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Rocketship Education Continues To Set the Pace for Modern and Innovative Education

Rocketship Education is a unique and highly effective public charter school system that has changed communities and the students who reside in those communities. The program is fostered by a true partnership between the community at large, the students, the teachers, and the parents. By having all of these parties with a vested interest in the success of the program, success is a natural byproduct.

Learning takes place when the environment is right and Rocketship Education has made sure that the learning environment is there. Traditional schooling takes a certain number of students that are loosely grouped by age and geography, puts them in a large classroom and lectures, expecting the students to remember enough of the information to do well on an exam.

Rocketship does have some general sessions, but for the most part these are for organizational and general knowledge purposes. Small groups are the order of the day where students can really get detailed and informative information about the subject matter and ask questions. The small group setting lends itself to this type of learning.

Digital education is stressed as well. Students already know how to use laptops, smartphones, and tablets anyway. Subject matter that requires repetition, facts, and similar types of information are great for digital learning. All of the material is subject to be covered by the student at his or her own pace. The lessons are progressive, fast-paced and fun.

The key to the success of Rocketship Education is the participation that occurs from everyone involved in the process. Particularly the parent’s role is one of active involvement. Parents get to have input as far as lesson planning, projects, and general overall involvement. Parents even get to name the schools themselves.

Not only is the scholastic regimen important, but the values that are taught at Rocketship are considered to be vital. Establishing a sense of values is what will enable students to become successful not only in their school careers, but on into life after they finish school. Accountability, persistence, empathy, and respect are important for students to understand and use during their school careers.