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Female Empowerment 101: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonWomen in the workplace has grown at a dramatic rate over the past century. As of today, women in the workplace have the potential to earn as much money as their male counterparts. Success is what you make of it and Julia Jackson demonstrates this notion brilliantly. Julia is the daughter of a great winemaker. Her father, Jess Jackson, was at the apex of his career when he started Jackson Family Wines. This was back in 1982 and the company would go on to bigger and better things throughout the years. On the other hand, Julia got her hard work ethic from her late father. She would also receive her savviness from her mother Barbara Banke. Julia has been around the business all of her life, but she really didn’t get serious about it until after she finished college.

Julia earned a bachelor’s degree from Scripps College in studio art, and she completed the Julia JacksonSummer Institute for General Management program at the prestigious Stanford University. She even worked as a professional model for a short period of time.Julia is the very definition of female empowerment, and her nonprofit organization demonstrates this by example. Seeds of Empowerment is its name and celebrating female empowerment is the game. Julia has stated that her mother is a true role model. “She’s a brainiac,” said Julia.Jackson Family Wines does a great job of marketing and the international sales team visits many foreign markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea. She is also in the process of helping the company revamp its image. Jackson Family Wines is doing it big, and it produces the best Pinot Noirs in the U.S. Its West Point wines are stored in steel and oak tanks, which delivers a unique taste. In other words, Julia Jackson embodies the term female empowerment.

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Cambria Estates Winery: A Family Treasure

Julia JacksonWine is one of the most tasty beverages on earth. This beverage is produced from a large variety of grapes that grow worldwide. Cambria Estates Winery is owned by winemaker Barbara Banke. Banke, on the other hand, is also one of the founders for Jackson Family Wines Collection. Banke, and her husband Jess Jackson has turned the company into a huge success, but they didn’t do it alone. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of the children, worked with her siblings as a child in this business. They would have to go out and pick grapes in hot temperatures. This was to instill a sense of hard work and values, which the siblings has carried with them to this day.Julia Jackson was the youngest of the group, but she didn’t really fall in love with the business until after she started working in the family’s wineries.

Julia would start a close friendship with a French speaking girl while working at one of tJulia Jacksonhese wineries and the rest was history. Julia has bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Scripps College, and she participated in a the Summer Institute for General Management program at Stanford University. Before embarking into the wine industry, she did a little bit of modeling in L.A. Julia Jackson is a well-rounded individual whose the actual spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines Collection.Jackson Family Wines Collection has grown into a major player thanks to its high variety of great tasting wines. Its Element Pinot Nior has a deep, rich flavor thanks to its baking spices and ground coffee. This brand has something for everyone. Seeds of Empowerment is a nonprofit organization that awards $100,000 in cash grants to other nonprofit organizations. Jackson is the owner as it epitomizes the term female empowerment. All in all, Julia Jackson has turned her annoyance of picking grapes into a success a career.

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Marc Sparks Engages Entrepreneurs in Better Business Practices

Marc Sparks is definitely a business leader that other people can take notes from. He has created a plethora of businesses that are profitable, and he still seems to find time to invest in more businesses. This is all part of me great level of diversity that Marc Sparks has when it comes to business challenges. He knows about a lot of different angles for businesses, and he knows how to implement various strategies that are going to make more companies profitable. This has allowed him to become an expert entrepreneur that is able to change the course of business for many people that are looking for opportunities to build their business structure.


Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur that knows how to change the way that people look at a business. This is especially true for the entrepreneurs that are taking part in the Spark Tank Challenge. There are many business owners that may believe that they’re doing all the right things when it comes to their business. They may have never thought about certain concepts like engaging venture capitalist or redirecting their marketing campaign towards a more centralized theme, but Marc Sparks has considered all of these things. He knows about the things that make consumers ticket.

