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Different Targets of Oncotarget

Science is not only for people working in the fields of it. Many people enjoy reading about new experiments and research in the world. It is educational and broadens horizons. But how do you know which sources to read? One of the possibilities is Oncotarget. It offers information for professionals and interested people outside science alike.

Different Playing Fields

It is quite the task to keep up with all the different parts of science. If you don’t have a subscription with a source from your school or college, it can be overwhelming. Oncotarget offers news about Oncology as their primary area of expertise. But that is not all. They also have information in Metabolism, Microbiology, Cardiology, Pharmacology, and others. It is a broad spectrum of disciplines, and it is free. There are no hidden fees to pay. Oncotarget publishes new material every week. Trustworthy peers from different science fields then review it before publishing. There is a broad section about cancer and its treatment research development.

The impact factor reached 5.008 during 2015 and 2016 winning many awards. It is effective spreading news about oncology and research currently conducted. The number went down a little, but the team is working hard to pick the figures back up. It is still the number one journal for professionals. Impact Journals is the primary publisher. Specialists are picking Oncotarget out from the crowd more and more often. They are interested in the work their colleagues do. They also see the potential for their publishing.

Tricks Of The Trade

There is also the possibility of contributing to the team of experts with your published work. The peer review process will take some time, but that is not unusual. The review team will offer their comments and suggestions. They will provide ideas on how to improve the research if necessary.

Oncotarget has published several relevant research studies. Papers about MET amplification and the influence of e-cigarettes were among them. In the end, this is a good way how to get all the news from scientists around the world. It is also a good way to raise the number of publications specialists to have. But it is always quality over quantity. There are no publishing quotas to be filled. Oncotarget wants quality for quality.

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