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What Makes Mark Holyoake So Beloved?

One of Mark Holyoake’s biggest pet peeves with his employees is when he encounters someone who is not as emotionally invested in the work they are doing as he is. Unfortunately, since Holyoake tends to have a heavy level of emotional investment for all of the work he does, he often finds people who, in comparison, are slacking off. What he does with these employees is pretty unanimous; they get fired. People who lack motivation or experience have no place being in Mark Holyoake’s business, and he will make this much clear to his employees on their very first day.

While Mark Holyoake is renowned for his patience, the issue usually comes in when people think his patience is an opportunity for exploitation, and that much is simply untrue. Usually, when young entrepreneurs enter the workforce, they expect everything to be a little bit easier than it actually is. Sadly, this is a rude awakening for many of the young workers out there today that if they really want to keep up with the world, they are going to have to put in the required amount of effort.

Many folks, Holyoake included, respect job experience even more than a college degree. Too many people in modern business seem to think that education is more important, and as such, many folks are paying for an education when they would have been better off getting a paid internship; at least after the internship, you have a fair chance at getting a job. In the workforce, you cannot expect anything to be easy, especially if you want to be highly-regarded. People who attain respect in the world do so not because they have had it very easy, but because they have taken what life has given them and made something amazing with it.

Mark Holyoake is no exception to this rule, having known what it is like to struggle financially. This, however, is what motivates him to get out of bed in the morning and give back to the world. It is this energy that he consistently puts into his job as CEO of Iceland Seafood International that causes Mark Holyoake to be such a revered businessman.

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Mark Holyoake Steps Down from ISI

British real estate investor and seafood investor, Mark Holyoake was recently featured in the Undercurrent News article by Tom Seaman titled, “Holyoake, Sveinsson step down from ISI board, former Icelandic Group CEO set to join.” The article reveals the recent changes in ISI after it completed the merger with Icelandic Iberica. Mark Holyoake has been a majority shareholder of ISI since 2010 when he bought more than 42% of the company. The company recently completed a merger deal with Icelandic Iberica that would add three processing companies, including a shrimp processing company in Argentina to the already large seafood processing company.

Icelandic Seafood International inherited much of its connections from three different companies in Iceland called The Herring Board, Samband of Iceland, and the Union of Icelandic Fish Producers. They are a main processor of seafood and are respected leaders in the North Atlantic seafood market. They focus on providing high-quality products to the U.K. and European markets. They have more than 580 people working for the company who share their expertise and experience while growing the company. It has recently had a shift in leadership due to the merger, though Holyoake believes they will see sustained growth in the future.

Holyoake sold 42 million shares so now he owns around 11% of the company. The CEO of Icelandic Iberica will have more than 4% of the shares in ISI after the merger. The new company will be listed on Nasdaq First North, a group of growing companies. They will continue to acquire companies that grow their seafood processing market. They currently have a product range that includes cuttlefish, Argentinian shrimp, cod, and hake. They have six different processing plants that use a variety of different processing strategies including dryland freezing. The shift in leadership happened when Holyoake saw the company grow significantly over the past year and a half. Holyoake will be stepping down from the board of the company.

ISI prides itself on responsible sourcing. They provide a number of fresh products as well as ground or farmed fish, frozen at sea products, flatfish, shellfish and cephalopods, wet salted fish, and dried products.

About Mark Holyoake:

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Ashley Lightspeed: Professional at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ashley Lightspeed has been referred to as Ashley Brasier. Ashley Brasier is commonly known in the media as Ashley Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed is a name given to her when she joined Lightspeed. When a business person receives recognition for their outstanding efforts, they become well-known in the media. For example, when a prominent president or CEO of an enterprise initiates a lucrative business deal, they are written about in the Wall Street Journal. Well-known publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal cater towards the business audience. A business audience is defined by a group, team or network of individuals who share the same information. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

A business audience is similar to a performance audience. A performance audience is a group, team or network of individuals who exist for the purpose of observing a performance. A business audience also exists for the purpose of observing an individual’s business performance. If a CEO makes a good choice, they are applauded by their fellow peers. However, if a company is discontinued, the CEO many be at fault. Popular business publications can facilitate the industry advancements present in modern media. Modern media is defined by social media. Instagram is a popular business publication for the younger generation. Twitter is also classified as a popular business publication for the younger generation. There are other social media applications for business publication, however they are not as well-known.

