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OSI Food Solutions: Committed to Customers

OSI Food Solutions is a well known food company around the world. They have plants in different countries as well as employees and customers from all backgrounds. They were first founded in 1909 and were previously called Otto’s Meat Market. They changed their name to the current name when they expanded to reach markets internationally. Their main office is in Aurora, Illinois in the United States but they have offices in Germany and China as well. The company is recognized worldwide and operates in seventeen countries. They are committed to delivering excellent products at fair prices to their consumers around the globe. This company works directly with warehouses, farms, and processing plants to negotiate fair prices for high quality foods that they can deliver to their consumers.

Recently OSI Food Solutions increased its chicken processing capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. This has enabled OSI Food Solutions to hire more employees, process food quicker and more efficiently for their consumers, and to try out new varieties of food with the extra meat that they are able to process. Since chicken is always in high demand around the world, this company has found a way to process more of it and to develop new products that will appeal to all people.

Unlike may processing companies that process food in one specific way and then sell it directly to consumers, OSI Food Solutions works directly with their consumers. They allow and encourage their customers to partake in the creative process of developing new products with unique tastes to match their customer’s palates. This sets OSI Food Solutions apart from their competitors because they stay ahead of the trends and are constantly evolving to set new tastes.

This company is committed to its customers and food safety. They go above and beyond to make sure that their food, their equipment, and their plant adhere to the strict safety regulations set by the varying countries they work in. Their Senior Vice President, Dr. Kenneth Petersen heads the Division of Regulatory Compliance at IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group. He is highly devoted to setting high standards for food safety.

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