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Why Shared Office Space Boosts Productivity Among Workers


Three researchers studying shared office spaces and their impact on worker productivity found a positive correlation. The results showed that the workers benefited from being in a coworking space. In fact on a productivity scale, workers in coworking spaces ranked a point higher on a 1-7 scale than employees working in an office setting. The team of researchers broke down the factors responsible for the increase in productivity as the following.

People who work in a coworking space are much more likely to view their tasks as meaningful and with a purpose. This can stem from the fact, that there is very few people or nobody at all who is doing a similar task or job. Being singled out or unique in this case, may create a much stronger sense of oneself. This consequently creates a view that the work I am doing is important, has purpose and has meaning.

Shared office space environments also have a rich pool of people with different skills and professions. This combined with an environment that promotes interactions makes it more likely that a worker will help or will get helped by others. This allows workers in shared office space settings to use unique skills to help others. Again, this creates a strong sense of self and meaning because a person uses his or her skills or talents to help those around him. This creates purpose, meaning and reinforces identity.

Job control, flexibility and community are the other factors that explain why coworking spaces increase productivity. The typical shared office space environment operates around the clock. This gives people the choice of whether they want to work in the morning, afternoon, evening, night or even the entire day. In shared office spaces, you set your own work hours and schedule. There are no office hours to follow. This is a big draw and motivating factor to many people. The community setting where interaction is encouraged and fostered is another positive factor in shared office space environments. Helping each other out boosts productivity and can build self esteem for employees.

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