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Ryan Seacrest: Hosting New Year’s Eve With A Bang!

Ryan Seacrest has been a staple name in the TV industry, especially in the United States of America. Ryan Seacrest has made his name very well known in the neighborhood of Hollywood, and he has made his name very famous for his stints and his gigs in Hollywood. Ryan Seacrest was first known as a radio DJ and he was most loved for his take on the Top 40. Ryan Seacrest’s name has been so prominent that an artist would be very flattered and honored if they were part of Ryan Seacrest’s top 40 every week on his radio show. His hosting prowess didn’t stop on the radio – Ryan Seacrest is most known for hosting one of America’s biggest TV singing competitions – American Idol. Ryan Seacrest hosted the show for years and years, and he has stood alongside the show’s biggest superstars and most popular products. Ryan Seacrest didn’t just work with hosting, but he also produced hit TV shows that also produced superstars. Ryan Seacrest produced shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians – and up until now this show rakes in high-ratings and its cast also has built a massive following on their own, thanks to Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has recently hosted Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, in Times Square, New York City. Ryan Seacrest is not a stranger to the streets of New York, nor to its very dynamic weather conditions. Ryan Seacrest co-hosted with the popular comedian, Jenny McCarthy, and their pair-up was nothing short of amazing and they were well received by the audience of New York. Ryan Seacrest introduced artists in and out of the program, artists like: Christina Aguilera, Dan and Shay and Colton Underwood were all emceed by Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest, unfortunately, had to work in the rain of New York. But being drenched in water did not stop him from working and doing his best for the audience. Though there was a point that Ryan Seacrest had to retreat to the heaters because the combination of the rain and the cold winds became too much and the safety of the staff were put into jeopardy.