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TheRealReal A Revolutionary App For Consigment Shopping

The RealReal is a luxury consigment start-up and app that is based out of SoHo in New York. The company has raised over 173$ Million since it’s founding in 2011 and has revolutionzed the way in which consignment shopping takes place via the internet. Founded by Julie Wainwright, a Dot Com veteran that began working in the technology field in the 1990s as the CEO of, the RealReal provides consignment services while also giving authentication as carried out by the company’s expert staff members.

In the app, all items that are in display at the brick and mortar store are simultaneously available to purchase in the app. Associates working at the store can check in items for consumers in person, and, while this is taking place, it temporarily removes them from the website as they are being considered in the brick and mortar store. Even at the brick and mortar store it maintains the same thrill of items being able to be bought at any minute that one would get while shopping online.

The store’s Instagram is another cornerstone of it’s success, as it displays some of the most alluring items that are available for purchase on the app. Some of the fashion showcased on the instagram shows off some of the most cutting edge fashions, with one of the latest photos showing off a model that is brandishing a stylish tie dye shirt with a purse showcasing logos. Another post showcases many items that have recently risen in resale value, including Fendi bracelets, Chanel glasses cases and many other name brand items that are for sale in the store. With it’s particular utilization of technology as well as social media the RealReal is one of the leaders in consignment apps available today.

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Sunday Riley

“We’re selling something that works,” said Sunday Riley at an interview with Allure. She explains why she made her skin care line. Sunday Riley created her products due to not finding products that were effective and safe. She was not satisfied with the ingredients place in products and their lack of effectiveness and felt others could relate to her. She said, “People are very frustrated with skin care.” She is a cosmetic chemist and product formulator, so decided to create products that contain all natural ingredients. They are high priced due to their effectiveness and the quality ingredients used to make them. $100 for each item is worth every penny because it does what it says it does, not like other expensive lotions. Some of her products are Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. Sunday Riley put her name on her products because she knows she has formulated a skin care line that works.

Sunday Riley creates nothing but the best that’s why she recommends her products to family and friends. They let her know if something works or needs to be made more powerful. She said, “I only want the best available to people.” If one of her items does not seem right, she goes back to the lab to fix it.

She is careful as to what she put in her products and makes sure it increases skin condition and not make it worse. For example, the use of retinol can cause redness, stinging, and excessive dryness so Riley made sure she used the right amount to improve the skin and not ruin it. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains retinol.

She mentioned her budget was not enough for advertising, so she used the social media platform to promote her products and it took off from there.

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