Professional Instagram accounts and Forbes accounts share similar references for financial topics. Many of the current trends in finance are written about in Forbe’s articles. There are also many articles available through Instagram’s application. If an individual wants to learn about trading stocks, they can follow a stock broker on Instagram. Trading stocks, selling stocks and purchasing stocks are important topics for managers, directors or advisors to know.

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Who Is Gareth Henry?

While Gareth Henry may not be a household name in the investment industry right now, it does look like he’s well on his way to getting there. Born in London, England, Mr. Henry eventually made his way to New York City to keep moving up in the investment world; currently, he’s the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group, although it did take him a while to get there. Growing up in London, Gareth Henry was passionate about mathematics and ended up bringing that passion to college with him; in 2001 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University.

Not long after graduating, he received a job as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt. That being said, he was able to move quickly up the ladder, and he eventually made it on to the Global Investment Management Services team. However, Gareth Henry left the company in 2004 when he took up a position as an Investment Manager with SEI Investments. While he didn’t stay in the position for long, it seems as though this is where his career took off.Only a year after joining SEI Investments, Mr. Henry became the Director of Shroders.

During this time he was able to continually improve on the results that he was expecting. However, Gareth Henry began to feel somewhat more adventurous and in 2007 he moved to the United States to become a part of Fortress Investment Group. At the time, he became the companies Managing Director. He eventually became the Head of International Investment Relations with Fortress; this saw him bring in a considerable amount of capital for Fortress’ hedge funds; this capital was somewhat evenly spread across Fortress Investment Groups’ private equity and real estate holdings, among other areas.

With his position, he’s regularly involved with companies across the world; however, Gareth Henry is generally focused on the likes of the United States, England, the Middle East and a significant portion of Asia. He has also concurrently served as the Global Head of Investor Relations; in this role, he’s managed to successful oversee Fortress’ $4 billion hedge fund.

Gareth Henry’s Facebook Page.

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The Growth of OSI Under Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned philanthropist and a business individual. The individual studied accounting at the University of Illinois and majored his studies at the Northwest University. Later, Lavin graduated from Roosevelt University with the Bachelor of science in business. After completing his studies, Lavin opened a consultant agency in downtown Chicago where he worked for over 15 years assisting many production firms in increasing their production capacity. Today, Lavin is chairman and chief operating officer of OSI Group born in 1932. OSI Group is an umbrella of OSI Industries and OSI International Foods.

Initially, Sheldon Lavin offered consultancy services to Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group as a part-time job. In 1970, the company approached Lavin to become a partner where he took over 50 percent controlling stake. For the past more than 20 years when all other partners left, Lavin took over the 100 percent controlling stake of the firm. Lavin helped to change OSI Group from being a local firm to an international company through a successful economic transformation. OSI became a multi-billion-dollar global meat processing venture. Today, OSI is the primary distributor of a variety of products, such as meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. The company takes good care of customers’ needs in restaurants, retail, private-label, and industrial and food-service-distributor field.

OSI Group grew to serve in more than 17 nations with over 69 facilities. Also, the firm offers more than 20,000 job opportunities and creating new opportunities each year. Sheldon Lavin treats workers with dignity and integrity working in a culture where all employees get regarded as a global family. Therefore, the workers offer their services for many years. As a philanthropist, Lavin is the principal supporter of the McDonald House Charities and a trustee and chairman of its campaign. The individual spends much of his time and resources in charitable missions, and he is the president and director of The Sheba Foundation, a family charitable movement. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group received various awards due to successful environmental safety management. Some of the honors include the 2016 Global of Honor Award by the British Safety Council that occurred on February 2016.

