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Glenn Beck’s false accusations on George Soros

George Soros has made a name for himself as a speculator in the financial markets. He is also a philanthropist, an investor and a speculator of the financial markets. He first made news in the media for breaking the Bank of England the early 90s, this was after betting against the pound. From that time forth Soros has made news in the media due to his predictions in financial markets, philanthropic endeavors and publications. However, not everyone supports and likes the work of George Soros. People such as Glenn Beck have disliked Mr. Soros’ work and made false accusations against him. Beck accused Soros of conspiring with the Nazis and being an anti-Semite. Information on George Soros life however reveals something totally different.

According to the New Yorker reporter in an article titled Puppetry, it is proved that Glenn Beck has always made a career by launching unfounded accusations against prominent political figures. He never does any proper background research on to ascertain whether the statements are true or not. George Soros was the target of ridicule for his role in the Nazi occupation at Hungary during the World War II. The accusations are false since history records that George Soros had to flee the war himself to safe regions in England. Beck has been highly ridiculed for his false comments and accusations. He has however had no intention of retracting any of his false comments. He today still retains his style of making headlines using information filled with gross error.

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At the center of Beck’s multiple accusations is the accusations that Mr. Soros went out of his way and helped the Nazis in rounding up Jewish families living in Hungary during World War II. These claims are particularly ridiculous. Given that George Soros was only 14 years of age at this time, he could not play any part in the war. Beck put forth a picture of George Soros to prove his claims on The picture carelessly shows that Soros is directly helping the Nazis in identifying Jews that live in Hungary so that they may be sent to the Nazi death camps. Soros was however played a role as a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council. He hoped that by doing so, he was going to reduce the amount of violence that the Nazis had inflicted on the Jewish community. He wanted to appease the Nazis so that they would go their way. Soros personally states that instead of telling his countrymen to submit to the Nazi terror, he told them defy Nazi orders.

Beck’s accusation of Soros being Anti-Semite is also unfounded. His intention in the program was to portray Soros as someone that wants to destroy the present government and wage an Anti-Semite war. These are similar charges against Soros by people that profited from the communist rule in Hungary. They were angered when the communist regime went down. There is no proof that shows Soros or his family have ever worked to harm Jews in any part of the world.