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End Citizens United Suing Rick Scott In Florida

Citizens United completely reshaped our political arena. The Supreme Court decision was unexpected and it has ramifications that could echo through generations. In fact, the dissenting opinion even mentioned that the decision could threaten democracy as we know it. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The Supreme Court decision rewrote the rules for campaign finance. As it stands, corporations cannot donate more than a few thousand dollars directly to a candidate. However, ever since Citizens United, corporations can “express free speech” by pumping unlimited sums of money through Super PAC’s to help certain candidates win.

The rules still state that political action committees cannot coordinate with candidates themselves. But End Citizens United has found that Rick Scott has been coordinating with his supporting Super PAC in Florida as he runs for Senate.

End Citizens United is also a political action group but a good one. It’s a group of dedicated individuals that have one mission in mind — to end Citizens United. These hard-working individuals have crafted a master plan to fight back against the insane logic of Citizens United.

First off, they go around the country endorsing candidates who also stand against the decision. Secondly, they work in local communities to change campaign finance laws to limit the effects of the decision. Thirdly, End Citizens United sends campaign-finance lawyers to races around the country in order to keep an eye on Republican candidates who may cheat, like Rick Scott. Lastly, the group plans to overturn the decision completely with an act of Congress or a constitutional amendment. View the group’s profile on

End Citizens United has found that Rick Scott is funneling money through his former Super PAC. He was the head of the political action committee before announcing a run for Senate. And, as he was running for Senate, his former Super PAC’s website still listed him as the man in charge.

And it seems the Florida Governor has received over $3 million in donations from executives that he helped using his executive power in the Sunshine State. It is campaign finance rule bending like this that keeps the rich and powerful in charge while the voice of the people gets drowned out.