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Globalization Of Capital Group

There are a lot of industries in the business world today. Investments in such industries necessitate the need to identify product labels for each industry by potential investors. According to Timothy Armour, the intra-industry arguments and debates between “active and passive” investments do not serve the customers best interests.

Timothy Armour observes that many mutual funds provide poor or mediocre long-run returns, in part because of excessive trading and high management fees. At the same time, pitfalls such as opportunity costs and volatility risks are typically ignored or underestimated yet they have a strong influence on the anticipated returns. In essence, it is never about active or passive forms of an investment. Instead, it is about how much you can gain in the long-run from investments where low cost is the driving force.

Timothy Armour is the chairman and CEO of Capital Group. With a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College, he is also among the best investment managers in the U.S and around the world. His career at Capital Group began in 1983 where he enrolled as a participant in the Associate’s program. Years later, he made his way up the ladder and became the equity investment analyst for the global telecommunications department of U.S service companies before being promoted to chair in 2005 after the demise of Chairman James Rothenberg in 2005.

Armour’s primary goal is to lead the company to greater achievements such as globalization through the application of a robust and stable investment culture. His expansion efforts are manifested through various deals and agreements with foreign countries and brands including Korean-based Samsung. In a bid to collaborate on global management and investment, Capital group has partnered with Samsung Asset Management to improve on areas of product supervision, investment administration, retirement organizations and distribution channels. The partnership is meant to re-design the investment behavior of the Korean market by offering quality and reliable investment options that are profitable in the long-run.


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Adam Goldenberg Has Big Plans Ahead Of Him

The VIP membership fashion company Fabletics is one of the reasons why Adam Goldenberg is so much in the news today. His career spans across a few really big things. In 1999 Adam Goldenberg sold his gaming network Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. In 2006, he became the founder of Internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. Then he started up JustFab in 2008.

JustFab has raised $55 million in funding in 2013. It has acquired the shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle too. It has a celebrity stylist membership program. This is being currently used in the US as well as five countries outside the US. Next, its offerings are being constantly expanded with new launches. The latest is the athletic brand Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg has ensured that his business is always metrics-driven. This allows for fast learning and adaptations. He looks at his numbers constantly to be on his toes always. In case anything is not working, they make the necessary amendments right away. There is full transparency within the organization. This is because sharing of actual numbers helps the whole team to understand the tactical changes to be made. This keeps everyone invested in the success and sustenance of their business.

Customer feedback is an integral part of their business. There is a team dedicated to understanding their members. The feedback is used as a guide for their merchandising decisions.

While hiring, they look for a candidate having a passion for what they do. This is required in order to thrive in their firm. Their culture plays a big part in their success.

The team is always kept engaged and focused. Hence attention is paid to mentoring as well as working with the top performers Managers spend a lot of time in trying to grow their team members.

Fashion is a fast-moving space. Hence JustFab has to stay relevant. This is managed by focusing on the customer. Typically brands are focusing on selling their product only. They try to make a great website, catchy commercials and create a lot of fun on the social media channels on But Adam Goldenberg knows that if customers do not like their product, they will not be shopping with them again. Hence great quality has to be maintained. Thus the business of Adam Goldenberg is all about giving quality to the end consumers so that they keep on coming back for more. This is the secret of his success.

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Leader Of The Twenty First Century: Tony Petrello Takes One Very Prominent Oil And Gas Company Into Its Prosperous Future And Beyond:

One great link: Tony Petrello shares with the company he leads as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., is: Excellence. Tony Petrello is a continual visionary. He provides enduring leadership and strength, beyond recognition, to an internationally recognized oil and gas company.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., remains and is one of the largest oil and gas well-drilling, equipment manufacturers, and servicers of off-shore and onshore well-drilling, within the world. It has a hefty, state-of-the art lineup of equipment under its belt. Wise investment decisions, and having the equipment, to meet even the greatest challenges, such as well-drilling in arctic regions, is what makes Nabors Industries, Ltd., one of the greatest of all companies; within the industry and the world.

Tony Petrello, too, does not take his challenges lightly. Tony Petrello is always willing to step up to the plate: and take on unique challenges that other leaders may refuse. He is decisive and he is smart. And that is not just a “bunch of hooey.”

