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Madison Street Capital Reputation

Madison Street Capital specializes in several major areas that include corporate advisory, financial option, valuation for financial reporting as well as business valuation. Madison Street Capital also majors in wealth preservation and tax planning together with asset management with an industry focus. Under these major categories are sub-areas that the firm specializes in. On the finance option category, Madison Street Capital is known to specialize on solvency and capital adequacy as well as the independent 3rd party fairness opinions. On the wealth preservation and tax planning category, this firm specializes in the creation of wealth, creating business exit plans as well as the tax planning process.


Regarding the Asset Management industry focus, the Madison Street Capital majors in advice concerning mergers and acquisition, restructuring services and the services concerning the portfolio valuation of a firm. Under this category, the firm also specializes in financial sponsor coverage services. Under the category of business valuation, Madison Street Capital has been known to specialize in tax compliance and not forgetting company valuation. Like other financial firms in the region, the firm deals with purchase price allocations and structured finance products as well as share-based compensation. The firm also deals with the Goodwill and intangible asset impairment. All these fall under the valuation for financial reporting. Lastly, the firm has built a reputation as the giant in corporate advisory services. Some of the tasks that fall under this category include ESOP Advisory, Mergers, and acquisitions, private placements, and corporate governance as well as buy out advisory and bankruptcy services. The company also deals with the capital restructuring needs of its clients.


Madison Street Capital has managed to be the best banking investment firm in the world by understanding the needs of its clients and also the importance of keeping their information private and confidential. Because of the good reputation, the firm has managed to attract clients from all walks of life. The firm operates in almost all continents as it has offices in Africa, Asia-Pacific region, Europe and not forgetting the North America offices. The company also employees the most competent employees available in the market.


The company maintains a huge social media presence to keep touch with its customers. The company has a Facebook account, Twitter account, and an Instagram account. The current chief operating officer of the Madison Street Capital is Anthony Marsala. On the other hand, the Chief Operating Officer of this firm is a gentleman called Charles Botchway. The most notable deal that the Madison Street Capital has helped broker is the acquisition OF Acuna & Asociados by the Dowco. Dowco has been a long term client of this firm. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital is Karl D’Cunha. Madison Street Capital has received many awards in the past.

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Investment Banking: Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a popular investment banker. But first, for those not big on the world of finance, here is some background info on investment banking. Investment banking is the portion of the banking industry that focuses on investment deals.

Investment banking focuses on making money for other companies or people. It’s about providing educated information regarding investment choices. Additionally, investment banking is also involved in such things as acquisitions, mergers and business restructuring.

Investment banking usually involves more than one bank doing business together. They determine ways to work out ways to raise funds, establish the actual worth of companies and work to establish how much can be invested and the best way to yield the best results. To work in investment baking one must not only have a formal education but must also have real world abilities such as investigative research and observational interpersonal skills.

Martin Lustgarten is a business owner and career investment banker. He is both the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lustgarten Martin. He currently lives in and works out of Miami, Florida. According to some sources Lustgarten and his company are both successful and well-known.

He is considered one of the best investment bankers in the U.S. He has worked in this field for many years. He is significantly experienced in the area of securities and equity trading. He has worked to garner a good reputation and a high success record for himself and his company.

Lustgarten is reportedly a good communicator and works well with people. He provides his clients with experienced customer service in the area of investment banking. As an employer is is reputed to be both personal and direct. He helps his employees to be more productive and efficient. Essentially, Lustgarten is a trusted name in the investment banking industry.

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