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Banker Anil Chaturvet: The Financial role model.

Banker Anil Chaturvet graduated from the Meerut University in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts, honors in economics. In the year 1973, he graduated from Delhi University School of Economics with a master degree in business administration. (M.B.A). Currently, he is the managing director of the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland from the year 2011. Hinduja bank is one of the leading banks in the world. This is a result of the efforts that Mr. Anil Has put. His roles have been the attraction of investors, acquisition, and reconstruction of policies throughout Europe.


Anil Chaturvet has been in this banking sector for over four decades. He has more experience in private banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. He has also worked for some great international banks. When he was in the global banks, he concentrated on the transaction between Europe and India.


Between the year 1991 and 1993, Anil Chaturvedi worked as Senior Representative and vice-president of ANZ GRINDLAYS BANK in the New York. At this bank performed the following roles; he spearheaded all the activities involved, taking part in the matters of compliance and regulatory issues. Establishing the profitable model, development of the product, and helped the bank in developing the leadership skills. When he left ANZ, he joined Merrill Lynch in 2011. He was in the position of a managing director. The company is located in the New York, and it has other international ventures. When he was in this company, he designed personalized investment plans for the wealthiest people, and he became the prominent advisor of the major organizations that deal with wealth management. He also managed to make private banking solutions to help the Indians. From the year 1987 to 1991, he worked for the state bank in India. His position was the Development and Planning Manager. His roles were the implementation of strategic planning and marketing which targeted the non-resident Indians in the united state of America. He was able to lead a successful strategy and execution that yielded in the creation of new opportunities in the field of –business. The new industry within four years generated 500 million us dollars.

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Equities First Holdings: The Global Leader in Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided customers with alternative financing solutions by supplying capital against publicly traded stocks to help clients achieve their professional and personal goals. The financial firm has been in operation since 2012 and continues to support customers across the globe. EFH has completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4 billion to date.

Equity First Holdings is a global entity with offices in nine countries, including Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Equity First Holdings See Increased Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is experiencing more traction in stock-based loans and margin loans when other financial institutions and banks are tightening lending criteria. For borrowers who look to raise capital quickly or those who may not meet the requirements of conventional credit-based loans, the equities lending is rapidly becoming a popular alternative.

Al Christy, Jr. the Founder, and CEO of EFH sees this form of lending as an innovative financial solution with higher loan-to-value ratio than the margin loans in addition to offering fixed interest rates throughout the duration of the transaction.

Difference between Margin Loans and Stock-Based Loans

With a margin loan, the borrower has to be pre-qualified, just like the conventional bank loan. The provider may need the details of where the money will be used. The interest rates are always variable, and you can expect loan-to-value ratios of between 10% and 50%. Furthermore, the lending institution may liquidate the borrower’s collateral in the event of a margin call without warning to the borrower.

On the other hand, stock-based loans offer the borrowers a fixed interest rate of between 3% and 4% and loan-to-value ratios of 50% to 75%. There is no restriction on the purpose of the loan, and you can use it for whatever purpose. The stock-based loans are also non-recourse, which means that the borrower can walk away with no obligation, even when the collateral stock values have depreciated.

Christy, however, notes that no financial transaction is without risk. Historically, some unscrupulous lenders have dumped borrowers stocks unceremoniously into the open market or failed to return stock upon maturity of the transaction. Equity First Holding has established itself in this venture with integrity and transparency, winning the trust of many investors across the globe.


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Investment Banking: Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a popular investment banker. But first, for those not big on the world of finance, here is some background info on investment banking. Investment banking is the portion of the banking industry that focuses on investment deals.

Investment banking focuses on making money for other companies or people. It’s about providing educated information regarding investment choices. Additionally, investment banking is also involved in such things as acquisitions, mergers and business restructuring.

Investment banking usually involves more than one bank doing business together. They determine ways to work out ways to raise funds, establish the actual worth of companies and work to establish how much can be invested and the best way to yield the best results. To work in investment baking one must not only have a formal education but must also have real world abilities such as investigative research and observational interpersonal skills.

Martin Lustgarten is a business owner and career investment banker. He is both the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lustgarten Martin. He currently lives in and works out of Miami, Florida. According to some sources Lustgarten and his company are both successful and well-known.

He is considered one of the best investment bankers in the U.S. He has worked in this field for many years. He is significantly experienced in the area of securities and equity trading. He has worked to garner a good reputation and a high success record for himself and his company.

Lustgarten is reportedly a good communicator and works well with people. He provides his clients with experienced customer service in the area of investment banking. As an employer is is reputed to be both personal and direct. He helps his employees to be more productive and efficient. Essentially, Lustgarten is a trusted name in the investment banking industry.

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