Tony Petrello has one of the most impressive academic records the world over. Consider this: Tony Petrello earned two mathematics degrees from the widely eminent, higher-learning, institution of Yale University.

Tony Petrello holds a B.S. Degree in Mathematics, and an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. He can easily master subjects–that would have even the greatest of mathematician’s head, “swimming,” in search of an answer. Being blessed with an ability to handle complicated mathematical problems is not all of Tony Petrello’s fortuitous strengths: Another adventitious fact is Tony Petrello, after attaining his two Mathematical degrees went on to complete a J.D. at Harvard Law School. As everyone, fully, knows: Harvard Law School, develops students in order to handle leadership roles–from all over the world, and has a most impressive Alumni.

Tony Petrello, launched his successful career at Baker & McKenzie, a highly prestigious international law firm. Not surprisingly, Tony Petrello, with his innovative mind and firm educational footing, became Baker McKenzie’s Managing Partner. He transitioned, from this role, to that of a leadership role within Nabors Industries, Ltd., eventually holding the posts of the company’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

With every undertaking, that Tony Petrello takes on: his ideology is to supply the greatest value, in way of making a profit for the company–value that is in the best interest of the stakeholders of the highly influential organization of Nabors Industries, Ltd.

His masterful role, as the company’s leader, assures strategies that will keep the company thriving, greatly, now and in years to come. This type of unique leadership assures everyone at Nabors Industries, Ltd., that its personnel and labor staff, work to their fullest capacities: Success at Nabors is very much a “Yes” word–thanks to the enduring leadership style of Tony Petrello.

Focus is paramount in such a competitive industry: and Tony Petrello never “fails forward;” he moves forward with logical decisiveness.

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How Bruce Levenson has had success

Bruce Levenson is a name that many people know from the NBA. When he took over the Atlanta Hawks, he wanted to start by changing the game experience for many people. This is something that he had to battle for a while. He has talked about the team giving away free tickets at the start of his tenure, simply because no one wanted to pay to see his team play. In his mind, this caused a lot of issues down the road for a variety of reasons. Not only did it make people discount the value of the Hawks game, but it also got people accustomed to not paying a lot of money to go see a game. However, over time he was able to build a great franchise out of the Atlanta Hawks.


Bruce Levenson

When he first bought the team, Bruce Levenson had his share of challenges. Not only was there a major talent gap, but he also had trouble getting people to come to the games. All of his work was put into changing the team’s talent levels over the long term. Anyone who has ever watched an NBA game knows that just one player can make a huge difference in a team’s level of play.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, having success in life is not easy. According to a article, Bruce Levenson has not been perfect in his time with the Hawks, but he did a great job of getting the franchise back on the right footing again. Although he is no longer with the team, his legacy is living on long after he is gone. He was able to get the Hawks to be respectable again, and this is something that no one thought would happen. If you want to turn around a company or a team, he is a great person to learn from.


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Look To Marc Sparks For World Class Presentation Techniques

When it comes to business presentations, Marc Sparks believes they must match a baseline of knowledge transfer. Presentations must be a brief collection of overall meaning. When the purpose is to appeal to investors, such as Venture Capitalists (VC), the right presentation can make or break your proposal, leading to easy success or hard failure, depending on your skills.
Marc Sparks knows how to build presentations for VC groups that provide maximum appeal for the business in question. He professionally advises entrepreneurs seeking funding and offers this advice to anyone. Sparks insists that all visual displays must not waste the VC’s time. They must not have extraneous graphs. The view of each slide should pop with purpose with no gilding added to the lilies. Each slide should tell a successful business story, based on real world data.

Another core principle that Sparks uses and teaches: KISS, which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The whole presentation should be simple enough for any VC to understand. But, at the same time, it needs to grab their attention. The core concepts must be easily seen at the outset. Sparks says the presentation must not be conducted by one person, alone. VCs are usually more impressed by a group of key members that are experienced professionals, passionate about the business they are starting and act very eager for their success.

Mark Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, which has become a major investment house with consistent, smart investments. He relies on the venerable To Do list. He has developed greatly effective techniques for analyzing the whole worth of a target business.

As a leading business and finance person with more than 60 startup companies to his name, Sparks is the epitome of the veteran serial entrepreneur. He had also owned and operated an auto insurance agency, owned various restaurants, and always advise his clients in ways to grow and sustain their own businesses.