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Jeunesse Global attracts global attention with Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing health and beauty companies in the world today. Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the nimble company has been able to quickly establish itself as a market leader across many different niches. With more than a dozen unique products that are tailored to fit the lives of busy, health-conscious professionals and others who value their time and health, Jeunesse Global is one of the most inspiring success stories in the health and beauty industry.

Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had been successful entrepreneurs for years prior to forming Jeunesse. In fact, the couple started the business out of their Florida mansion simply as a way to pass the idle hours of retirement. But their strong drive to create the best products and help their business associates reach their goals quickly took over. Before long, the couple was spending 40-plus hours per week growing their fledgling business.

Throughout its history, the secret to Jeunesse’s success has been its ability to identify unmet market needs and to quickly develop great products to fill those gaps. One example of this is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-crème. Instantly Ageless is one of the few products that can help to eliminate skin wrinkles while also preventing new wrinkles from forming. The product simultaneously acts as a deep skin cleanser, restoring elasticity and creating a supple, youthful glow that can erase up to a decade of apparent age off of a user’s face.

Instantly Ageless is part of the unique Jeunesse Global product bundle known as the Youth Enhancement System. There is currently nothing quite like this package of more than a dozen beauty products, which allows users to meet all of their health and beauty needs in a single, once-off purchase. This not only eliminates needless time spent shopping, it also provides users with some of the most unique and effective health and beauty products around, all at a price that few other companies can beat.

These are just a few of the reasons that Jeunesse Global has established itself as one of the trusted and sought-after names in the business.

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Proof That Wen By Chaz: Really Works!

WEN televised infomercials touch on many germane points about hair care. The complete line, including its phenomenal cleansing conditioner, have women everywhere yearning for a meaningful hair transformation. A frequent contributor on Bustle and beauty fanatic provided her commentary last year after sampling Wen products. The 7-day experiment revealed that this particular hair product nourishes the strands profusely. It distributes moisture, shine and gives the tresses a bouncy appeal as promised. The brand offers an elaborate collection of all-in-one styling treatment, cleansing conditioner, and shampoo formula. They’re absolute in taming unruly, frizzy and greasy hair strands.

When washing the hair, one needs a reasonable amount of WEN cleansing conditioner. As per the brand’s directions, shorter hair requires as much as (10-16), medium length (16-24) and longer (24-32) pumps. Interestingly, hair shedding was minimal. It looked and felt absolutely clean after the first wash. A comparison to normal shampoos and conditioning formulas revealed that WEN-branded products deliver overall outstanding performance. Conclusively, one can reach for this brand to elevate sheen and strengthen the tresses. Its relationship with finer hair types is quite satisfying. In addition, it requires a consistent morning routine to maximize satisfaction.

Serial beauty industry guru, Chaz Dean ( ) began as a stylist in Los Angeles. He was into photography before studying cosmetology and developing a fantastic hair care line. Soon, Chaz ventured into salon management and later opened his own establishment. With an impressive celebrity clientele and upscale salon, his spot became the talk of Hollywood. He wanted to add extra zest to the consumer experience. So, Mr. Dean decided to introduce his own brand, thus, releasing WEN haircare products. The collection includes natural ingredients that feed the hair essential nutrients. He’s constantly revolutionizing the formula and expanding the collection. A celebrated professional, he’s received multiple accolades and global recognition. For more info, visit Also, check out the Wen Facebook page today.


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Makari is as Distinct as the Women Who Use Their Products

Women of the African diaspora have a distinct form of beauty that can not be denied. Their skin care needs are no less distinct, and have to be approached in a way that is just as unique as they are. This is why Makari de Suisse is one of the top luxury skin care lines for multicultural women. Their clinically proven formula has been used for ten years and counting to help these women fade dark spots and discolorations in a restorative and natural way. Their products have undergone strict observation and testing in Switzerland, a country known for the high standards that they hold the health and beauty industry to. Every product from Makari is manufactured in Switzerland so you know that you’re getting the best every single time. Top selling products such as the Caviar Face Cream, Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, and Caviar Enriched Soap all use natural lightening ingredients to help women all over the world have more beautiful, flawless looking skin. Check out for more info.


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Wen by Chaz: Focusing on Health as Beauty

Chaz Dean is one of the most prominent names in hair care, and for good reason. He’s risen to popularity thanks to his wildly successful Los Angeles studio and his line of products, Wen by Chaz, a four-step process for creating gorgeous hair. What sets Wen by Chaz apart from other hair care products, however, is its focus on health, natural ingredients, and the concept of health as beauty.

