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Philanthropic Highland Capital Management drops its stake in Pendrell by half

In a news item highlighted by the Reuters, Highland Capital has made a transfer of more than 20,000 shares they previously owned in Pendrell Corporation. This represents around half of the shares that Highland Capital owns in Pendrell Corporation.

Even after the news, there has not been an official news release from any of the two companies. Most of the details in the media are being extracted from form 13G that was published by SEC on their website to officiate the transfer of 23,568,047 shares.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Alongside his partner Mark Okada, who serves as the chief investment officer, James founded the firm in 1993implying that the firm boasts of over 23 years of operations.

James, through Highland Capital, still owns a significant number of shares in the company. He still owns more than 20,000 class A shares in Pendrell. Experts have stated that James and Highland Capital sold the shares in a move to make profits off the peaking share prices. The company’s shares have been experiencing a steady rise in price thus enabling its investors to make a profit from their sale.

Highland Capital still has confidence in the company considering the millions of shares they still hold in the company. Pendrell Corporation has been performing well and its share price has been steadily rising for the last two years. In 2016 alone, the share prices have gained over 39% and many investors are looking to cash out on their investments.

Market experts are crediting the price rise to the firm’s efforts and landmark deals they have signed with the various companies they work with. The company trades and licenses intellectual property rights on behalf of the companies that hold those rights. In 2016, the company has turned over an annual revenue of more than $45 million dollars.

The deal between Toshiba and Memory Technologies was among the most celebrated. Memory Technologies LLC is a subsidiary company of Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital credits its success to its able leadership of James Dondero who has over 30 years experience in the credit market. Dondero previously worked in numerous high-profile companies before leaving to found Highland Capital.


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Philip Diehl Explains Why Investors Need To Invest In The United States Government Issued Gold Coins.

The fastest rising investment industry in the United States is the precious metals sector. This sector is currently experiencing an increased number of investors investing in it from other sectors. The precious metals sector offers gold, silver and platinum coins as the investment options to its clients. These clients also have an option of investing in gold bullions. The U.S. Money Reserve largely runs the precious metals investment sector in United States. This is a private firm had been given authority by the government of United States to supply investors in the American market with precious metals investment products.

Philip Diehl is the sitting president of the U.S. Money Reserve. He joined this firm from U.S. Mint where he was the director. Philip Diehl has spent most of this career time in the business markets. On top of his long term business practice, Philip Diehl has been able to acquire vast knowledge and experience in the business market. So far, from his duration at the U.S. Money Reserve he has been named the most successful president of the firm since it was founded. Recently, Philip Diehl went to Enterprise Radio for an exclusive interview on the gold market in the country with host Eric Dye. In the United States precious metals market, gold investment products are currently the highest selling.

Philip Diehl started by explaining to Eric Dye how the current high market demand for precious metal investment products was created. He said that the 2008 global crisis is the main reason why many investors from all sectors of the market have in the past few years moved to the precious metals industry.

According to their Facebook page, Philip Diehl further stated that the gold market has been the main objective for the new investors. He says that this is because gold is a very valuable precious metal and most people want to own a piece of the US Money Reserve. He adds that investors prefer gold because of its value and their attitude about it – additional info is here:

Philip Diehl continued saying that the current investor demand for gold has pushed the prices of gold in the market to a new high. He explained that as the investors create demand for gold the price increases. He added that this price increase is creating a lot of profits for the investors who had earlier invested in this market. Philip Diehl also said that most investors joining the gold market are willing to part with a good amount of cash to make an investment. He says that this signifies that the market has gained a lot of confidence and trust from investors recently compared to some few years back.

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Stephen Murray: Why Choose CCMP Capital For Investment Advice

Are you looking on Linked In for a reputable private equity firm or financial advisor? Wondering why lots of people and companies select CCMP Capital for all of their investment needs? Looking for a credible private equity company can be extremely confusing and challenging if you have no idea where to look. Some personal equity companies handle a large variety of funds like investment trusts and restricted collaborations.

A spectrum of investing choices on NY Post spans across the numerous private equity firms in existence. You will notice that some are strict financiers who are entirely dependent on management to grow the company and provide their owners with appropriate returns. Other private equity firms think of themselves as active investors, meaning that they provide the necessary support to management to help grow a better company.

CCMP Capital, a top rated equity investment services provider, has been in business for a long time and has an established history of rendering beneficial financial solutions. The company has well-qualified financial advisors and investment experts in their organization. A known leader in the development and establishment of private equity investment strategies, CCMP Capital focuses on investment opportunities that consistently generate significant returns for investors.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a group on crunchbase of well trained investment advisors and experienced financial services experts who can explain how things work in the industry and walk you through the process, from start to completion. These professionals are well versed in private equity investment and asset management and are highly committed to ensuring your success. To get started receiving advice or guidance from these reliable experts, you need to have a look at their website and then get in touch with them. They will schedule a consultation to review your requirements and how they can help you succeed.

Many businesspeople and companies around the world have actually benefited profoundly from the outstanding services provided by CCMP Capital’s investment advisors. If you really want to find out more about private equity investing and how you can benefit from this tested method to achieve your investment goal, CCMP Capital is the company to get in touch with. Once you choose a competent company like CCMP Capital, you are sure to gain substantial returns on your investment.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a proficient investor, and a philanthropist. Stephen dedicated a major part of his career to helping businesses and individual investors achieve outstanding results and reach their goal of investment success. Stephen believed in honesty and integrity, and he made sure that all of his dealings were transparent. His clients felt confident in his ability to advice and guide them properly in all aspects of the private equity investment process. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.