About Sheldon Lavin:

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Richard Liu Qiangdon, the president of the largest online conglomerate in China

Richard Liu Qiangdon recently spoke at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. He also spoke about his journey in the business world. Of interest was his online business, He told the attendees that he named his business from abbreviating his name and his wife’s name. He also spoke about how he ventured into online business after the SARS epidemic that hit China.

Richard Liu talks about

During the meeting, Richard Liu told the press that his business stood out from the other online stores because they prioritized on improving customer service as well as selling genuine goods. Since was launched, the company has grown and is currently worth more than US$60 billion. The company has a workforce of about 167,000 employees and they keep hiring on a weekly basis.

Richard Liu also said that he looks forward to growing his business into the biggest online market in China. Aside from having clients in his home country, Richard Liu also revealed that they deliver to other customers across the globe. Among the most selling products at are fashion and consumable products. He also spoke about how the company has improved their delivery systems. According to this professional, his business has succeeded because they treat all customers differently.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of He also serves as the chief executive officer of this multi-million dollar establishment. He is a graduate of China Europe International Business School and the Renmin University of China. Richard Liu is currently worth $12.7 billion. He is married to businesswoman Zhang Zetian and together they have two children.

Richard Liu initiated career as a programmer while in college. After his graduation, he secured a job with Japan Life where he worked for two years and left to start his business. In 1998, he launched a magneto-optical distribution business. Six years later, he has succeeded in establishing more than 12 stores. Following the SARS outbreak that affected thousands of people and killed hundreds, Richard Liu was compelled to abandon business as there were no people to work for him. He later ventured into e-commerce business by establishing This business has since grown into one of the largest online business in China and the US.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s : Twitter

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Jason Hope On Helping Young Entreprenuers Thrive

Jason Hope is full of enthusiasm when it comes to the future. Well versed in the world of technology, Jason Hope  takes his stab at a few predictions about technology. This includes a new kind of technology that is very advanced called the Internet of Things. Hope believes the Internet of Things or smart technology will play a major role in the near future. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Jason Hope grew up Tempe, Arizona where his family planted roots. He still lives in the state of Arizona to this day, but in the city of Scottsdale. Hope did not even leave his home state to get an education, he went to the University of Arizona to achieve that. The entrepreneur earned a BS in Finance and a Master’s degree at the W. P. Carey School of Business. With his education in tow, Jason was ready to hit the business world with a fresh perspective. He has mobile communication technology company that is called Mobile Technology. As an advocate about technology and the Internet of Things, Jason recently wrote and published an ebook called “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution.” It is an insightful book about how the Internet of Things works, and the possibilities it has to offer the world. With everything in the world there are drawbacks and positive aspects, and the technology based entrepreneur discusses them in length. To be a productive, functioning person in the morning Jason Hope starts off each day with a healthy breakfast and some physical exercise. After that, he logs into his computer to catch up with emails, his social media accounts, and phone messages.

Technology is an driving force in Jason Hope’s career and so is philanthropy. It is one of the big parts of his life’s work. One way Jason gives back is to young budding entrepreneurs. He recognizes that they have amazing ideas, but without the capital, they cannot quite start. Jason Hope gives grantees scholarships starting at $500 to start funding their bright ideas. These budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Jason’s main website and he cherry picks the best ones. Jason Hope also gives back to the further research of anti-aging. He donated $500,000 dollars to a particular non-profit organization that primarily focuses on research to prevent age-related diseases so people can live longer lives. The SENS Foundation started back in 2009 by Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Jason is a huge advocate of the doctor and his work that he continued support him.



