciation. Similarly, Carl Elefante, the President of the American Institute of Architects, AIA, expressed his mesmerisation by how honourable it was to see him excel in his career.

The honourable man attended the University of South for an undergraduate degree in English. Later on, he joined Tulane University to pursue a degree in Architecture. At the beginning of his career, he joined Architectural Record as the chief editor. From this, he was awarded various recognitions. He gained experiences that he is now applying for his current position of leadership. The Alpha Rho Chi dubbed him as the Master Architect of all times.

He is the dominant mind behind, Fay Jones, the famous article. Additionally, the University of Arkansas Fay Jones, School of Architecture presented him with a medal. All these achievements have elevated his recognition in the whole of Mississippi together with other writers such as Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price, Shelby Foote, Eudora Welty and Walter Anderson. These prominent people received their accolades in different years.

Robert Ivy has earned continuous growth from all over the world according to his leadership records at AIA. He holds the most magnificent membership performance within the company. He has also contributed to building the reputation of the firm, and now American citizens have adopted their most precious global chapters. In addition to his biography, he once worked in the United States Navy as one of their officers.

As a successful man, he also stretches his efforts in rewarding other hardworking colleagues. Some of them include Barry Hannah, Walker Percy, Ellen Gilchrist, Richard Ford and much more. Robert Ivy’s loyalty and commitment to the American Institute of Architects has helped in promoting valuable and safe settlements within the various communities around the United States of America and beyond.