Natural Ingredients

As often as possible, Wen by Chaz includes natural ingredients. In fact, where a natural ingredient can be found in place of a chemical or synthetic ingredient, Chaz will use the natural ingredient. From almonds to wild cherry bark, there are a plethora of botanical ingredients that help reach hair on a cellular level. It’s not just about making your hair look shiny, it’s about working on hair from the inside out so that it’s healthy enough to shine naturally.

A Focus on Strength

If strength is beauty, then Wen by Chaz encapsulates beauty. Every Sephora sold product in the line is aimed at creating strong hair that is free of damage, protected against the elements and styling, and truly strong. Whether it’s the penetrating cleanser or the hair treatment in step four, every product in the line is aimed at strengthening hair with the understanding that strong hair is naturally beautiful hair.

Preventative and Protective

It’s not just about fixing the damage your hair already has. Instead, it’s about going one step further to protect your hair from any further damage. From the use of rosemary extract, which soothes hair, to shea butter and sweet almond oil, both of which smooth and soften the hair to make it more resistant to breakage, every ingredient Chaz uses in the Wen by Chaz line is dedicated to preventing further damage and protecting the hair.

Need Wen?


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Get Winning Hair With Wen

The beauty of a woman is not just in the clothes she wears or the shape of her figure, it’s really found in the way she combs her hair. Beautiful hair does more than create a look; it reflects who you are and tells the world how you feel about that reflection.
Women love beautiful hair. We cut, trim, color, braid, curl, the list goes on, our hair hoping to find that one look or that one product that is the magic in the bottle. The one thing that will do the impossible, create the beautiful hair we long for. Well, Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( just might be the magical formula we’ve been looking for.

Chaz Dean is a Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylist who has created a hair care product that enables you to cleanse, condition and style your hair all at the same time. You’ve seen his infomercials featuring gorgeous woman shaking and tossing heads of beautiful thick hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The brand’s boast is that it works well for any type hair depending on the formulation you use. It cleanses without the use of hard sulfates to create a healthy, natural head of hair.

A skeptical “die hard hair fanatic” wanting to see if the rumors and product claims were true decided to test the Sephora marketed Cleansing Conditioner to see if it could transform her fine, thin hair into “luscious TV worthy strands.” It did. Her seven day test of the product had some issues with her hair feeling greasy at first, but she realized that the most important thing about WEN hair is following directions. She found a regimen that worked for her: following the product directions and showering and styling in the morning. Now she too swears by the system, and she can be seen at some point during the day tossing back a head full of shiny beautiful voluminous hair. WEN Hair Care products are available here:

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Doe Deere Likes to Break the (Fashion) Rules And Thinks You Should Too

When it comes to fashion, many fashion experts have a list of dos and don’t see that they tilde to espouse constantly to their followers. Doe Deere is different. She believes in breaking rules, rather than following them, and believes you should too. Her bold, colorful wardrobe speaks volumes, but in case you missed it, the sparkly fashonista has shared some of her favorite observations with her followers.

Doe Deere is never afraid of being bold. Many fashion experts will tell you not to mix bold lip colors and bold eye colors, but Deere believes that bolder is better. This extends to colorful clothing too. When it comes to bright, bold colors Deere isn’t afraid to mix and match it up, and thinks you shouldn’t be either. She loves contrasting colors, like pink and green or peach and periwinkle. She isn’t afraid to stand out. The same thing goes for pattern. The bolder and more contrasting the patterns in her outfits, the better.

For Deere, fashion is all about standing out and having fun with her clothing. If she likes it then she’ll wear it. Socks with strappy sandals and dress shoes, bright colored hair and bright colored clothing are all part of the fun bold look that she loves. Deere doesn’t believe in dressing age appropriately either. She believes that if you like the way clothing looks and feels on you that you should wear it, no matter how old you are. One of Deere’s fashion icons is Betsey Johnson, who still wears bright bold colors, and even tutu’s despite being in her 70’s.

And of course if you want to dress conservatively, that’s okay too. She never worries about dressing for the occasion either. Whether you want to wear a wedding dress to the office or jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding, Deere is all for it. Doe Deere truly believes that fashion should be about wearing what suits you and what you like, not what someone else tells you to wear.

Doe Deere began her career on Instagram, where she would show off her bold looks. Soon she started a makeup line that highlighted the bold colors she loved to wear, called Lime Crime. The bold colors really connected with her fans, and her makeup line continued to grow. Her line of cosmetics is also animal cruelty free, another cause that Deere feels passionate about.

The Russian born, New York City raised Deere, started Lime Crime in 2004 as a do it yourself fashion line on eBay. She modeled everything herself. Doe Deere started the line after starting to experiment with fashion and color in her 20’s. It was a way to show off and share her creations with a larger audience.Today, she has a team of experts that help her plan every decision that goes into her multimillion dollar business.