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Richard Dewayne Blair’s Customized Plans

Richard Dewayne Blair is an investment advisor that has made a career for himself by providing people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas with the knowledge necessary to succeed in their finances. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. After he graduated from college, he began his career working in finances. After working in finances for a year, Blair decided to start his firm in Austin, Texas called Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that helps people to become financially secure in the present and the future.

Richard Dewayne Blair was able to start his company shortly after college because he knew what he wanted to do and how he wanted to go about doing it. Blair grew to love teaching by watching the love his mother, grandmother, and wife had for education. He did not want to be confined to a classroom, so he does his teaching in his office when he is working with his clients. He can serve his clients because he takes the time to get to know his clients so that he is able to help them. He created a system for his company called the three pillar system where he can look at his client’s situation individually.

Richard Dewayne Blair realized that he would not be able to serve his clients if he used the same procedure for them. Everyone’s problem was different so he created the system to make sure that he would be able to develop a system that would create a customized plan for each one of his clients. In the first pillar, Blair gets to know he client. In the second stage, he creates a program to help his client overcome the problems that they are having financially. In the third pillar, Blair watches his clients account to make sure that they are on the right path to reach the goals that he has set in place for them. In every stage, Blair makes sure that he is working with each client closely so that they are able to be successful in their endeavors.


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Australia Hosts Equities First Holdings Offices

Australia hosts offices of Equities First Holding that have been moved there so that more customers have the loan servicing they need. Most customers need a small loan that will help with a small business or personal finance. However, there are large companies that could easily get what they need with no trouble.The offices are intended to help people get the money they need, and they money they receive is sent in a format that makes the loans easier to pay off. They have reduced their rates for customers by using security and stock collateral, and the company offers an online application so that customers can get instant service.

Australia is a large market that Equities First has wanted to enter, and they have come there after having offices in America and the UK. They have been lauded for their work many times over, and they have been shown to give the best customer service. This is why Equities First was welcomed with open arms in Australia.Someone who needs a loan could start with this company right now, and they might walk into an office in Australia to hear their options, close the loan, and plan for payment.

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Randal Nardone: Helping Businesses Gain A Brighter Future

In a bid to help other people gain financial freedom, Mr. Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group. Basically, he had the idea of helping others gain a good chance of a brighter future. Today, he serves as the Director, Principal, Co-Founder, and CEO at an investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group LLC – an organization focused on providing people with all the chances they require to be successful.Mr. Randal Nardone is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut from where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Biology. He also attended Boston University School of Law from where he got a J.D. In 1998, he joined Fortress to become its co-founder and principal and by 2007, he had grown a net worth of $1.8 billion and was featured on Forbes’ magazine’s “World’s Billionaires” list.

Since November 2006, Mr. Nardone has served as a member of the firm’s board of directors but has remained in its management committee since 1998. Currently, he serves as the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp.He is also a Member at FOE II (New) LP and a COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Secretary at Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc. Mr. Randal Nardone Co-founded FM Falstaff Advisors LLC which he now serves as both a Principal and CEO.While partnering with the law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood, Mr. Nardone served as a member of its executive committee. He also served as Principal of BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. before joining UBS in 1997. From May 1997 to May 1998, he was MD at UBS before coming to co-found Fortress in 1998.

It was not until August 2013, that he was appointed CEO of the company. Before then, he had served as interim Chief Executive Officer for about 2 years (December 2011 to July 2013).Even after co-founding Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998, Randal Nardone has served as a Director at SeaCube Container Leasing Limited from June 2007 to January 2008 and Aircastle Limited since October 2004.He also worked with doBank S.p.A as a Director. From January 2011 to June 2014, Mr. Nardone was a Director of Brookdale Senior Living Inc. before retiring in July 2014, He had been serving as a Director of GAGFAH S.A. Since, June 2005, he has remained the director of New Media Investment Group Inc. Mr. Randal is a member of the Board of Directors of several firms and organizations including Seacastle, Inc., Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., Fortress Investment Group LLC, Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Florida East Coast Railway Corp., and Springleaf REIT.

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