He is aware of the way that any business can be improved by a marketing strategy alone. These are all things that he has learned over time as a business investor. He has been on both sides of the table as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. This has allowed him to gain a tremendous amount of insight on what it actually takes to build a better business. That may be one of the reasons that so many people are trusting him to help them gain more insight.


Entrepreneurs that compete with the Spark Tank Challenge have the ability to gain some of the same insight as they compete with other competitors. The only thing that is really going to make an entrepreneur stronger in his business tactics is the experience that he receives in competing with the competition. If a business leader never takes the time to go up against the adversaries that he has in the business world he will never know what it takes to improve the business. He will never know the things that it takes two make steps in the right direction. That is why the Spark Tank Challenge is so important. It gives people a chance to build a better company. It allows people to engage in better business strategy for the consumers they are trying to obtain. All of this is an intricate part of improving a business model and increasing the exposure of a brand. Learn more:

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Meet Sawyer Howitt: A Savvy Entrepreneur and Business Prodigy

Sawyer Howitt is not your average young man. At a tender age, he holds the title “project manager” at his father’s company, the Meriwether Group. The firm specializes in providing consultancy services in business development and business acceleration. With the guidance of his father, David Howitt, and the experience and enthusiasm that he demonstrates, Sawyer is quickly becoming one of the big names in the business world.

The breadth of Sawyer’s expertise in the business world is diverse and wide-ranging. He is up for any task – from handling complex spreadsheets to making business presentations important meetings. When he joined the company in 2015, Sawyer held the position of a business strategy analyst. He was part of the innovative team that worked to establish the RFID checkout solutions for retailers. This technology helps store owners to track the movement of their merchandise and consumers to find products online.

After working as a business strategy analyst, Sawyer Howitt was promoted in January 2015 to become the project manager at the Meriwether Group. In his new position, Sawyer Howitt has successfully managed projects that provide business startups and businesses with the suitable resources to facilitate growth. Also, he has an expanded role in the implementation of the RFID checkout solutions in a bid to improve retail operations.

Besides working for the Meriwether Group, Sawyer has also directed various organizations that aim at supporting causes such as college funding for minorities and affirmation of women’s rights. Sawyer intends to pursue a B.A. in entrepreneurial finance at Columbia University where he will acquire more skills and expertise to help promote businesses growth.


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Bob Reina Loves People

Quite frankly, the world needs more people in it like Talk Fusion, founder and CEO, Bob Reina. They are the people that make a true difference in the world. They are the unselfish people out there, and they are the people that are willing to go the extra mile and do not rest until the job is done the right way. They are not in this for the money. They are in for the right reasons, and one of the major reasons Bob Reina is in this is for the people. He wants to help them, he loves them, and he truly from the bottom of his soul cares about them. That is no joke and there is nothing phony about it.


He is one hundred and ten percent organic and authentic. For example, he recently made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. As they say, he put his money where his mouth is in that case. When Bob Reina does something, he is not going to do it small and he is not going to just do it for the press. He does it because he truly loves animals and he wants to make a difference in their lives.


Bob Reina is also encouraging his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He knows that the more people that get their hands on Talk Fusion, the more people that can use it and see their lives be changed for the better. There are also thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion right now being offered as well to new customers. He wants everyone to have a shot to use their video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. He knows people might not have the money right now to use it, but in the future, they will.


In the meantime, they can try it out for thirty days while they save up their money and then they can really use it full-time and watch their business blossom and get off the ground. They will be truly amazed at what Talk Fusion can do.


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CTRMA Head Mike Heiligenstein Talks Options for Area

Mike Heiligenstein knows what he is doing with the transportation options that are available in Texas and he wants to make sure that all of the people who are in the area have access to different options. He hopes to reduce the amount of traffic as well as the carbon footprint that the area is making.

Mike Heiligenstein wants to reduce it and wants to make sure that people are able to get what they need from different things. He has done what he can with CTRMA and that is going to allow him the chance to see that there are more options for people. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

As people learn more about what Mike Heiligenstein, they are going to want to be able to take advantage of these options. Not only will the options reduce the amount of traffic in the area along with make better environmental options for the area but they will also be able to help the people who commute in central Texas reduce the transportation expenses that they have.

