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From Soup To Nuts – OSI Group Knows Innovative Food

Innovation in food service operations can be hard to recognize at times as industry professionals often feel that there is nothing new under the sun. They’ve seen it all before. However, there are also times when a true leader forges ahead, making innovation the watchword for the way they do business.

In the food industry, no one innovates better than OSI Group. As according to one of the top 100 food companies in America, OSI Group is dedicated to providing the best in food processing and service to their wide-reaching client base. One of the ways to hit that mark is constantly pushing the bar – being inventive, creative, and cutting edge. In other words, innovative.

With over 65 facilities in 17 countries worldwide which employ 20,000 individuals, OSI Group continues to increase their state-of-the-art product development in providing creative food solutions. The recent purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI Group is just one example of their ability to move ahead in the food service industry with that acquisition being awarded “Best Global Diversified Food Supplier–UK” during the Trade Monthly Food & Drink 2017 Awards held earlier this year.

Knowing how to acquire and position capable companies and divisions is an excellent indication of an innovator in the marketplace. Their divisions which include research and development, supply chains, food safety, processing, menu and food product creation, and process engineering to name a few, are consistently striving to solve the complex challenges of today’s food industry around the globe.

Taking the soup-to-nuts approach and making sure to rise above the rest in customizing food products and processing which exceeds customer expectations is the goal for OSI Group. Reaching and surpassing this goal keeps OSI Group innovating, creating, and leading the way in food service throughout the world.

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