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“Chairman of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer “

Marc beer is the co-founder of Renovia group in August 2016 together with Lorie Yolanda. The company is located in Boston. Beer is also the former Aegerion CEO. He has more than 25 years of growth and commercialization knowledge in biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmacy, and devices. He studied his business degree at Miami University Ohio where he is a member of Miami University Business Advisory Council and also was a member of the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research AND advisory Council.


He was also served as Viacell CEO a biotechnology company dealing with the collection, conservation, and growth of umbilical cord blood stems cells. The company went public in 2005 and was taken by PerkinElmer in 2007. Marc led the company for seven years from its start-up to a swiftly growing and stout commercial company.


Beer also served as a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma a biopharmaceutical organization, Mass life science board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and as well as the Biotechnology Industry organization Emerging Company Section among a host of many other boards. Presently he’s the chairman of Good start Genetics Compensation committee.


He raised 42 million dollars for women health products. The company is addressing pelvic floor disorders. The company is creating various analytical and curative products to take care of pelvic floor disorders. The disorders include for example urinary incontinence. Research indicates that at least 250 million women in the whole world are affected. Leva is Renovia first merchandise which was approved by the FDA in April 2018


Renovia has received funding also from the Longwood fund. The medical care firm was led by Ascension ventures from Missouri and Perceptive Advisors from New York. The support will help develop and analyze four more curative and diagnostic merchandise among them a new creation of the Leva product. This will be greatly achieved by combining innovative and aptness sensor technologies. It will also provide the customer with precious information about the new healing options and convey knowledge on pelvic floor disorder leading to a reduction in treating cost and the reduction of women who are affected. Learn more:


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Southridge Capital: Facing the Successes and Failures of a Financial Venture

Southridge Capital is a company that manages and develops business ventures, helping smaller players succeed. The company was founded by Stephen Hicks, who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He was an alumnus of the King’s College in New York and the Fordham University, and the knowledge he gained from these two universities helped him become a successful entrepreneur in the world of finance. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996, and Stephen Hicks used all of his knowledge in handling finances to manage company investments effectively. For more than 20 years, the company served as an inspiration for small startups, inviting them to partner with the company and learn new things, especially with handling their investments and growing their wealth. For more details visit LinkedIn.



Stephen Hicks is making sure that Southridge would continue to grow under his leadership, and he developed certain strategies that would drive the company to new heights while developing and improving their business departments that would strengthen their influence and power in the industry. Southridge Capital also hires the best people in the industry, allowing them to outshine their competitors. Stephen Hicks has been hiring deserving individuals who can prove that they can be an asset to the company. Through their cooperation, the whole business runs without any flaws, and all of the departments are briefed about how the business should be managed.



Despite his busy schedule in managing the business, Stephen Hicks revealed that he would always remember to organize his schedules. For him, prioritizing the most important events of the day is very important, and it could make or break his company. He also shared that reviewing the company’s portfolio is a must, especially if he wanted to change something in the company’s routine. He wanted to make sure that all of the investments under their management is on track to reach its goal so that they can build a positive reputation among their clients. Southridge Capital continues to become one of the most successful financial institutions in the country, and the company keeps on expanding to new horizons. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Banker Anil Chaturvet: The Financial role model.

Banker Anil Chaturvet graduated from the Meerut University in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts, honors in economics. In the year 1973, he graduated from Delhi University School of Economics with a master degree in business administration. (M.B.A). Currently, he is the managing director of the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland from the year 2011. Hinduja bank is one of the leading banks in the world. This is a result of the efforts that Mr. Anil Has put. His roles have been the attraction of investors, acquisition, and reconstruction of policies throughout Europe.


Anil Chaturvet has been in this banking sector for over four decades. He has more experience in private banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. He has also worked for some great international banks. When he was in the global banks, he concentrated on the transaction between Europe and India.


Between the year 1991 and 1993, Anil Chaturvedi worked as Senior Representative and vice-president of ANZ GRINDLAYS BANK in the New York. At this bank performed the following roles; he spearheaded all the activities involved, taking part in the matters of compliance and regulatory issues. Establishing the profitable model, development of the product, and helped the bank in developing the leadership skills. When he left ANZ, he joined Merrill Lynch in 2011. He was in the position of a managing director. The company is located in the New York, and it has other international ventures. When he was in this company, he designed personalized investment plans for the wealthiest people, and he became the prominent advisor of the major organizations that deal with wealth management. He also managed to make private banking solutions to help the Indians. From the year 1987 to 1991, he worked for the state bank in India. His position was the Development and Planning Manager. His roles were the implementation of strategic planning and marketing which targeted the non-resident Indians in the united state of America. He was able to lead a successful strategy and execution that yielded in the creation of new opportunities in the field of –business. The new industry within four years generated 500 million us dollars.

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Michael Burwell: The Seasoned CPA Who Is Now The CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Towers Watson since October 2017, before which he served 31 years in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP in various capacities. Michael replaced Roger Millay who retired voluntarily on 2 October 2017. The 2010’s Michigan State University Alumnus of the year worked on business advisory services in PwC for 11 years. On being elected partner in 1997, Michael moved to the assurance practice’s Detroit transaction business. He was successful in Detroit, and this led to him being asked to head the central U.S transaction business of PwC.


He was appointed COO and CFO of all PwC’s company in the United States, in 2009. Michael became the Vice Chairman, Global and U.S Transformation in 2012, and helped create and expand internal shared services of the firm.


For Michael, his day begins at 5 a.m., and as he rides on his Peloton bike, he focuses on what he needs to accomplish that day. He also reflects on the month at the start of each month and does the same for the week. To turn ideas into reality, Burwell ensures that the plans the people in his organization have been evaluated. He believes the next revolutionary ideas and talents exist in their organization and those digital ninjas are the company’s secret weapons.


To be productive, Michael Burwell believes technology turns great people into more productive ones. Since he focuses his mindset on efficiency and effectiveness, he continually hares an app that enables him to be more productive and asks others to share theirs. He views the app sharing as his way of increasing his productivity, and he finds the flip board to be handy because it gives him real-time content. Michael advises that collaboration does not always result from a consensus since getting a consensus each time implies getting the lowest common denominator. Although it is nice if you can make everyone happy, you must be careful trying to do so.


Michael Burwell recommends everyone to build a network and practice to be a good listener. All people have something interesting about them, but you can only learn if you invest your time to communicate and understand them. To grow his business, Michael advises on being relentless and maintaining positivity. Although almost nobody agrees with him, Burwell believes micro-communities will keep on growing; therefore, the technology to support them in future will be crucial.



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