It will make a big difference in the spending that they have to do and the options that they need to have while they are commuting.

In the past, there were many different changes. Most people who were looking at the different transportation were thinking trains and even air travel. Mike Heiligenstein knows that there are more viable options available to people who want to be able to commute. One thing that he is going to focus on is rideshare.

Rideshare options are great for people who want to be able to try more and do more with the time that they have. Despite the fact that Mike Heiligenstein has had some pushback, he is going to keep urging the CTRMA to pursue more rideshare opportunities in central Texas.

It is with the high hopes that Mike Heiligenstein has that he is looking at the new transportation options. He is going to not only work with rideshare companies but also with the idea behind driverless cars to try and make sure that the CTRMA has access to every opportunity possible for their new options.

It will give them a chance to see that there are more things available to them and that they will be able to get more out of their options while they are doing more with the chances that they have to commute the right way.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Getting Property Records Easier Through New Website

Nationwide Title Clearing responded to growing concerns regarding title defects by creating accessibility within their website to order property reports. Title defects have become of more and more concern as some feel they can cause wrongful foreclosures and others feel they can contribute to the sluggishness of asset transitions that should otherwise be smooth.



 According to Nationwide Title Clearing, or NTC, property records are the key to ensuring a clear title and in helping to reduce the risks. NTC is a leading provider in the mortgage and financial industry, providing individuals the research and document-processing services they need. They have made this process even faster and simpler by making securing property reports online readily available through their updated website.



While most of the time title defects occur because a person or entity lays claim to a property owned by another person or entity, there are also many other factors that could render a title invalid. These factors could include, but are not limited to, previous liens that have not been removed, failure to include necessary signatures, simple issues with document wording, and failure to follow proper document filing procedures.



Due to those reasons, NTC believes that addressing these title defects before the property is sold or transferred is necessary. To assist clients in the ever-evolving mortgage industry, the company has made certain reports available online including tax report status, current owner reports, and assignment verifications.



NTC receives their data from numerous sources during the process and involves both automation and human verification, ensuring that clients receive the proper information. This practice has helped NTC serve some of the largest lenders in the country under severely audited regulations.



NTC’s leadership claims that their process provides accurate results and can even see when a report’s financial impact or ordering of too many documents may not be of use to the client. This success comes from the company having a complete understanding of the results that the clients need and desire.



Founded in 1991, NTC is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are a privately-owned research and document-processing provider to the mortgage industry. They service investors and mortgage lenders, including the top 10 mortgage services in the U.S. They are known for delivering a high standard of quality that has set the standard in the industry.



The experts at NTC can track and fulfill document requirements in all jurisdictions, close to 3,600 of them. They specialize in property reports, lien release services, land records research, final document tracking, and other business solutions.


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Equities First Holdings: The Global Leader in Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided customers with alternative financing solutions by supplying capital against publicly traded stocks to help clients achieve their professional and personal goals. The financial firm has been in operation since 2012 and continues to support customers across the globe. EFH has completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4 billion to date.

Equity First Holdings is a global entity with offices in nine countries, including Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Equity First Holdings See Increased Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is experiencing more traction in stock-based loans and margin loans when other financial institutions and banks are tightening lending criteria. For borrowers who look to raise capital quickly or those who may not meet the requirements of conventional credit-based loans, the equities lending is rapidly becoming a popular alternative.

Al Christy, Jr. the Founder, and CEO of EFH sees this form of lending as an innovative financial solution with higher loan-to-value ratio than the margin loans in addition to offering fixed interest rates throughout the duration of the transaction.

Difference between Margin Loans and Stock-Based Loans

With a margin loan, the borrower has to be pre-qualified, just like the conventional bank loan. The provider may need the details of where the money will be used. The interest rates are always variable, and you can expect loan-to-value ratios of between 10% and 50%. Furthermore, the lending institution may liquidate the borrower’s collateral in the event of a margin call without warning to the borrower.

On the other hand, stock-based loans offer the borrowers a fixed interest rate of between 3% and 4% and loan-to-value ratios of 50% to 75%. There is no restriction on the purpose of the loan, and you can use it for whatever purpose. The stock-based loans are also non-recourse, which means that the borrower can walk away with no obligation, even when the collateral stock values have depreciated.

Christy, however, notes that no financial transaction is without risk. Historically, some unscrupulous lenders have dumped borrowers stocks unceremoniously into the open market or failed to return stock upon maturity of the transaction. Equity First Holding has established itself in this venture with integrity and transparency, winning the trust of many investors across the globe.


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The Life And Career of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando began his life in Denmark, July 1971. The youngest of three children, he moved to the United States at the age of one. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics and history, then later studied at the University College London.

While attending college, Fernando’s career life started with volunteering at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He then held various positions there and at the Chicago Board of Trade from 1991-2001. One year later, Fernando started Chopper Trading.

The trading floor at Chopper Trading tends to look much different at closing then would other traditional trading floors. At Chopper Trading, one would find the 150 employees at play. Yes, CEO Fernando encourages fun: some employees lift weights, while others play table tennis or poker. He figures that the business, by nature, is stressful enough. Fernando wants employees who will get along with each other, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere. While a CEO, Fernando created, utilized, and managed some very practical risk management, communications, trading, monitoring, and source code security systems ever seen in the financial industry.

In Fernando’s hiring tactics, he refuses to hire a bunch of people just to put them through a training program then fire the majority of them afterwards. Raj Fernando states, “We don’t care how much money somebody’s going to make us; if they’re going to make all of us miserable, we don’t want them here.” He wishes for all hires to stay until retirement.

In 2016, one year after selling Chopper Trading, Fernando started a dot com business, Scoutahead. This internet business is designed to improve corporate and professional growth and productivity through secure and advanced communication systems.

Finally, Fernando is well known for his philanthropy and political contributions. He sits on the board of directors for PAWS Chicago, an animal shelter having a no kill policy. He also has made political contributions since 2003 to Democratic candidates.

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21st Century Companies Emerge From Major Changes

Kenneth Goodgame is a top-level Operations Manager, as he puts it, who uses a very different approach to modern business practices. He has expertly advised all the large chain tool and big-box hardware retailers in ways to adapt their businesses to succeed in the 21st century. Most of his solutions are a blend of old and new, especially with online technologies integrated into the mix. Goodgame’s depth and breadth of experience in giant business deals, that sometimes total in the multiple billions of dollars, began when he served as True Value Hardware’s Senior Vice President, in their headquarters in Chicago.

Kenneth Goodgame raised profits at True Value to $2.2 billion while at the company. The household word in retail hardware sales, True Value at that time sold over 320 million items kept in inventory, per year, totaling 85 SKUs. He was recruited by Ace Hardware, where he raised revenues substantially, up to $3.2 billion. His Craftsman Program helped Ace Hardware jump-start their tools revenue from a low $9 million to an almost unbelievable huge increase of $180 million!

His track record for turning around tool retailers and even some of the, so called, big box hardware stores are now calling on him to help them reinvent their sectors of the business. Only by making the changes Goodgame targets do these businesses stay viable for the 21st century. His process is tried and true. He does a complete and thorough examination of every single aspect of a business. Only then does he produce a rough plan to move forward with changes. After that gets revised to satisfaction, the final plan is codified.

Not only does he advise client companies in ways to streamline their processes, he also shows up blind spots. He reveals to companies new and emerging revenue areas most traditional business approaches are missing and thus losing business around. He even goes through materials sourcing, the right way to plan and perform a marketing campaign, and determining ideal price points. Nothing is left un-examined. Goodgame even advises advertising campaigns and revamped operations in several management position categories.